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Xbox one games?

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So in the xbox app I can stream games from my xbox in my bedroom. In the xbox app i can choose between all the games i have diggitaly on my xbox and they will play on my pc.

Do anyone know if it is possible to make a desktop shortcut for the games so i can have them in launchbox? would this be possibly?

Also i have a few windows 10 games in the xbox app. can these be imported to launchbox?





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Not sure about the shortcuts for streaming from Xbox, but for the Windows 10 app Xbox games;

Open the start menu (windows button, task bar bottom left)

Find the xbox windows game that you want from the list of all apps

Right click on it and select pin to start. This will create a tile for this game to the right of the apps list 

Click and drag this new tile to your desktop, which will create a link (shortcut)

Go to launchbox, right click and select add.

Click Browse for the application path and select "all files" from the dropdown box at the bottom right of this window to make the shortcut selectable. Browse to your desktop (or wherever) and select the shortcut you just made.

import as normal.

There you have it, Windows 10 xbox game imported to launchbox :)




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