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  1. gamerboii

    Flash (SWF) GAMES

    The platform exists in the DB. Its listed under ''Web Browser Games''.
  2. gamerboii

    Flash (SWF) GAMES

    @Jason Carr
  3. gamerboii

    Flash (SWF) GAMES

    It exists. http://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/ Its a ongoing project. It aims to include all flash, java, shockwave, html5 and unity web broswergames. Currently at over 5000. Discord: http://discord.gg/S9uJ794
  4. gamerboii

    Romfrosk's EmuHeaven

    Please team up with the guys at Flaspoint. Im sure alot of people will help make covers. Lots of people there willing to help with the project in different ways! Join the discord bro : https://discord.gg/S9uJ794 website: http://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/
  5. New patch out: * The game count has broken 5,000. * We now support web-based Java games. * We have batch files to allow you to backup and restore Flash game saves. * We've reduced the size of the Infinity download; it's only 1.4GB now, much more reasonable. * About 50 games were broken in Infinity thanks to bad capitalization; that's fixed now. * And some other minor fixes.
  6. For people that want Flash games in launchbox there is a new proceft that aims to preserve the flash games for the future in launchbox. Alot of dedicated guys. The collection is currenlyat 4500 games and growing. Includes flash,java,shockwave,html5 and unity games. Join their discord to see more about the project and how to help: http://discord.gg/S9uJ794
  7. Anyone have large Windows games collection? Just bought a 8tb only for pc games. They sure take up space.
  8. gamerboii

    Unified Redux

    1+ for this to be implanted. I need to show if the game uses controller, wii mote or mouse/keyboard. Would also be nice if it could show 1-2-3 or 4 player.
  9. gamerboii

    Romfrosk's EmuHeaven

    Also need the flash games.
  10. gamerboii

    Romfrosk's EmuHeaven

    Some tips for obscure systems where there always will be more to add: Android games via Nox Emulator Java games(pre android phones games) via FreeJ2ME. Windows games ( aaa titles, including endless indie games) Flash games (Internett browser 2d games) Unity web player games. (Internett browser 3d games) OpenBor games MUGEN games Pinball FX tables
  11. gamerboii

    Nostalgia |4:3| video Set

    Cheers with the kid! Thanks for this video set bro. I will never use another video theme for launchbox in my life Its so clean.
  12. gamerboii

    Nostalgia |4:3| video Set

    Thank you SO much bro! Really needed this one for a complete look. I also needed a hacks video which i saw you also made! Thank you so much If you have time i need one last. I need one for Java mobile games. Games for the old 1-9 buttons phone. Is this possible to do?
  13. gamerboii

    Nostalgia |4:3| video Set

    Could you please do a video for a ''playlist'' category please? Cheers!
  14. gamerboii

    The Handheld History is realeased!

    So a huge collection of old tiger electionic games are just released. If there are other digital game collectors out there these sure are worth adding to your collection If you are like me you allready have a platform for these kind of games due to game and watch games. http://blog.archive.org/2018/03/18/some-very-entertaining-plastic-emulated-at-the-archive/ https://archive.org/details/handheldhistory&tab=collection Enjoy! So many crappy ports <3
  15. gamerboii

    Nostalgia |4:3| video Set

    I really really need one for a ''playlist'' category Maybe make it by having ''collections'' of different series. like a few mario toys etc on one spot and zelda etc on the other.
  16. Hello. Im looking for a spesific look for my bigbox and i was wondering if somebody can help me with how to get it? For my platform view i want : The Nostalgia video set by Viking in fulllscreen with clear logos on the left site. For my game view : For my game view im looking for a very specific one from youtube. Check it out here : So my question is: Do anyone have a skin and settings that i can achive this with?
  17. gamerboii

    Xbox one games?

    So in the xbox app I can stream games from my xbox in my bedroom. In the xbox app i can choose between all the games i have diggitaly on my xbox and they will play on my pc. Do anyone know if it is possible to make a desktop shortcut for the games so i can have them in launchbox? would this be possibly? Also i have a few windows 10 games in the xbox app. can these be imported to launchbox? Thanks
  18. gamerboii

    Castlevania Collection

    Your playlists are amazing! Thanks bro. What series will be next? May i request Mario Party and Super smash Bros at some point?
  19. gamerboii

    Giant Titan Platform Category Logos

    One for playlists?
  20. gamerboii

    Mega Man Themes Collection

    Awesome more series coming?
  21. gamerboii

    Modded games

    Launchbox is for all games, so I personally feal that mods, rom hacks and fan made games should be included in the DB. How to do it I dont know.
  22. gamerboii

    A Background Video for Rom Hacks?

    Yes! Clear logos I will try to get boxes for all games and share my video snaps aswell. Edit: Could you try making a clear logo for this hack aswell? (Great game btw. Recomended). I wil include a box aswell if anyone wanna add it to their collection.
  23. We need a ''Hacks and Fan Made'' category in the games DB. ASAP plz I will be very helpfull in adding games to this category. BigBox is for EVERY game hehe
  24. gamerboii

    A Background Video for Rom Hacks?

    Would be nice with a Hack/fan-made category in DB so we can add these in! Thanks for the boxes and logos! looks amazing bro Some game tips for people that want more good games in this category: Brawl- Super Smash Land Super Smash Flash 2 Super Pika Land Ultra Super Mario Bros Crossover Project M A Goombas Walk Super Mario 63 Super Mario RPG 2 Call of Cthulhu Super Mario Bros X Super Mario 64 Multiplayer MariO Psycho Waluigi I will try my best to find box covers and clear logos for these. Dont know Photoshop so cant make them myself Edit: Is there anyone that know decent photoshop that can help me make some clear logos for the games above? It includes logos that can be used for clear logos, some box art i allready found, and some recourses that could be used to make box art. I would appreaticate every help And i will request a category for this in DB and add all games from this thread. This together with a platform video from CriticalKid can make BigBox the nr 1 stop for hacks. Here is every logo you need: rom_hacks.zip
  25. gamerboii

    A Background Video for Rom Hacks?

    Im intrested in box art and clear logos for these games and more if you wanna share! Thanks