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I like to try to keep things official. Here are a few steam banners I made for my psp collection. They are based on the real banners on the game screen of the psp. Some ones I couldn't find on the net in high rez so if anyone would like to modify those ones to do so, reupload them here. While youre at it, let this be a thread for steam banner for emulated games submission. And maybe some of these could go in the launchbox database so users wouldn't have to do everything by hand ;)

920x430 please. Thx. And make sure they are already named properly :ph34r:


Black_Rock_Shooter_-_The_Game--01.png Dissidia_-_Final_Fantasy-01.png Dissidia_Duodecim_Prologus_012_-_Final_F Dissidia_Duodecim_012_-_Final_Fantasy-01

Final_Fantasy_-_Crystal_Defenders-01.png Final_Fantasy_II-01.png Final_Fantasy_III-01.png Final_Fantasy_IV_-_The_Complete_Collecti

Final_Fantasy_Tactics_-_War_of_the_Lions Final_Fantasy_VII_-_Crisis_Core-01.png Final_Fantasy-01.png Kingdom_Hearts_-_Birth_By_Sleep_Final_Mi

Metal_Gear_Acid_2-01.png Metal_Gear_Acid-01.png Metal_Gear_Solid_-_Digital_Graphic_Novel Metal_Gear_Solid_-_Peace_Walker-01.png

Metal_Gear_Solid_-_Portable_Ops_-01.png Metal_Gear_Solid_-_Portable_Ops-01.png Need_For_Speed_Carbon_-_Own_the_City-01. Need_for_Speed_Underground_-_Rivals-01.p

Parasite_Eve_-_The_3rd_Birthday-01.png Street_Fighter_Alpha_3_MAX-01.png Tetris-01.pngTekken_5_-_Dark_Resurrection-01.png



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