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Steam link, Citra, and launchbox


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Has anybody had luck with only using a gamepad for Citra? Here's my situation.


I start steam link, it sends a magic packet to my computer, I navigate through steam big picture mode to Big Box mode, I select a 3DS game, and it launches. I've managed to hide the console window (thanks Launchbox settings) and I've managed to use specific layouts for controllers via manual config file editing so my controls work. But I still require a mouse and keyboard... I want to make the R3 button on my controller do a CTRL + TAB key combination to swap screens and I want to press start + select to initiate a ALT + F4 to close the emulator. Because steam link forces my controller into a generic XBOX 360 controller setup with Dinput, I can't get Joy2key or xpadder to work, even if I launch them through steam. The last problem (which is a nightmare) is to use a c-stick/joystick to move an emulated mouse, and use L3 as a left click. I've heard of a few 3rd party programs but they need to start up before Citra does while inside of steam link so I'm thinking I need some sort of script.


Is what I'm trying to do possible? Please share your success stories with me if you have any!


Edit: From what I've researched so far, I should check out antimicro. Perhaps starting that should handle my woes for buttons (if that works) but I'd still like to see what you guys do. :)

Edit #2: Antimicro actually handled the majority of my problems! If I start antimicro before starting Citra, I can use the c-stick as a mouse and have custom keyboard shortcuts like CTRL + TAB to swap screens by pressing R3. I'm going to script this into Launchbox, or have it run when the PC starts and just depend on profiles. I initially wanted start + select to end my games but I couldn't get combinations to work so I'm just holding start for 2 seconds to close now.

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