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Image duplication and related questions


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Hi all, new to Launchbox and enjoying it quite a bit so far. I have previously used both GameEx and Hyperspin, both of which have their pros, but Launchbox seems to be a better fit for me. BigBox has a good mix between a HTPC vibe and an arcade vibe without feeling too formulaic or too gaudy. 

I am working on setting up my first couple platforms and making sure everything works as I expect before importing ROMs en masse, but I do have a few questions that have come up. Apologies for the length, these are all somewhat related and I want to be thorough.

1. Image duplication. I have found another couple threads on this, but haven't seen a solution yet. When importing ROMs, I am choosing to import art from both LBGD and EmuMovies (Wikipedia is unchecked) and checking the box to prioritize EmuMovies over LBGD and Wikipedia. However, I am gettibg duplicates on almost every game. in most cases, one of the files is around 300-500 kilobytes, and the other is between 3 and 5 megabytes. If I elect to have Launchbox clean up duplicate images, it helps, but is deleting the smaller file and keeping the larger one. I can't be positive, but it looks like the higher quality/larger files are usually the LBGD files. In some cases, the image quality is barely different between them, so I would prefer to keep the smaller one. Is there am easy way to solve this problem, or will it just take some manual work? I tried downloading front and back images from EmuMovies and then trying it again using the second option to download metadata/media for areas that are missing it using the LBGD images, but it still seems to be downloading duplicates. 

2. A similar issue is that for some games, the title image in BigBox is defaulting to the Japanese box cover instead of the US one. I use custom No Intro sets that have been deduped using 1G1R in RomCenter, so when a game has both a US and a Japanese release, I only keep the US ROM. is there a way to keep the Japanese box art from downloading for these unless no US box art is available, or will I just need to go through these manually and delete the ones i don't want? For NES, a couple examples of where I am seeing this are Arkanoid and Dr. Mario.

3. Currently, my Launchbox setup is on my OS drive, an SSD, but I am picking up 2 4 TB external portable drives  (WD MyPassport) for emulation purposes. I am planning on moving music, videos, manuals and ROMs to the drives, and using one drive for more modern disk based systems, and the other for everything else. I do not intend to have these connected simultaneously, so the hope is I can just keep this plug and play, but still be able to browse my library with images/descriptions, even if the drive is not attached. My question about this has to do with images--would it be feasible to keep the images on an external drive, but keep the cache on the SSD? If I do that, after caching initially, would I be able to see the images as I scroll through even if the drive is not connected, or would the drive need to be attached for that behavior to work? if the cache is sufficient for this, I am less concerned about keeping the larger or the duplicate images as mentioned in one above--as long as I don't need to keep the images on the SSD to be able to view the cache images in the games list, size is less of a concern. if this would work as I hope, are the cache files in Images sufficient, or would this rely upon RAM and cease to work upon a reboot?

4. Finally, I am seeing some odd behavior that looks like a bug, so I wanted to see if I am missing something, or if other people have seen this, and if there is a fix. For reference, this is in BigBox with the default theme.

When I navigate to a game and select it, it shows the clear logo for that game in the top left. However, if I hit ESC to go back to the games menu and select a different game, the clear logo for the other game still displays. That first logo will continue to display unless I exit back out to platforms or exit BigBox entirely, and when I go back in, it will display the clear logo for the first game selected, them repeat the same behavior again.

Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can provide.

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