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Why does LB not find all the scraped media the first time?


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I have emu movies account and I'll import my roms for a platform and it'll scan for media content..etc, selecting all and presume it's scraping both LB servers and EMU servers. It finds some of course but there's always a number of roms that will not have videos or what have you. but I discovered today that if I click Tools/download metadata and media and do this again and select to add to rather than over write, it'll find more videos, manuals..etc. Then if I do it for a 3rd time, it finds even more. So the 3rd time took well over an a couple of hours to download on top of what it found the first two times and I now have a video..etc for every single NES, , Sega, TG16..etc rom I have. 

Which is nice but I wanted to know why? Why does it not find it all the first time it scraped the servers looking for all the media content? I always select all and always select to prioritize Emumovies. They should make a pop up box that informs you that you should scrape the servers again a few times to make sure you get it all. I just have always assumed it would have done so the first time. at least it would have been nice to know the last time I imported some roms using LB.

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