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couple MAME games missing from my LaunchBox GUI?


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So, I'm fine-tuning my LaunchBox setup and I've found a couple games missing that I'd like on there.  They're in MAME, and launch/play fine, just are not showing up in LaunchBox.

The 2 games I know of at the moment are Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga.  They ARE there listed in the 25th Anniversay cabinet that has both games combined, I wonder if that's why?  Are they considered duplicates?  But I'd rather have both games listed separately and not use the combined cabinet.

Since 99% of everything is working great, what's the easiest way to import just 1 ROM into LaunchBox?  Sorry if it's a dumb question, just don't want to start fumbling around and make things worse.

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I had this same problem recently on some other platforms, and in my case I discovered that they had been incorrectly combined into some other titles during import.

If you can find the item they were combined with, you can right-click on it and choose "Expand Selected Games" and this will break them all apart into individual items again.  Then, you can manually combine them however you want.

Finding them can be a little trickier, but if you right-click on games with similar titles you can see a list of all the files associated with that title.

Hope this helps.

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