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These themes are made by passion, by a fan for fans

please make good use !

By respect for my work and respect for participating YouTube artists !

Thx :)


Encouraged By your messages , I drop  the themes ! :) 

I open the doors of my Youtube Channel (after much hesitation)


Once again A big thanks at Viking for  his theme

A big thank you also to robin55 for allowing me to remake these themes PLAYLIST 

Next themes: Nintendo nes/ Street fighter collection



Playlist fantasia games and sports 





Themes of the moment :


Old thèmes :


List of Themes:

Platform Theme Classic

Sega Megadrive

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo DS

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 64

Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo Super Famicom (Alternate version)

Mugen ( Long version)

Sega Dreamcast

Sony PSP

Sony PS2

Sony PS3


Capcom Play System 1,2,3


Sega Model 3


SNK Neo geo

Microsoft Xbox Master Chief Version

Collection V2

Playstation 1


Arcade V3

Handhlelds V1

Coming soon : Nintendo Nes


80's Themes

Arcade Nostalgia 80's

Dynamic Themes Arcade (Start up or catégories)

Catégorie Console 80's

Playlits Collection 80's

Sega Master System 80's Outrun version


Ultimate Arcade Tribute Theme

Last eighties thème séries:






Playlist Collection


Zelda Collection

Metroid Collection

Megaman Collection

Castlevania Collection

Crysis Collection

Double Dragon Collection

Metal Gear Collection

Legacy Of Kain Collection

Doom Collection

Kingdom Hearts Collection

Final Fantasy Collection ( reedition Harryoke)

Shenmue Collection

Zelda  Collection Version 2 remastered 

Coming soon street fighter Collection 

Playlist Genres



Reedition Robin55/

Horror Playlist

RPG Playlist



Fighting 3D



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A Little teaser for September .


If you have any particular request for themes, do not hesitate! ( Playlist Genre/Collection/Plateform Themes)

On this I go on vacation!

See you later


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Directly on the launchbox servers in the interface you can download my videos, there is a good part of the themes that I had put, before removing them ... I gave somebody but little motivated I post less :( Otherwise you can find them on my channel I post them on request from time to time in 1080p via a mega link;)

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