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Extract ROM archives - how to specify a folder? SSD issue


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I saw this was mentioned already on another site but with no follow up - although I like LB this is quite a pain. I have the data on SSD disks, and when the system expands the rom creates a lot of IO (I use this for ISOs mainly), reducing overtime the SSD life.

Would be great to be able to specify a temporary drive for that (so I can use a ramdrive or similar). Or am I missing something and this was fixed in the meantime?

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I agree, I think this would also be a very useful feature. One thing I'm still trying to figure out though, is how to specify a specific file to be loaded from an archive once it's extracted. Specifically in relation to the CXBX Reloaded (Xbox) emulator. It saves me an enormous amount of hard drive space by keeping my larger games packed into archives. CXBX requires an extracted xbox image however, and then launches the game using the "default.xbe" file from within the archive. I haven't been able to find out if/ what command line to use in order to launch a certain file from a temp extraction.

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