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Demul issues with VMU


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Sorry to post again

running Demul 0.7 111117 seems to work fine but having issues re VMU

try to reformat using dreamcast via file menu ,but appears to do nothing , plus theres a big x in middle of VMU screen in file menu and when i try to start Shenmue says memory card not formatted

any ideas would be appreciated


Thanks Again


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Start Demul, make sure no disc images are loaded (hit eject if one is) then go to the file menu and select Run Dreamcast.  This should bring you to the DC's main system menu.  Select the VMU icon that says "file".  If you see VMUs with Xs over them, select that one and choose the option "Delete all (memory reset)".  This should format it.  If it still has an X over it, from Demul's menu select Config -> Maple Device Manager, select the controller port the VMU is plugged into, and click the drop down menu on that VMU's slot.  Make sure it's set to "VMU" or "VMS" (VMU has the screen and controls on it, VMS is a plain memory card).  Next, hit the "Edit" button next to the device in the Maple Device Manager and click "Select VMS".  You should see a list of .bin files there.  Select any one that you want.  If a valid one was already selected, try reformatting it from the VMS editor or creating a new one.  From there, go back to the Dreamcast's main menu and try browing the VMU.  If you need to reformat it again from there it should work and you should have an icon on the VMS's screen.

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