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Dolphin QT RocketLauncher Module


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As some of you may know Dolphin is now like RA using the QT based frontend, and this doesn't currently work with RocketLauncher untill now. And with the QT Frontend very nearly feature complete they will stop work on the WX based exe (DolphinWX.exe).

Unpack this module to your RocketLauncher Modules folder.

You have 2 options with this module,

1. Use the QT Based Frontend all the time, with a method to use the old WX based Dolphin or Ishiiruka's,

2. Use  WX solely until such time you wish to swap to the QT branch (if you use this method then you emulator must be the DolphinWX.exe or Ishiiruka's Dolphin.exe

Fire up RL, go to your Emulators and set you GameCube/Wii/WiiWare emulator to the Dolphin.exe (All new versions of Dolphin have the Dolphin.exe as the QT version), and change the Module to the new Dolphin QT Based you just added.

Now select your GameCube/Wii/WiiWare on the left side, and then go to Modules Tab highlight the Dolphin QT Beta and hit the Edit Global Settings button.

If you are using the WX version as your main exe then on the settings page you MUST set 'Enable_WX_Mode' to True, leave this at default if using the new normal Dolphin.exe

If you want to use say Ishiiruka or even an older version of dolphin, you can set this via a Game Only basis. Go to the Module and edit it again, and go to the Rom Settings tab,here you need to do 3 things.

1. Hit the Red+ and select the game you wish to use a different emulator version for.

2. Set the 'EnableLegacy' to True.

3. Set the LegacyExePath, select the exe you wish to use for this game (Note must be a WX Based exe, Ishiiruka's at the current time is only WX).


While this seems a lot, it allows you to have a bit of control to what dolphin you want to use, and allows usage of the new QT version.


If you get any problems with this, or find a bug, please do not hesitate to leave a message, and try to include as much information as you can on what/how its doing.


Dolphin QT Beta v1.0.4.7z

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