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  1. Thanks for your time @C-Beats & @Jason Carr, im glad a solution may have been found. When Neil mentioned this, i recall one of the other platforms for me at least was Sega Megadrive/Genesis as i have these as seperate systems. Makes a lot of sense now. Thanks again, glad to know it wasn't me going mad...
  2. Yep Neils having the exact same issue, just mine got hit a lot harder with a lot more roms not adding. To get round it i just imported the exact same roms just didn't use the default name. And every game installed fine and i had it set to scrape as Snes,
  3. I posted it all in the thread up a little, logs and xmls. Not sure what you mean by Full Path?
  4. Ok tried again this in my main install and told it not to scrape the db, so it matched the fresh install. But yet again another different install ammount Should clarify here, i reinstalled my windows just this morning so i know its not a system issue.
  5. Empty LB, Used Rom Selector Window. Used the default system name 'Super Nintendo Entertainment System' i had an empty LB install i use for testing stuff and i didn't have my Licence key installed, and i used the rom add button, and mass selected the roms, i told it not to scrape the DB, and not to grab any media, selected the roms in the popup window and it installed everything it was supposed too. Main LB Install, Drag n Drop method.. Used the default system name 'Super Nintendo Entertainment System' Installed the system by dragging and dropping all the roms, then using the popup window to select it as roms, and told it to scrape the db, no media selected. and missed over 450 games. (Forgot to turn logging on my main install, i'm just redoing it now, will take time as its scraping the db.) Update: Second time adding to main, just the Importer this time, told it not to combine roms, scrape the db, no media scrape, kept to default system name. MainLogs.7z Ok think thats about as much as i can do here for now. Super Nintendo Entertainment System- MAIN SYSTEM.xml Super Nintendo Entertainment System - TEST SYSTEM.xml TestLogs.7z
  6. Regarding the Scrape As.., still used Snes as the Import platform, just changed the system name. Dont remember checking to see if any games had additional apps added to them, but i can say i had over 150 games going walkies for no reason.
  7. Can atest to this as well, chatted to Monkus about this awhile back, and he had the same issue on a test. This is when i found out changing the sysyem name allowed all the games to import correctly. As Neil asked me if i still had this issue today. This is not unique to SNES though, i had it happen on 2 other systems, but for the life of me i can't remember now which ones they were.
  8. @dragon57 Error in the Bezel Project.ini NG-CD is not a vaild folder. had to edit the ini and just add ng-cd=SNK Neo Geo CD and ng-cd=1 (This was for RL didn't test it on RA)
  9. Very limited art for this game.
  10. http://www.zeldix.net/t2045-final-fantasy-mystic-quest Very limited art for this game.
  11. Thank you Jason, thats nailed it for me pretty much, just added the Bad Old Monkey edits to it, and bingo. I know its not quite the vision you intended, but i really do appreciate your going the extra mile for this.
  12. Feels much smoother now, not quite at the same level it was before, but i expect to loose a little performance, but yes from my personal point of view this feels better. I was also having some population slow down in 10.8 but 10.9 seems to have fixed that somewhat as well.
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