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  1. My original Templates for anyone to use. Just credit if used. New Style Box-ringedge.psd New Style Box-ringwide.psd New Style Box-nessica.psd
  2. Sony PSP UMD Carts - 696 View File I had been meaning to release this for awhile now. These are all LB named to the proper release name. So should be just drop in to your Images/Sony PSP folder. Here is a complete USA/Eu + a few Japan UMD Images. Not all these are done by me, they have been scraped from various places. All missing games were made by me, where possible i tried to use only official game cover art, this includes a lot of European UMD's which seem to missing in most places. Also check out @Xzile for his additions posted earlier. (None of his UMD's have been added to my archive,), So please check out the post if you miss his. Adding the template if you want to make any you are missing. UMD Template.psd Submitter MadK9 Submitted 07/09/2019 Category Game Cart Images  
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