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  1. Got this error today scraping media.
  2. Running a bit short on time, so just did this quickly, will revisit this once i have some spare time
  3. 757 - PC DVD Cases & Front Covers. View File This is a pack of 757 PC DVD 3D Boxes along with the Front covers. Nearly every cover comes unbranded, Some artwork was harder to source. I will try and take request's for building on this set, as seeing all different style of 3D Boxes/Front Covers makes me sad. I have included the template, which is based upon Digitalburger's smoke glass template, edited and shrunk a little. If you wish to make a request then please do so, but please try to included the Front Cover in your post and try to find unbranded/watermarked, and please no small resolution pictures, PC DVD Cover.psd As was asked, here is the list for this first batch of covers. Please check out Clownclone's post as i used most of his covers to do this project, and added a fair few more. Submitter MadK9 Submitted 10/16/2018 Category Game Box Art
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