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Work In Progress: Soundtrack Player

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I am currently working on a Soundtrack Player Plugin.

It is a standalone executable on top of the plugin that currently plays mp3 files and uses the graphics from Launchbox :)
Here is a preview:

Small Video:

Video on Youtube

Within Bigbox (Only shows up if you have a Soundtrack):

470069912_Desktop2018_06.26-09_42_07_01.mp4_snapshot_00_42_2018_06.26_10_47_00.thumb.jpg.7223b1fceedf8f6dbdb5d5a06ddbed2e.jpgSoundtrack Player771545553_Desktop2018_06.26-09_42_07_01.mp4_snapshot_02.30_2018_06.26_10_49_57.thumb.jpg.a7bdf5a5c6e7a4f8df945c48c75089b8.jpg797675825_Desktop2018_06.26-09_42_07_01.mp4_snapshot_00.52_2018_06.26_10_46_40.thumb.jpg.1e8130e14aba0f43f43c222b9ec5ca2b.jpgCurrent Features:

  • Dynamic "Listen to Soundtrack" option added per-game basis if the Soundtrack exists.
  • Random Background Selection
  • Background can change every X seconds (User Configurable) or not at all.
  • Description Text (Scrolling) (Scrolling can be disabled)
  • Input from Keyboard and Xbox Controller (Should work with many other input devices)
  • Volume Controls
  • Repeat Options: All / Single

It still needs some polishing and bug fixing before I can release it, but wanted to share it already.

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Added Video
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Hey, thanks for the feedback. 

I have a few last bugs to squash and one or two features to implement, and should be able to release a beta next week :)

Edit: Sorry for the very late response, somehow the mail got lost, So i only found out by randomly browsing the forums. Should not happen again :)

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Hello everyone, 

I am releasing the first Beta today :)
You can grab it on Github.
Please follow the Getting Started Guide to avoid any first time setup trouble.
There is also a quick reference for the default Controls.

Please report any bugs, feature requests, questions or suggestions in the Github Issue Tracker ?
Any and all feedback is welcome.


Configuration Utility


Graphics & Input 


Soundtrack Player: Terranigma (This time with centered media buttons)


Short Background transition


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