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  1. @Landcross Did you manage to find some time to clean up your script at all? I also have encrypted isos and am interested in running my games in the same way. Believe RPCS3 has not yet added support for isos yet.
  2. I’ve updated the guide to include this. Thanks
  3. Adding to this, I'm also having issues with the music shuffle option inside of Big Box. I have a .m3u file attached to a game and inside of LB it shuffles the music perfectly. In Big Box though, I have it set to Auto-Play Music in Game Details and Shuffle Soundtrack Music, the music begins playing on the game details screen but it is always the 1st track and hitting play next track will always play the 2nd track.
  4. I tested launching Heroes of the Storm, being logged into battle.net and LB launched the game perfectly fine. What game are you trying to launch?
  5. 814 SNES (PAL) Box Art images. SNES (PAL) Box Art.zip
  6. Test 1 * Standard ROM Importer * Scan using LB DB for metadata ticked * MAME as emulator * Include all Clones, EVERY checkbox unticked. Result: Just over half the roms were imported (I think 29 of expected 50). No LB IDs Test 2 * Standard ROM Importer * UNTICKED check LB DB for metadata * MAME as emulator * Include all Clones, EVERY checkbox unticked. Result: 50 imported, no LB IDs
  7. I ran the import process again fresh with nothing already imported into LB. Only difference was unchecking “Search for game Information from the LB DB”. Leaving that entire page blank. All roms were imported successfully this time, nothing missing. Some games imported with genre info, some with series and seems all version type info imported successfully. I’m confused on what is actually happening! But it worked.
  8. @Jason Carr Whoops, think I placed this in the wrong forum section.
  9. I tried importing Game and Watch games the other day. I separated all the games into their own folder from an up to date MAME set (0.218). I used the import rom tool. Set emulator to MAME and on the MAME setting screen on import I set it to include all clones and to not skip anything. Just over half the roms were imported successfully. I checked the missing rom names against the MAME.xml found in the metadata folder and those entries are missing. I generated my own MAME.xml list from MAME64.exe and located the missing roms inside there. They are tagged as working roms and good.
  10. I've done some more testing. The games experience the same issue when being launched directly through command-line. Games that do not launch with RDTSC = true, will launch with this setting enabled if the 'Custom Timer' is changed from 'QPC 1x speed' to 'Cemu Default'. However these games will launch directly through Cemu application when both RDTSC = true and the Custom Timer is set to QPC 1x Speed.
  11. Yes, all my testing was done with startup screens disabled.
  12. Summary of Cemu/LB Launch Issue Games with small shadercaches such as Shovel Knight and DuckTales Remastered launch perfectly fine inside of Cemu when RDTSC is enabled either through the options or game profile settings. Launching these games through LaunchBox however causes the games to crash. Solution: Edit game profiles of affected games, disabling RDTSC [General] useRDTSC = false I've included a log file of the crash from cemu. log.txt @Jason Carr Any ideas on this strange interaction?
  13. @faeran I have an issue on game boy platform with “é” not appearing in the game-list. E.g. pokémon
  14. Would it be possible to have platform categories show the number of platforms rather than games in LB and BB?
  15. @Jason Carr Hope you're having a well earned rest and a nice Christmas break. I don't believe this type of thing will ever make the poll lists so I hope you don't mind me suggesting something here, I understand it's a performance patch. Could you possibly consider adding an option to enable folder creations for media types under edit platform, it's nothing more than an OCD organisational issue I also believe there needs to be a field to specify the location of video/themes. If i specify a new folder location for videos, it will still default create a video folder to contain the theme folder inside.
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