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  1. FoxyMonty

    8.6-beta-1 Released

    Under options - sidebar you can select All to be displayed so it is "normal" to have it if you want. I'm assuming once selected it acts as a new platform
  2. FoxyMonty

    How To Add Music To ROM Select?

    I had a go at trying to set this up to and ran into the same issue
  3. FoxyMonty


    I believe there is a missing plugin from both the NES themes.
  4. This is looking really nice, how's the progress coming along?
  5. @Zombeaver Thanks, I'm currently in the process of converting my .bin/.cue files to .chd and for the multi-disk games i'll just create the .m3u file for them I think.
  6. @Zombeaver When setting up multi disc games for ps1, is it okay to create the .m3u file and then just wrap all the files together in a zip and have launchbox pointed to it, or does it need to remain unzipped?
  7. FoxyMonty

    8.3-beta-1 Released

    @Jason Carr Before release of LB.Next could you consider moving ScummVM and DOSBox so by default they are created under the Emulators folder?
  8. Is it at all possible to create dynamic themed backgrounds in launchbox? Here’s a link to a PS4 theme to get the idea.
  9. FoxyMonty

    8.2-beta-1 Released

    Thanks, if it would help I can send you the settings.xml file
  10. FoxyMonty

    8.2-beta-1 Released

    @Jason Carr The latest version of Cemu (1.11.6b) has recently introduced a game list parser that creates a settings.xml file that lists the game name, path, version & DLC version. Could this be useful for launchbox to help with the import process, avoiding having to rename each game manually?
  11. FoxyMonty

    static Theme

    I think having the separation between the game select wheel and the game information box is better, so image 2 for me
  12. FoxyMonty

    static Theme

    That layout is a lot nicer, easier to identify games during scrolling. The heading text sizes look good too.
  13. FoxyMonty

    static Theme

    Yeah that looks good. I agree about using a generic d-pad. If people want to replace it with a different icon they can.
  14. FoxyMonty

    static Theme

    Looking good! Would it be possible to replace the "free play" in the lower-hand corners with a controller icon. Something along the lines of what is found in Grila's Switch theme.
  15. FoxyMonty

    Separate Windows Collections

    I created a guide for importing Blizzard games. https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/40100-guide-how-to-import-blizzard-games-into-launchbox/#comment-251333 After import you can edit the platform for the games from Windows to what ever you desire. If you need help on how to, I can edit the guide and add that if if you think it'd be helpful.