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Launchbox Control Issues with Gamepad/Joystick


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Hi all. I've been using Launchbox/Bigbox for a few months now and am very happy with it. I've got an I-Pac Ultimate I/O interface device for connecting 2 JLFs, a trackball, and a handful of buttons. All my controls have been running great with Bigbox/Launchbox and the configured emulators (including MAME, Retroarch, etc). Until recently all the buttons and joysticks have been configured as keyboard switches via the I-Pac and everything was fine. However, I wanted to add some PC games to my collection, and as you know many/most of these require joysticks to play local multiplayer, so I decided to update the I-Pac firmware (from version 1.30 to 1.36) to add support for 2 joysticks. (Until I-Pac update 1.36 only 1 joystick was available per I-Pac.) I completed the update, set up 2 games (Castle Crashers, Ether Vapor) outside of Launchbox, things were working great. However, now when I open Launchbox it either crashes or opens and acts as if I'm holding up on the directional pad seemingly identical to the problem that I found here:

I went into the Device Manager, disabled both the joysticks generated by the I-Pac, changed the I-Pac configuration back the the keyboard inputs and Launchbox works fine again. But, I'd really like to get keep the PC games and use the joystick/gamepad option. Anyone run into the same problem or have an idea what I could do the fix it? I've searched for solutions but the link above is all i found that was similar to my situation. Sorry if I've left any important info out. Thanks in advance for any help!

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@harperj I had a similar situation with my I-PAC Ultimarc I/O and my Ultrastik 360 joysticks inside of BigBox. I have still yet to track down the root of the issue. You might want to reach out to Andy over at Ultimarc to see if he has any insight on the issue. I still don't know if it's how BigBox sees the I-PAC's or something to do with the ipac firmware but my up direction would move up every so often without me touching the joysticks.

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