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  1. kmoney

    Bigbox lag

    @Mile Panic I am not sure which antivirus software you use but you can also add an exception to BigBox.exe and LaunchBox.exe so those never get scanned by the software. Thats what I do with Windows Defender and I also add an exception to exclude the entire LaunchBox folder to never get scanned by Defender so it doesnt add any slowdown. Also have you experienced slowness with other themes or just Futurestate?
  2. kmoney

    PCSX2 Configurator Next

    This plugin makes dealing with PCSX2 so much easier and is much appreciated. Thanks again for the great plugin!
  3. kmoney

    8.8-beta-1 Released

    The video you are showing is for Hyperspin and not LaunchBox. You are on the wrong forum.
  4. kmoney

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    @RetroHumanoid Looking good!
  5. kmoney


    You are correct as it is only happening with the top level items. I just tried it on another top level item and it happened as well as I did not catch that earlier. I also tried using another font using bold and the problem went away also.
  6. kmoney


    @Grila I am getting a weird issue that I noticed today. When I click on Consoles on my platform category menu it blurs the rest of the platform names out a bit and kinda changes the font. Every other platform or platform category I click on the text and font is normal. I have tried changing opacity as well but did not make a difference. Here is 2 images and the first one shows blurred and 2nd one shows normal text. Any opinion on what might be causing this?
  7. kmoney


    Looks great @Grila!! Very cleaning looking...love it🙂
  8. Thanks for the update...much appreciated🙂
  9. kmoney

    Calling All Media and Theme Creators!

    Looks neat @RetroHumanoid...like that custom logo!
  10. kmoney

    Unified Redux

    The new additions look really good...it keeps getting better and better🙂
  11. kmoney

    8.6-beta-1 Released

    All the new mame playlists and metadata are a really nice touch and really enjoying it. I just updated the metadata with a curated mame.xml that had the older metadata and it worked great with the newer metadata. All these new features are going to come in handy especially when you have people over and want to play a specific category such as BeatEmUps or Fighters and etc.and you can just go directly to the playlist. The bar has been really raised with all these additions😀
  12. kmoney

    8.6-beta-1 Released

    @Jason Carr I just wanted to point out that for RocketLauncher users, you have to check that box in the Rocketlauncher emulator settings "Use file name only without file name or extension path" or you get the "Rom file not found " error as well with beta 4.
  13. kmoney

    8.6-beta-1 Released

    @Jason Carr My controller lag was minimal compared to some other users I seen but I can tell a difference with this beta as the wheel is butter smooth now with no lag. I do see a new issue when transitioning to BigBox from within LaunchBox. When I click BigBox in the options menu it goes to BigBox correctly but before it does, it pops up the the loading interface box that loads when you first enter LaunchBox that shows populating games and playlists and such for a brief few seconds. I can make a video if you cant reproduce it.
  14. @jred05 I think this is the one you are looking for.
  15. Very nice....love the updates!