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  1. I have had some success with getting them to map correctly with Ledblinky but it seem it is hit or miss. I have been having an issue with the ultrastiktest.exe that is included with ledblinky when I run it. It is detecting 3 ultrastiks connected even though I only have 2 so it does not send the maps correctly. I thought I had figured it out with some third party software that was causing the issue but the problem seems to be back again. I had better success when I was using Rocketlauncher to send the maps to the joysticks but have since moved on from Rocketlauncher. I really like the ultrastiks and there ability to send maps to the games but I have had numerous issues and I am getting tired of dealing with them truthfully and just want to play games when I turn my arcade cabinet on than deal with issues. I will probably retire them for a while and just get some simpler IL Eurojoysticks and put in my cabinet.
  2. Great, glad that solved your problem. I have been messing with my Ultrastiks a lot lately trying to get them dialed in. Did you get your problem solved with LEDBLINKY not sending the maps correctly as well?
  3. Do you have enable game controllers just checked in the BigBox options menu or do you have also have use all controllers checked as well? I have found that the ipac ultimate and the ultrastiks together do not like use all controllers checked.
  4. I was using the latest LaunchBox beta last night quiet a bit and I am still getting a few random lockups. It is random but the processes I was doing was downloading media via the media and metadata wizard and changing rom paths via the tools menu, platform by platform. Launchbox would lock up sometimes for about 10 to 15 seconds after trying to enter the tools menu after doing one of these processes. After about 10 seconds or so the tools menu would open and everything would go back to normal. Sometimes it would be normal with no locks for a good while and other times the lock ups would be closer together,totally random but LB never completely crashed and closed as I was getting sometimes I think in beta 2.
  5. I noticed there is now a BigBox.exe and a LaunchBox.exe now in the core folder and the main LaunchBox folder. What is the difference between the two? They seem to both work but I notice the size of the exe's are different.
  6. My blank box that I reported earlier in 3D image priorities seems to have disappeared so its no longer an issue. Another thing I noticed while playing around in Launchbox is if you right click on games consecutively one right after another after about 15 to 20 games LaunchBox freezes up for a while almost like its catching up in the background and will not let you right click on any more games for a while and the box images disappear as well during that time period. Not sure why anybody would want to do that but just wanted to report it.
  7. I am not sure if it is a new issue with this beta or not but I notice a blank box under 3D Cart priorities.
  8. Great work on the configs,really appreciate all the details. I was curious if you used any of the scanline filters included with pcsx2 especially for the software rendered games that are not upscaled? I was thinking about to start looking at reshade again just for the software rendered games but it seems like every time I mess with reshade I get it looking good for one game and it not look good for another one. I have mainly tried reshade with mostly modern pc games however with pixelated art.
  9. I just wanted to let you know that I was playing some Fatal Frame and the mtvu was not enabled on the config I downloaded according to your notes. I didnt check the other games such as Onimusha 3,Wipeout Fusion and etc to see if the configs matched with your notes but it looks like it was updated on the ps2 configs google sheet but not on github. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
  10. I also noticed one more thing with the no interlace patches. It has to match the crc of the game. For instance Tekken Tag Tournament has 2 revisions of the game which is 1.00 and 2.00. The patch will not work with the 2.00 revision but will with the 1.00 revision of the game. I was noticing when I checked the Show console option under the misc tab in the pcsx2 menu while the game was running that no cheats were loaded while playing the 2.00 revision so I switched to the 1.00 version and the no interlace cheats loaded correctly.
  11. I agree, I tested the code for Dark Alliance and I could not see much of an improvement but did notice that the text was worse and almost unreadable.
  12. I'm curious if you have tried some of the no interlacing cheat codes on the pcsx2 forums. I just tried a few such as Sly Cooper and Ace Combat and it seemed to make a big improvement to the visuals not being as blurry with the upscaled resolutions on lcd monitors.
  13. @Zombeaver Maybe I need to ask over on the pcsx2 configurator next plugin topic but I am having an issue when I click on "Update Config" with the plugin when you update one of your config files for a game. I click on "Update Config" and it changes and updates the ini file in the remote folder in the pcsx2 configurator next plugin folder but it does not change and update the ini file in the pcsx2/ini folder unless I completely delete the config and re download it with the plugin. So any other words "Update Config" does not actually update the config in the pcsx2/ini folder as I have to completely erase the ini for a game and then re download the config with the plugin and then it is correct in the pcsx2/ini folder with your new updates. Have you experienced this at all?
  14. I just downloaded all the configs for my games with the plugin and all worked flawlessly.🙂 Great job!
  15. I am seeing this error also with that game and a few others,must be an issue with the libretro core.
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