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  1. It has been awhile since I have messed with it but I believe the colors.ini file has been around for a while even before Rocketblinky. I believe Rocketblinky just makes the setup process easier and more straight forward for the end user so the correct colors and buttons light up.
  2. @playab0yyy Yes you can follow the instructions on arcadecontrols.com for Launchbox. The only real difference when setting up Led Blinky is choosing LaunchBox instead of Hyperspin in the frontend tab inside of the led blinky menu as each frontend has a few different options to pick from and of course enabling led blinky in Launchbox options menu.
  3. Looks fantastic...great job,looking forward to trying these out!
  4. Just gave the new beta a test and it seems to be working great with no added folders such as the Shaders from DosBox Daum be included into the OG DosBox folder. One issue I noticed that is not really an issue for me since I edit most of my dosbox.conf files with notepad++ but I could see it possibly confusing some users using a custom DosBox is when you click on the edit button beside your custom dosbox conf file to enter the Edit DosBox Configuration menu. The menu has most of the DosBox options to change available in different versions of DosBox but one thing I noticed it did not have was a Direct3D output rendering method available which is an option in DosBox Daum for example so it defaulted to Output method "Surface". I had the output method as direct3d in my custom conf but it defaulted to "surface" in the menu since that option was not available. If I were to make some changes in the Config menu and save it,it also would have changed my output rendering method to "surface" in my conf. file since direct3d was not available. I know OG DosBox does not even have direct3d as an option I do not believe, so I am not sure if anything could be done about that or not since I know the Edit Configuration Menu is mainly for OG DosBox.
  5. @Jason Carr I did some more testing today with the new custom dosbox additions. I tried to use DosBox Daum which uses shaders but ran into some issues. I have a separate folder named DosBox Daum thats not in the OG LaunchBox DosBox folder. I pointed the custom config and exe path to the correct paths in my Daum folder and it seemed to read the config file at first correctly but it was not applying shaders. The Shaders folder resides in my DosBox Daum folder as a subfolder and the only way I could get Shaders to work is to put the Shaders folder inside of the OG LaunchBox DosBox folder. So I think LaunchBox is still looking in the LaunchBox/DosBox folder for certain things even though I have a custom config and exe path set and I have a suspicion that its looking in that folder as well when you choose the configure option.
  6. @Jason Carr Great feature with being able to set a path for custom dosbox versions. I have a question regarding loading a game with my custom dosbox.exe. The custom path is reading my custom dosbox and config file but it does not auto load the game and just goes to dosbox command line. The dosbox that comes with LaunchBox auto loads the same game just fine when you select it and you do not have to type in any mount or command lines and etc. Why would this happen with my custom dosbox? I can send you my custom dosbox.exe and config also if needed.
    Great looking theme...love the retro arcade look and feel. One of my top go to themes for sure!
  7. Excellent quality of life additions!
  8. One feature that I would like to see in the Pause screens is a "View Images" option similar to the one on the game details screen. But the difference from the game details screen View Images option would be, is when you clicked on the View Images option in the Pause menu, it would maybe enter into a sub menu where you could choose which image you wanted to look at vs scrolling through all the images. This would solve the problem as well if you wanted to look at controls information, boxart,maps and etc in your LaunchBox/Images folder for various platforms. I also think this would be a great option for users who would prefer the Pause screen to look less crowded when you first enter the Pause menu with no box or cart images covering the fanart.
  9. Great job...the pause screen transitions are working butter smooth in MAME even with bezels enabled in the newest beta.
  10. The proof of concept for the Pause screens is working fine for me thus far. I have only tried with Retroarch and MAME. Looking forward to seeing the progression!
  11. Very nice feature...been waiting for this a long time. Looking forward to trying this on my cabinet
  12. Excellent put together package. You can tell a lot of C64 love went into this!
  13. Reading and writing to the vlc.cfg file seems to be working great with newest beta as well:)
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