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  1. @startover You can create a folder named Startup and put it in the LaunchBox/Videos folder and then put as many startup videos as you like in there and it will randomly play one.
  2. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    @Jason Carr The loading interface issue seems to be fixed for me in the newest beta...will let you know if it arises again
  3. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    Yep @neil9000,thats the same issue I am having with the loading interface. A video always explains better than words most of the time:)
  4. Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    Sadly, Blade Runner would not work on my system either but I knew that by reading your comments that it may or may not work on certain systems. I do use Windows 10 so that may be why. I am going to try when I get home to try to run it in Windows 7 compatibility settings and see if that helps.
  5. Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    @Zombeaver I appreciate the work you are doing here...great project! Tried out Heavy Metal this morning and it works great.
  6. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    Definitely interesting...same with me,if I reboot my PC or haven't used LaunchBox for a while the first startup always takes longer and hangs on loading interface for about 10 seconds. I did not start having the issues until that beta that the startup speed increases were added a few betas ago. Sorry I did not bring it to your attention earlier @Jason Carr but I thought it was some weird issue I was having with my system but I guess that's not the case since other users are experiencing it as well. I have not experienced any crashes either that some users are getting.
  7. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    @Jason Carr I have experiencing a weird issue with my startup of LaunchBox and it has been happening on and off ever since you added the startup speed increases to LaunchBox a few betas ago. I have been holding off saying anything thinking it could be unrelated. My LaunchBox startup time and loading interface was usually around 3 seconds before you added the startup speed increase a few betas ago. It is usually about 3 seconds startup time after you added that increased startup speed but sometimes randomly it will take about 10 seconds for startup and the longest of that seems to be stuck on loading interface. It seems to happen most often when I havent used LaunchBox for a while. I can launch LB and close it and relaunch back to back many times in a row and it will always startup in about 3 seconds but if I do not open LB for a while like overnight the first launch of LB will take about 10 seconds and then other times it will not do this. I was thinking at first it could be Windows Defender scanning folder at startup but I have added exclusions to LB and BB. I know it seems like a weird issue but I did not have it until I downloaded that beta with the increased startup time and I remember when I downloaded that particular beta it took about 25 seconds to reload LaunchBox which is unusual for that one time only.
  8. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    @neil9000 Ah gotcha...just woke up and didnt read the rest of the forum yet
  9. PASC Theme - Early Look

    Looking like a really nice theme. Awesome that you added an animated joystick,will be great in a cab. The animated joystick in the themes is the only thing I miss from the hyperspin days since I have an arcade cabinet and it makes a really nice finishing touch.
  10. CoverBox

    Cool idea for a theme...looks great!
  11. Problem with CHD and mednafen cores

    @ciskohansen So you are saying that you have added "chd" to the the retroarch emulator module like pictured?
  12. About to buy an external HDD

    I will never buy another Seagate again,everyone I ever had failed before it should have. Currently I use HGST drives but would not have an issue with Western Digital's as they bought out HGST anyway. Not saying these brands sometimes will not fail prematurally but I personally have had bad luck with seagate.
  13. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    Great update,really nice addition with the community star ratings download option!
  14. Launchbox for Linux - Preliminary Discussion

    True, I guess would not really know now but I can see performance being a concern.
  15. Launchbox for Linux - Preliminary Discussion

    Will it be able to work on a Raspberry Pi?