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  1. Great set of commercials. I can see these being very useful. Just wanted to inform you that the one for the NES and the SNES are the same commercial.
  2. @sucramjd Great job on these themes as they have really help complete my teknoparrot collection. I have downloaded all your packs on the forum but I seem to be missing 2 video themes that you have made that you posted here in this topic which is Contra Evolution and R Tuned Ultimate Street Racing. Did you upload these 2 themes on the forum?
  3. Yep love that feature....been waiting on that one for quiet a while!
  4. Have you looked into LedBlinky? LaunchBox does have support for LEDBlinky which has the ability to send ultrastik maps to the U360s. They even have a "No Led" so you can use the program even if you do not have led buttons or lights on your cabinet so therefore you could just use LedBlinky just for sending maps. I have U360s myself and would love to see some integration with LaunchBox via a plugin but in the meantime using LedBlinky works as well for me. If Jason has enough interest I am sure he would consider adding it in. There is also a request on bitbucket as well to add a Ultrastik plugin so feel free to upvote it and add your comments. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/2381/ultramap-plugin
  5. Yes the grid view spacing looks to be fixed as well as the Emumovies video priorities.
  6. I am seeing that issue up above that @neil9000 mentioned as well with various themes such as LB Galaxy, LB Plex, Lambda and Rincewind Blue but the default theme seems unaffected.
  7. I am not sure if this is a new issue in a beta or not because I have not downloaded videos in a while. But one thing I noticed today while downloading videos through Emumovies with bulk download movies and metadata tool is if a have a video theme for a particular game in the video\themes folder and not the actual video snap in the videos folder and choose "Yes but do not replace any fields or media" it will not download the video snap even though I do not have it. When I remove the video theme for a particular game from the video\themes folder it will download the regular video snap correctly. This only also happens when trying to download in bulk with more than one game as if you download one game video at a time it works correctly. So it looks like if the wizard sees a video theme in the themes folder it counts that as the video and skips it even though I do not have the regular video snap.
  8. It almost sounds like BigBox is being sent a phantom key press to end the startup video early. What controllers do you have hooked up? Maybe try disconnecting controllers if you have more that one hooked up and also uncheck "Enable all game controllers" in the BigBox options menu if you have that enabled and see if anything changes. Maybe also try to disconnect all controllers if you have the option to just use keyboard only to startup BigBox to see if anything changes.
  9. Awesome job with this. I really appreciate you taking the time putting this together and I am sure anyone that has a secondary marquee monitor will appreciate it as well because there is a lot of marquee artwork out there that is not that high of a quality.
  10. Would you happen to have a newer Pinball FX2.xml file with the metadata included? This is an older xml file that LaunchBox does not read all the metadata correctly from.
  11. If you check update to beta releases in the LaunchBox options you can update to the newest beta version where this has been fixed.
  12. In addition to what @dbinott said Rocketlauncher would be one method to use as you could just drop the ugc files in . You could also do it with LaunchBox as well using the additional app feature but you would have to do it individual by game. Another option and the one I am using now is to use LEDBLINKY. You do not have to use leds to use the program as they have a (no leds) mode which you could use to send ultrastik maps to the joysticks. LedBlinky uses .um files to send maps to the joysticks instead of .ugc files and you do not have to have a separate .um file named after every single rom as the program reads the mame.xml, and the controls.ini file to determine if a 4 way,8 way and etc. map needs to be sent to the stick. There is a few roms like Qbert and Tron however that you might need to make a custom map .um file for but the vast majority are covered.
  13. Another tip I have discovered about the Dolphin emulator is installing the emulator on a ssd drive if you have one and use any of the HD texture packs for the games. I used to have the emulator on a standard hard drive and when I moved it over to a ssd drive it loaded instantly with those games where as before it used to take about 10 seconds or so with some of those games with texture packs. Its one of the few emulators that I have seen a nice speed increase by it being on a SSD.
  14. Yes, in the BigBox options there is an option to even view play modes and you can see what the different categories are such as single,multiplayer and etc. Also make sure you have "View Play Modes" checked in the options under game details in BigBox. Also it varies by themes and different views if the coder decided to show max players or not as well in a paticular theme or view.
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