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  1. One feature that I would like to see in the Pause screens is a "View Images" option similar to the one on the game details screen. But the difference from the game details screen View Images option would be, is when you clicked on the View Images option in the Pause menu, it would maybe enter into a sub menu where you could choose which image you wanted to look at vs scrolling through all the images. This would solve the problem as well if you wanted to look at controls information, boxart,maps and etc in your LaunchBox/Images folder for various platforms. I also think this would be a great option for users who would prefer the Pause screen to look less crowded when you first enter the Pause menu with no box or cart images covering the fanart.
  2. Great job...the pause screen transitions are working butter smooth in MAME even with bezels enabled in the newest beta.
  3. The proof of concept for the Pause screens is working fine for me thus far. I have only tried with Retroarch and MAME. Looking forward to seeing the progression!
  4. Very nice feature...been waiting for this a long time. Looking forward to trying this on my cabinet
  5. Excellent put together package. You can tell a lot of C64 love went into this!
  6. Reading and writing to the vlc.cfg file seems to be working great with newest beta as well:)
  7. I wasn't really planning on using opengl, I was just using as an example in doing some testing...lol
  8. @Jason Carr I am not sure if LaunchBox VLC is reading the vlc.cfg file or not. For instance I changed Video output inside of VLC Tools/Preferences from Automatic to OpenGL and saved and I can see that it changed the setting when I open up the vlc.cfg file with notepad++. VLC wrote the change in the file but then I go back into tools/preferences and it is showing automatic again for video output instead of opengl even though the vlc.cfg reads opengl.
  9. Thanks for clarifying the "easy and proper way" way to change settings within VLC that comes packed with LaunchBox so it gets saved to the correct settings file and not the one in VLC appdata folder.
  10. Ok gotcha. There is an issue at the moment with the VLC that is bundled with LaunchBox that if you change a setting within the one bundled or upgrade VLC from within LaunchBox ,it changes the settings and the config version in your VLC standalone version to 2.2.6 which is the one that comes with LaunchBox. I am not sure if you have upgraded your standalone VLC to 3.0.6 yet which is the newest version but if you do so, do not upgrade from the one that comes bundled with LaunchBox. Also if you already have 3.06 installed,just delete the vlcrc file that is in your appdata folder and VLC will create a new config file with the correct version the next time you run standalone VLC. This may or may not fix your issues that you are having with VLC within BigBox but its worth a shot. I am sure @Jason Carr will look into fixing this issue when he upgrades to the newest VLC that comes bundled with LaunchBox.
  11. @@Zaazu Curious if you open your standalone VLC config folder in C:\Users\%username%\Application Data\vlc\vlcrc with Notepad++, what version of VLC does it say you are using?
  12. Loving the new startup options with the new beta...seems to working great. I am actually really impressed that the startup screens have came so far in so short of an amount of time. Great job @Jason Carr!!!
  13. The initial startup screens are looking great and have not really had any issues as of yet. I was looking through the xaml code a bit to see if I could change the amount of time the startup screen stays on screen before disappearing as it goes away so fast on my system. I am sure that feature is coming though🙂
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