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  1. kmoney

    8.6-beta-1 Released

    @Jason Carr My controller lag was minimal compared to some other users I seen but I can tell a difference with this beta as the wheel is butter smooth now with no lag. I do see a new issue when transitioning to BigBox from within LaunchBox. When I click BigBox in the options menu it goes to BigBox correctly but before it does, it pops up the the loading interface box that loads when you first enter LaunchBox that shows populating games and playlists and such for a brief few seconds. I can make a video if you cant reproduce it.
  2. Very nice....love the updates!
  3. kmoney

    Redream Emulator setup

    I have not experienced this with the module I posted above. Did you try the module I linked to?
  4. kmoney

    Looking for fine-pitch, hig-res CRT shader for 4K TV.

    @nathanddrews I think the Kurozumi shader is in the cgp section instead of the crt shaders section if you download the glsl shader pack from Retroarch. Me personally,for a 4K tv the kurozumi shader cannot be beat in terms of accuracy of a high quality crt or pvm monitor and its my go to shader at the moment.
  5. kmoney

    Redream Emulator setup

    Yes I am using the esc as my exit key and that is a good idea to change to a different key to avoid conflicts.
  6. kmoney

    Redream Emulator setup

    @latin625 I have it running with LaunchBox and Rocketlauncher and it works just fine. Although the RL team does not have an official module out for Redream the one that @Agent47 made over on the RL forums works just fine. The only thing I notice with it is when I exit a game it flashes the ReDream GUI menu screen before exiting but that might could be fixed if you use fade out screens. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?5575-Redream-quot-Sega-Dreamcast-Emulator-quot&p=42068&viewfull=1#post42068
  7. kmoney

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Will be testing away later today and will let you know any findings.🙂
  8. kmoney

    Mesen Retroarch Core & HDNES Packs

    Nice...will be sure to check this pack out.
  9. kmoney

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    I noticed a big performance increase with Beta 19 when scrolling through games and my collection is under 5,000 games. Awesome job!
  10. kmoney

    Music for side panel video still plays during game

    @Jason Carr It has been happening with WMP and VLC for me and totally random. Never had that problem with OG LaunchBox or Next for that matter up until recently.
  11. kmoney

    FutureState Neon Deluxe

    I figured it out as I put arcade cabinets on the very top of the 3D Boxes of Front Boxes priority list and unchecked everything in the 3D cart section and it works as expected now. I had to wake up more this morning 🙂 You are right though, a lot the arcade cabinet images out there have a black background and don't look the greatest but this theme truly shines even more than it already does with quality arcade cabinet images.
  12. kmoney

    FutureState Neon Deluxe

    Is there a way to have the arcade cabinet images show on the left hand side where the boxart goes without the arcade cabinet displaying over the video area as well in the arcade platforms? For my arcade platforms I would like to display the arcade cabinet images instead of the flyers or 3d boxart and such and not have it cover the video as well when displaying the fullscreen 4:3 videos.
  13. kmoney

    FutureState Neon Deluxe

    Great job on the theme!
  14. kmoney

    FutureState Neon Deluxe

    This theme is awesome. Love the Neon look...gives me that arcade nostalgia feeling🙂