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  1. I can confirm that LaunchBox does take a little bit longer for startup. Its not drastic on my PC but I think its about 4 to 5 seconds longer than it used to be. Populating games is where it seems to be taking the longest on startup.
  2. I will use Street Fighter II Champion Edition as an example. Lets say I ran the full mame set importer and I chose to prioritize North America as the region when I originally imported the roms. It will import sf2ceua as the default rom for that game which is correct for that region. I decide after the import to change to sfce as my default rom for that game which is the world version. So the problem lies in if I decide to run the full mame importer again later to check for any new games that might have added as working. If I choose the same settings as before and choose North America as the region it overwrites my sfce world rom as the default and chooses the sf2ceua rom. Is there anyway for the full mame set importer to not overwrite if you have chosen a different variant/clone as the default than what was originally imported?
  3. I have spent more countless hours than I care to admit with diagnosing issues with my Ultrastiks and BigBox. I was almost ready to rip them out of my arcade. For some reason Ultrastiks and BigBox are very finicky with each other and LEDBlinky plays a part in this to if you are using ledblinky to send the ultrastik maps to MAME. I have experienced that same issue you described along with others. I think the one thing that doesn't get along with Bigbox is the changing of maps when entering and (especially) exiting of games. I found that they do not like enable all controllers enabled in the BigBox options menu. Another thing I found is the BigBox startup and exit themes really help as well. They give a little pause so the ultrastik can change its map when entering a game and most importantly the exit screen gives a little pause when exiting from a game back into BigBox, so make sure you have startup themes and exit screens enabled.
  4. Just tried the new version out and the search bar works great. Looking good!
  5. One thing I noticed when playing around with the theme is when you pull up the search by letter bar, it is partially cutoff. I thought it was because I am using a 1440P monitor but it happens on my 1080P as well.
  6. Got you taken care of. Theme looks great!
  7. That would be great indeed for the importer to save the variant/clone default information when re running the arcade full set importer again. @Jason Carr The full MAME Arcade set Importer respects games that you have hidden in your Arcade platform when you run the importer again and does not unhide the games which is good. The importer does not however respect if you have changed a specific game to a variant/clone as the default. When you run the importer again it defaults the rom back to the region you choose during import. Would it be possible to have the importer save the variant/clone you have set as the default during the re import process so it does not get changed back to the region default? I like to run the importer again every so often to check for new games that have been updated as working.
  8. I recently ran the mame full arcade set importer again and it did respect the games I had hidden but I had a different experience with the games I had a different variant/clone chosen as a default. The full mame arcade set importer changed the variant/clones I had set. For instance I have sfiii3n no cd version chose as my default for Street Fighter III 3rd Strike and when I ran the importer it changed it to whatever region I chose in the import process (ex. North America, World, etc.). I am curious did you run the full mame arcade set importer again or just the regular import rom files importer?
  9. One thing I noticed while I was hiding a few games this weekend on the Arcade platform was when you edit a single game and hide it, LaunchBox returns you to the top of the games list. It does not do this when you bulk edit and hide games, only when you hide one game at a time. If my memory serves me correctly I thought this was fixed a while ago if you had dynamic box resizing turned off?
  10. I just did some testing for about 30 minutes or so and it is working really well. I have been through about 5 of my themes and set different views and it saved everything correctly even the themes like Unified where you need a different game view with the cd disc spinning vs the cart image on non disc games. One thing I did also that made it easier was I unchecked in the global settings "Use a different view per platform" and only checked that box in the theme specific settings if I wanted that option in the particular theme. I have always used a hotkey to change views anyway and never changed them in the options menu so you can see in live time what view you are changing to. This new feature is an awesome addition and major time saver. I will be downloading more themes now and doing further testing over the weekend. Awesome job @Jason Carr
  11. Same here, I assumed as well that the main reason was for per theme view settings being saved. I held off saying anything because I thought you were just putting in the base groundwork with the per theme settings being saved and once that was beta tested the main attraction would come later with the per theme views being saved.
  12. I must be confused then because I was under the assumption that the saving views per theme was the major advantage and top feature of saving settings per theme. I know for myself I don't hardly like to change themes that often because when I do I have to cycle through and change to my favorite views again which can be a timely process when cycling through numerous views on certain themes and vice versa when I go back to another theme. I know I would change themes way more often if the views were saved per theme for sure.
  13. I have been meaning to ask, but is the new feature that saves settings per theme suppose to save the views per theme as well or that feature hasn't been implemented yet? I was just wondering while I was doing some testing.
  14. I just wanted to report that the image caching issues I was having in BigBox with the clear logos looks to have been fixed in the latest beta as I am not seeing any more issues.🙂
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