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So, I was kind of inspired by The Cutting Room Floor and Hidden palace to curate a playlist of prototypes and betas. Preferably ones that were completed (or mostly completed) games that never saw an official release in the USA. I wasn't looking to include EVERY prototype or beta, but mostly a community agreed upon best of list. I was hoping I could get some of your guys' input on what this playlist should contain. So far I have:

Earthbound Beginnings - NES
Final Fantasy II - NES
Titan Warriors - NES
Lobo - SNES
Spellcraft - SNES
Thrill Kill - PSone
Resident Evil 1.5 - PSone
Hellgate - Dreamcast
Propeller Arena - Dreamcast
Beastball - Genesis
Beyond Zero Tolerance - Genesis
Dragon's Lair The Adventure Continues - Genesis
Fido Dido - Genesis
It Came from the Desert - Genesis
Lufia & the Fortress of Doom - Genesis
ResQ - Genesis
Sonic Crackers - Genesis
Penn and Teller - Sega CD
Primal Rage 2 - Arcade
Saints Row Undercover - PSP
Diddy Kong Pilot - GBA
Overstorm - GBA
Mini Racers - N64
Resident Evil - GB
Warcraft Adventure - PC

I could work on artwork and assets for the Unified Theme but I dont really have much experience in creating all those awesome videos like you see from Mr. Baker, CTRL-ALT_DEFEAT, harryoke, and padou. I could try to create something but it would probably be very basic all things considered. So if anyone would like to whip something up, I'm sure it would be better than anything I could do.

I look forward to seeing what you guys think and if this has been mentioned before, my bad. I looked through the forum but I didnt see anything.

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