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  1. I've been searching google for the past couple days but I havent found anything conclusive on how to do this. I'm looking to make roms bootable on a GBA emulator from the mini games released on Gamecube games that were only playable with a link cable. The issue I'm running into is there doesnt seem to be any updated methods of achieving this. All of the information I've found is nearly ten years old and the methods arent really practical anymore nor is the availability of the hardware. Basically, I have my plastic disc to make an ISO and some odds and ends accessories. To be more specific, I'm trying to rip the mini games off of the Gamecube versions of Crash Wrath of Cortex, Crash Nitro Kart, and Rayman 3. There's a little rhythm mini game for Crash Nitro Kart, A tetris style game on Rayman, and Crash Blast was on Wrath of Cortex. The only way to play these games was to hook up a link cable and download them to a GBA. Is there a tool out there that would allow me to extract those individual games off of the disc? Or does Dolphin play nice with any GBA emulators that could simulate a link cable and maybe try to dump the memory? I'm kinda grasping at straws on that last one. I'm hoping someone with more knowledge than me on doing this kind of stuff can point me in the right direction.
  2. Ghostlines


    I would assume the warning is because if there's nothing currently sitting in the platform category, it might not show up in Launchbox despite actually being there. It wont physically show until you put a file into it. But I have my content tree'd out by several tiers. It hasnt hurt anything yet.
  3. Ghostlines


    You would need to create another platform category within the platform category. It'll look something like this: Movies (Platform Category) > Game of Thrones (Platform Category) > GOT Season 1 (Platform) > s01e01.mp4 (File) x10 Movies (Platform Category) > Game of Thrones (Platform Category) > GOT Season 2 (Platform) > s02e01.mp4 (File) x10 Or you can import all the files, highlight the episodes from each season and combine them. It'll default with episode one and when you right click on the episode, you can select the next one via the additional apps section. I personally dont like that method but I do use it occasionally.
  4. Hey guys, missed the stream due to work. I understand the polls are closed but if Jason is still reading.., I'd like to see the ability to use specific sound packs for specific platforms. I thought I saw this on the previous poll but I dont remember if it was implemented. If so, my bad lol.
  5. Thanks Retro808! I didnt think to check the image priority and that was the problem. I had 3D box checked under "carts" further down the list and it was preventing the default image from displaying. Now everything is displaying properly.
  6. I have my default images set up and they display fine as long as the game has NO other images already set to it. Which is fine except for let's say you have box art but you dont have cart art. It wont pick up the default cart art if you have a specific box art assigned to the game. Not sure if this is a bug or not but I just thought I'd post it here just in case. If it's not a bug, is there a way to have Launchbox blanket any missing fields with default images? Or will having any images assigned to a game disqualify it from the default images by design?
  7. This is my second attempt at making a platform video. Hope you guys find it useful. Credit to whoever made that bezel I found on google! Sega_Pico.mp4
  8. Love it! Would it be possible to make the same video or a similar video that says "Collections" instead of "Playlists" though?
  9. Yes. Just drop the image into the video folder. Make sure it's named appropriately. I'm not very talented at making videos so I've done that in the past. Actually now that I think about it, @Jason Carr would it be possible for Big Box to play an mp3 and display an image when browsing through platforms in a future update? Like when you stop on the NES platform, a png will load in place of an mp4 but an mp3 will play music at the same time as displaying the still image until you move off of that platform. I feel like I've asked you that question before but I dont remember the answer lol. I know you can do background music but I wouldnt want that playing full time and clashing with the other platform video audio.
  10. Thanks RH! That's exactly what the problem was. I'm using Queso and my renaming stuff through it off.
  11. Hey RH, I had to rename a couple of files to match what I had in Launchbox and everything displays properly until I go into the actual game screen. Then it looks like this. I've renamed all images and refreshed the cache. Any ideas as to what's happening here? Thanks!
  12. Loving this condensed version. It'll definitely make additions easier to keep track of before I upload!
  13. While RH is working on start up screens and moving, I figured now would be a good time to upload more of my additions to his theme to keep the content coming. Included are the original v1.0 themes along with 8 additional arcade themes and 14 new themes and variations for v2.0. Enjoy! Unified_Refried_-_Ghostlines_Additions_-_v2.0.zip
  14. I believe that's working as intended. I've created a few additions to this theme for the community and I've always made both versions under the impression this was how it's supposed to look. RH would have to give you a definitive answer though since he's the theme creator. I personally like the different views this way. Each screen gives you something new to look at. I find that those other views tend to be too busy with art and effects like clear logos fading and boxes sliding in. This keeps a complex, artistic aesthetic, while also keeping it simplistic. First screen shows the logos, a piece of art, and the controllers and the second game screen gives you a better look at the system itself, the game boxes, and carts (If you use those). For me, it comes off way less crowded. I also like that if you dont have the game box or cart, it's way less noticeable since it isnt the first thing you see, nor is it the focal point of the view.
  15. Here's another batch of addon themes. I added a folder named the same as the default Unified Refried folder with the same structure that includes the background and video border as well. You'll have to move those two files into the base theme. Unified Refried - Blizzard.zip Unified Refried - Nintendo DSiWare.zip Unified Refried - Nintendo e-shop.zip Unified Refried - Nintendo Wii Virtual Console.zip Unified Refried - Sony PlayStation 4.zip
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