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  1. Love it! Would it be possible to make the same video or a similar video that says "Collections" instead of "Playlists" though?
  2. Yes. Just drop the image into the video folder. Make sure it's named appropriately. I'm not very talented at making videos so I've done that in the past. Actually now that I think about it, @Jason Carr would it be possible for Big Box to play an mp3 and display an image when browsing through platforms in a future update? Like when you stop on the NES platform, a png will load in place of an mp4 but an mp3 will play music at the same time as displaying the still image until you move off of that platform. I feel like I've asked you that question before but I dont remember the answer lol. I know you can do background music but I wouldnt want that playing full time and clashing with the other platform video audio.
  3. Thanks RH! That's exactly what the problem was. I'm using Queso and my renaming stuff through it off.
  4. Hey RH, I had to rename a couple of files to match what I had in Launchbox and everything displays properly until I go into the actual game screen. Then it looks like this. I've renamed all images and refreshed the cache. Any ideas as to what's happening here? Thanks!
  5. Loving this condensed version. It'll definitely make additions easier to keep track of before I upload!
  6. While RH is working on start up screens and moving, I figured now would be a good time to upload more of my additions to his theme to keep the content coming. Included are the original v1.0 themes along with 8 additional arcade themes and 14 new themes and variations for v2.0. Enjoy! Unified_Refried_-_Ghostlines_Additions_-_v2.0.zip
  7. I believe that's working as intended. I've created a few additions to this theme for the community and I've always made both versions under the impression this was how it's supposed to look. RH would have to give you a definitive answer though since he's the theme creator. I personally like the different views this way. Each screen gives you something new to look at. I find that those other views tend to be too busy with art and effects like clear logos fading and boxes sliding in. This keeps a complex, artistic aesthetic, while also keeping it simplistic. First screen shows the logos, a piece of art, and the controllers and the second game screen gives you a better look at the system itself, the game boxes, and carts (If you use those). For me, it comes off way less crowded. I also like that if you dont have the game box or cart, it's way less noticeable since it isnt the first thing you see, nor is it the focal point of the view.
  8. Here's another batch of addon themes. I added a folder named the same as the default Unified Refried folder with the same structure that includes the background and video border as well. You'll have to move those two files into the base theme. Unified Refried - Blizzard.zip Unified Refried - Nintendo DSiWare.zip Unified Refried - Nintendo e-shop.zip Unified Refried - Nintendo Wii Virtual Console.zip Unified Refried - Sony PlayStation 4.zip
  9. Alright, here's the reworked themes to your specifications @RetroHumanoid. I also included a general Unified Refried folder with the default theme art and background as well. The only theme that does not include that is the Game Boy Player theme. Mostly because that's a playlist and the background and default art will reference back to the GB, GBC, and GBA themes. I'll PM you the art assets for the unified vids too. I suck at making videos lol. Unified Refried - Nintendo e-Reader.zip Unified Refried - Nintendo Game Boy Player.zip Unified Refried - Nintendo GBA Video.zip Unified Refried - Nintendo iQue.zip Unified Refried - Super Nintendo (PAL).zip
  10. I'm currently using 2.8.18 and my default drop shadow is settings are different. Aight, now I'm motivated. I think I'm going to rebuild those themes from the ground up with this new information. Also, on a somewhat different note, do you have a png file of the black transparency overlay that you use across the background that highlights the clear logo instead of using the pointer? I'm honestly not a fan of the blurred backgrounds for the collections theme so I was going to make my own. I've replicated it pretty faithfully but you have like a white fade effect on the top and bottom that I havent figured out how to achieve yet. I'll move on to making some of those for the community here soon too but I want to keep it consistent with your work. Thanks!
  11. I appreciate the feedback! I noticed a couple of the things you mentioned while I was converting my themes over to this one (Namely the Wario thing and the drop shadow). I kinda put the cart in front of the horse and went to see how accurately I could replicate your work so these were all made early on. I'll be perfectly honest with you, I'm a novice when it comes to graphic arts and I'm using Gimp so I'm just kinda learning as I go. I was on the fence about sharing them but I figured what the hell? If anything, people could use them as placeholders or someone with more experience will make better ones lol. I'm just happy to be able to help contribute. With that said, I assume Photoshop and Gimp are mostly interchangeable in terms of settings? For instance, 50% drop shadow will have the same visual effect on both programs? I used a drop shadow on those but I didnt do it enough. What value did you input for the drop shadows? Also, any other advice, tips, or tricks that could help me make these closer to your work? I'll take some time over the next couple days and see if I can rework those some more. I'll reupload them when I finish them.
  12. @RetroHumanoid I hope you dont mind but I reworked a couple of existing themes to create new ones for this setup. I figured you made most of the major stuff so I'd work on a couple of nuanced themes. Mostly a SNES (PAL) theme that I saw someone request in this thread. I also did ones for the Nintendo Game Boy Player, GBA Video, and Nintendo iQue. Feel free to add those to your download list if you approve of them! Also, if you or anyone else would like to create any, I'm still looking for themes to go with the Philips Videopac G7000, Philips Videopac+ G7400, Mattel Hyperscan, Capcom CPS Changer, Neo Geo X, Neo Geo Mini, N-Gage, NEC Turbo Express, PC Engine GT, and Sony PlayStation 4 (More of just a placeholder). I will eventually get around to making them myself but with my work schedule right now, it makes it pretty difficult to find time. Hope you guys find these useful! Unified Refried - Nintendo Game Boy Player.zip Unified_Refried_-_Nintendo_GBA_Video.zip Unified Refried - Nintendo iQue.zip Unified Refried - Super Nintendo (PAL).zip
  13. Thanks for the advice! That solved the issue I was running into! All four views have a directory defined within the xaml.
  14. Quick question that I'm not sure how to ask, so I'll just give an example... If I were to take RH's GBA theme for this and copy the entire folder into a new theme folder meant for, say, GBA Video for those majesco video carts for example. How could I do this without Big Box referencing the original GBA theme folder? Here's what I did. I took the GBA theme, made a new folder called "GBA Video", copied all the files over into that folder, modified the logo artwork to say "Game Boy Advance Video" and use the GBA SP console image instead of the default but when I go back into Big Box, it's still pulling the original GBA theme art work. I set the individual theme for "GBA Video" so it's pointing to the right folder and I refreshed the image cache. So I'm going to assume there's something inside the folder that's referencing the original GBA theme since all of the contents are copies except for the artwork I edited. The original artwork from the GBA theme is not present in the GBA Video theme folder so I'm not sure why it's showing up. It's probably right in front of my face but I dont know enough about theme making to probably see it. This theme is amazing and I'm very particular about organizing my systems. Hopefully, if it's something easy I could edit in like a line in an xml file, I could help contribute some themes for this. Maybe cover some of the more nuanced systems that could be glossed over.
  15. Namco Arcade Platform Theme View File This is a bit of a frankensteined platform video. I noticed that Namco doesnt have a platform video outside of the unified video so I decided to try and throw one together. Basically, I chopped up a couple official trailers and added in some effects. This isnt going to be anywhere near as good as some of our other creators but it's something to use. Hope you guys enjoy! All video credit save for the very beginning belongs to Namco lol. Submitter Ghostlines Submitted 10/14/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
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