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All in one modified gaming box

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Picked this up at an auction very cheap, it was an all in one computer with the monitor physically mounted to the stand. The screen was smashed but the computer in the base worked. Removed the screen, modified the board so it still thinks the internal screen is there as otherwise it wouldn't boot (to do this you need to remove the logic board from the smashed monitor and house this in the base). Added a mesh panel to cover the monitor hole and a gaming monitor. I7 7700t 16gb ram 256ssd 1tb hard drive geforce gtx 950m 4gb. Makes a great gaming box.






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I think it was an insurance write-off. Without the screen and modifying it to not use the broken screen I guess it's useless to many. If it had have been completely broke I was going to strip it for parts to cover the cost I paid initially. Everything on the board is either socketed or plug in, lot of these compact units everything is soldered to the board.

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