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  1. JamesBond@ge

    New Fields

    That won't work because a lot of those .rpx files have the same titles. A big bunch of Indie Wii-U games and a few Retail are titled "unity_framework.rpx" for example. I know this.....because I imported 520 Wii-U games manually.
  2. JamesBond@ge

    Launchbox 8.4 Change Log

    It's cool Jason honestly. I've joined as a Patron. I've more than got my money's worth this year. LaunchBox Next is incredible and I've got a feeling you were really put through the wringer with development over the last couple of months.
  3. JamesBond@ge

    rocketlauncher integration.. progress ?

    THIS! This would be so important for the likes of MS-DOS games and Windows PC games which have non-standard, higgledy-piggledy controls and a DOSBOX mapper which looks damn complicated. RocketLauncher does this and there was also a plugin for another front-end which did the same sort of thing. Not wishing to advertise another front-end here at all but I feel I should post this link to illustrate what I'm talking about: https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/15924-plugin-xpadder-plugin/ Then I could do away with the 500+ batch files I've created for playing MS-DOS games :-)
  4. JamesBond@ge

    Launchbox 8.4 Change Log

    @Jason Carr @Lordmonkus Where can I donate some money? And can it be done by PayPal? I still have a number of months to go until I renew my yearly License and I've MORE than got my moneys worth up until now.
  5. JamesBond@ge

    Launchbox 8.4 Change Log

    That is a lot of fixes, Jason is the best and we love him a lot. ❤️
  6. JamesBond@ge

    Redream Emulator setup

    Demul is the king of DC emulators as far as I'm concerned. I've used the thing for about 4 years now and never had a problem with it apart from getting the right BIOS at the start. It has save states, can use 8 memory cards as opposed to Redream only using 4. The memory cards can be set to be a different location other than the emulator folder which makes it a bit more portable for me which you can't do in Redream. I can run it at 1920x1080 for without giving away my Credit Card details. Alt + F4 to quit which I have mapped to my 360 controllers guide button with Controller Companion http://controllercompanion.com/. Redream has tripped over on quite a few DC Indie games too, such as Rush Rush Rally. It refuses to boot it. There are a few others that I forget the name of. The only real downside to Demul is the shader caching that can cause stutter, but that stops over time, and it doesn't play about 40 Windows CE based games very well. Redream don't play those very well either. Redream is a good plug and play emulator, but for someone with MORE than a passing interest in the Dreamcast.....it's not there yet.
  7. JamesBond@ge

    Redream Emulator setup

    Demul creates a shader cache for each game it plays. The stutters are the emulator caching the shaders to a folder called "scache" in your Demul folder. Over time, everything will cached up and the stutters will stop. I've attached my shader cache to this post. Overwrite your existing "scache" folder with the one inside and see if it makes a difference. There are 10,000 files in there, about 4 years worth scache.7z
  8. Haha now I'm a Wii convert I'm all about the Barbie Fashion Princess, My Petz Horsez and My Petz Hamzter now. I blame that machine for the "brony" phenomena, but I just can't help it.......
  9. I bought a brand new official WiiMote (£35) and a "Mayflash Dolphin Bar" (£16) which is the Bluetooth sensor that the WiiMote or Lightgun and other Wii peripherals work with and this is setup in the Dolphin emulator just by selecting "real WiiMote" in the control settings. It's really easy and it works great as well, better than I expected it to. You'd definitely need to use the Dolphin 5.0 emulator for it though I think. Dolphin is a BRILLIANT emulator. I'd go as far to say it is a masterpiece with the amount of stuff and complexity of the stuff it emulates. Ahh man, I've had a lot of fun discovering all these Wii and WiiWare games. I never touched a Wii during the time it was around so it's fun been to go back and play the games with the actual controller the games were designed for. I'd say that Wii games are ones that don't themselves too seriously. Some of the shovelware is actually pretty fun lol. In recent weeks, I played Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the first time ever and it is awesome with the WiiMote. You must use the WiiMote for it because of the way Link uses his sword which can't be emulated on a 360 Controller. There are two Wii House Of The Dead games which I've yet to try but I'm expecting them to be awesome!
  10. Haha, I know what you mean but the nihilist in me loves collecting all the shovelware, similar to a 'crab biting my ding dong'. I've been putting together a full USA set (1179) (2TB) of Wii games for the last 3 weeks and my word there is so much shovelware on that system too! I've even gone as far as getting a WiiMote, Dolphin Bar and 8TB drive for the occasion. I've fallen in love with a shitty game called "Chicken Shoot". Such a guilty pleasure
  11. JamesBond@ge

    Pheonix Emulator Integration/Command Line Help?

    I've been toying with this emulator today, and this is the only emulator that runs Club Drive for the Atari Jaguar and the only Atari Jaguar emulator that has Save States. Ahh crap. I think I may have to put my RocketLauncher cap on for this one. @Agent47 Is it possible to get RocketLauncher to use Phoenix for Atari Jaguar?
  12. JamesBond@ge

    Premium Upgrade Lost License File

    After lunch. I wonder why "after lunch". Why not before? Little details like this intrigue me. I wonder how he got on too. Normally 15 minutes with "lawyer" will set you back 100+ smackeroonies. He could have bought 10 LaunchBox's with that. Poor shawn.
  13. JamesBond@ge

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Just incase anyone new to LaunchBox, or thinking about buying into LaunchBox, gets the wrong impression about how LaunchBox interacts with RetroArch......I must say to them that LaunchBox will in NO way interfere with your RetroArch settings. It doesn't go anywhere near RetroArch's settings. Even these Beta version's of LaunchBox will not affect RetroArch. All it does is launch your game and your chosen config. It's normally human error that screws RetroArch's settings as it can be complicated, for some.
  14. I'll echo what Dane and say thanks for that bro. The 3DS set scraped very nicely with minimal work for box covers and art for all 400 of my 3DS USA Roms. Being a video completionist, I had to scrape some videos from YouTube manually myself but that's an EmuMovies thing.
  15. At a guess, I'd say about 20% didn't scrape correctly, even after naming them correctly. I do remember however, that I spent at least 3 weeks downloading trailers and gameplays from YouTube, editing the videos, and getting the box art at the very least. Rather like the MSX platform that we spoke about earlier brrrr. I'm doing the Wii at the moment. I've been going for the full set of 1179 USA Roms (2TB) for about a month now. A little bit before Nintendo started going on the warpath. I've got about 600 imported into LB at the moment.....the box arts are scraping really well thanks to the LB Database, but the video's from EmuMovies videos are very patchy so once again, a lot of manual scraping from YouTube is in order :-)