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  1. The cure for Cancer analogy is trite and base, and a world away from what this forum is about. Why even use it? You'll be calling me a "Nazi" next https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law. I'm heated about the poll being ended in a little over two days, not the program, so let's get that right please. You speak like the poll doesn't even matter, and yet there was a big build up to it through the Live Stream and emails being sent with lines like "let's get as many votes as we can, everyone in the community matters" and then boom, a little over two days and the poll is closed. The poll hasn't even been let to run over the weekend which is surely prime time where a bundle of away workers like myself might vote. Look, I know my voice of dissent is going against the Status Quo and I apologise for the rippling the ch'i of the Forum but if you can't see my (and possibly others) point of view, then you obviously didn't blink like I did when the poll email came around. I'll quieten down now and unsubscribe from this thread so no need to troll me any further.....I won't read or respond.....but honestly, I don't understand the logic sometimes. To me, the poll was a BIG event and I guess I'm still stung over what happened over the summer......
  2. Fine. Stuff it then. Thanks for the "blah blah blah" from LaunchBox's unofficial spokesperson. All of it is scant consolation though. (I don't mean to be so rude to you but you are doing the busybody / schmoozing thing which is really not helping. A lot of what you're saying is guesswork.)
  3. So that post was made 22 hours ago. That subtracts one more day from the three days I originally mentioned. Two days to vote in the poll? What are we all? Chained to our computers or something. I do feel like shouting and swearing at the moment but I'm going to refrain.
  4. So I received the email with the poll link on Tuesday 20th at 6pm. I thought I would get the working week out of the way and then sit down on Friday after work and have a read of the poll. Perhaps others have the same kind of routine. The poll is now closed. Excuse my frustration but why has the damned poll been closed after roughly 3 days?
  5. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    First World Problems.
  6. Auto Hotkey Scripts

    I like this method you have going on here. Is it possible to use this method of yours with shortcuts (.lnk) Windows Games or whatever or (.url) for Steam games. I have lots of screenshots of Xpadder control layouts for my Windows / Steam / MS-DOS games because they are the platforms where the controls aren't standardized and I've made them up as I go along lol. So yeah, using your method to throw up one of my Xpadder screenshots before launching a Windows etc game would be great. (I'm not sure if it's possible though because Shortcuts are a different animal to emulators)
  7. Ok right. So if you run into a sticky patch with a game, you just re-install over it? So most of your games on the separate partition run ok afterwards? You know, I might have to do this the next time I ever re-install Windows. I can't put myself through all that again lol.
  8. Regarding hoarding native PC games: You know, I don't think collecting as many ROMS as possible is such a bad thing. They are fairly portable so you can move ROMS and emulators around from machine to machine and as long as the paths and drive letters stay the same, you can pretty much slot everything back in place and carry on as before. Native PC games however, are an absolute pain in the ass to hoard. I have about 140 retail PC games, 60 Indie games, 40 homebrew games and 350 Steam games that I have had to re-install after rebuilding my PC with a new mainboard and CPU and re-installing Windows. It's taken me over 2 weeks (getting on to 3) to re-install them all the way I had them before.....and that is with the media and artwork already in place. Re-installing 18000 ROMS with their respective emulators after my PC rebuild was a breeze. Re-installing a relatively paltry 300 odd native PC games has deleted about 3 weeks of my life.
  9. CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    Silly question possibly, but what theme are you using that has the time and date? I actually want a theme with the time showing lol. There is so many themes I'm confused so forgive me.
  10. Best Android emulator

    I've been testing all three of the big Android emulators today (BlueBlacks, MEmu and Nox) and I have to say that BlueBlacks 3.0 blows the rest of them away. It creates shortcuts for each individual app or game that you install which can be used in LaunchBox. The others don't do this.
  11. 8.0-beta-1 Released

    I'm using LaunchBox 7.14 Stable and I can't connect to EmuMovies....... and the EmuMovies site IS up. I hope we've not been banned.
  12. Launchbox for Linux - Preliminary Discussion

    Excuse my language by the way. I used that word to accentuate the meltdown that goes on in my head when I open that program. Obviously, I'd use it in conjuntion with LaunchBox / BigBox because some of the features look great, but.....we only have a limited time on this Earth lol.
  13. Launchbox for Linux - Preliminary Discussion

    I must admit that I would love to use RocketLuncher. I have it installed. But everytime I open it up and look at it, I think "what the fuck do I do now?" and then close it lol. It's look so complicated.
  14. Has Anyone Made a racing Cab?

    Have you checked this tutorial here? (Edit*** The platform should be called "Sega Model 3" going by this video. Were you looking for Supermodel or Model 3?)
  15. I like what you have done there with the controller diagrams on each platform. How did you do this? Did you create the pictures yourself?