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  1. Cid, I just updated LaunchBox to v10.1 and upgraded .net framework to v4.8 and it works now. I can't thank you enough! :-)
  2. Hi Cid. Thanks for your time btw. I'm using BigBox v9.7 and CriticalZoneV2 - Blue Box (v2.3). This is the latest error message which I think may be the same as the one before.
  3. Understood. And a million thanks for editing that for me! Something went wrong with that though and I got this error message.
  4. Posted 10 days ago. Last visited 6 minutes ago. Yeah. I guess you spied an opportunity to make yourself look good, get people smashing that like button, off the back of my comment @GreenGriffon. I have been 10 days worth of patient. All I'm after is a (possible) solution to my problem, not to get in a battle of wills or annoy anyone.
  5. @CriticalCid Hi mate. Is it possible to stop the wheel, clock, box, and logo from fading out in this view. I want it all to stay visible and not fade out, if that is possible? I love this view btw.
  6. The .gcm GameCube files are not compressed. They have had all the junk data taken out of them, and the .gc or .gcm file is what is left. These files run directly on the emulator with no writing to your SSD so don't worry. .wbfs files for the Nintendo Wii (which also run in Dolphin) are the same sort of stripped down files which don't need decompressing and run directly in Dolphin.
  7. I can vouch for Controller Companion. I use Controller Companion and Xpadder together. Controller Companion is the only one of the two that can map buttons to the Xbox Guide Button. Like Alt+F4 for Citra and Cemu etc.
  8. @twobucks Thanks for the reply mate. I did actually fix this by doing something similar to what you said. When the game starts, a little notification pops up to do with something called "Nvidia ANSEL". I've no idea what it is. Something to do with screenshots or some Nvidia bloatware. I wondered if it might be something to do with this notification messing with the focus so I found these threads: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1029545/ansel/how-to-uninstall-this-crap-/1/ https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1017778/geforce-experience/how-to-remove-disable-ansel-/ I did what this guy said in this post (https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1029545/ansel/how-to-uninstall-this-crap-/post/5953120/#5953120) and voila, that did the trick! This also fixed Tekken 7 as the Ansel notification was messing with that too. Obviously this won't happen if you use AMD :-) @twobucks Yeah, I thoroughly recommend the game. It's fast and intense. Best new game I've played in ages. I've just been putting together my own custom soundtrack for it which can be copied into the game folder. I have to cap the FPS at 30fps though because of my stock i5-2500k, GTX 750 ti and 8GB RAM but it's still all good.
  9. FS-UAE - Startup Screen - Not Working
  10. GRIP: Combat Racing (https://store.steampowered.com/app/396900/GRIP_Combat_Racing/) is not taking focus away from BigBox so when I start the game, my controller still controls BigBox in the background. I know this because I can hear the BigBox sounds as I'm navigating GRIP's menus. Damn. I've tried everything to try stop it. Running Borderless Fullscreen, Run in a window, run exclusive fullscreen and nothing stops it from happening. I've switched off the Loading Screens because I don't like them and I find they cause more issues than they solve. Has anyone else got this game and care to give it a try and report back? It's a fantastic game, an update of PS1's Rollcage, and is the only new game that I've been excited about for ages.
  11. .......or Nier: Automata sitting next to the MS-DOS version of Mega Man. Oof.
  12. I have no idea what is on the poll these days as I've been busy with my game collection, but can I make two requests for the future. I just want to get them out there because I'm like a little squeaky mouse in a hoard of big RocketLauncher cats: 1. Select a random game within BigBox. 2. Weblinks that can be added under "Additional Apps" for any game. Or somehow for that Weblink to be able to be entered into the "game details" and selectable in BigBox. Just the little things in life.
  13. After using RetroArch for the last 5 years, I'm starting to think this way too. I updated to the latest 1.7.6 and for some reason the "Frame Counter" would display on every single system, no matter what config file was used. I had never set it like that before so it no reason to display after the update. And without mentioning updates, my custom ratio's would reset themselves for no apparent reason so I would have to reset them again in 80 odd config files. I dunno.
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