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  1. @Zombeaver may be able to help with that. He is a specialist 😉
  2. I must have been mistaken then.
  3. I can't help unfortunately. But just wanted to say that this is one thing that sucks about RetroArch. We're encouraged to update the cores, and then Save States get broken. *shakes head*
  4. So did it work then? You forgot to let us know how it went, and to say thanks to Zombeaver for his help.
  5. Thanks Joe for the input. I had missed the prioritize options. You can only watch the one video in BB. An option in BB to watch the Trailer / Recording etc would be nice in the future.
  6. How to view the additional video? Example. I have a gameplay video and a trailer video for a game. They are in the correct media folders....and correctly located under game details. How do you view the trailer video? I can only see the original game video in LB and BB. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. @fraganator I'd be willing to pay a bounty or donate money through PayPal to anyone who can get this working again.
  8. I'm good mate. Been spending so much time fiddling around with my 31000 games, I never get a chance to get on here much. RE: Cemu. The eShop titles are titles are stored externally, and structured just like normal Wii U games.
  9. These were all the retail titles and eShop titles. All mostly Indie games. I think it was just the European set. I followed a guide from BSOD Gaming on YouTube. He had a tutorial showing how to use a program called WiiU-USBHelper to download titles directly from eShop. The video has gone now. PS. Glad to see my old scripting mate @jayjay still active and around. How are you? @jayjay I don't think the Wii U titles use catalogue numbers in the same way as Sony titles. Might be a stretch.
  10. Mate, I sat there importing Wii U titles one by one. All 525 of my collection. It took me about three weeks altogether.
  11. Can WHDLoad games be save stated? I'm out of the loop having used ADF files for years.
  12. @fraganator Thanks so much for getting back to me. I've attached a screenshot of my .log file. I was using LaunchBox 10.1 for a long time, and then the error just occurred from nowhere. I upgraded to 10.10 and still getting the same error. The error is thrown a few seconds after attempting to start LB or BB and crashes LB and BB almost straight away so I never actually get a chance to start a game. I deleted the Config file like you said, but the same still happens. ************************EDIT*********************** Well, I think I managed to fix this problem.
  13. @fraganator Are you still about mate? I need some input about an error message that has just started happening. Please. This is one hell of an awesome plugin and I'm lost without it. I see that you may be retired but I'll send you a bounty of £10 via PayPal if you can fix it.
  14. I just discovered this thanks to your post. This is frickin' awesome! It also has a front end which obviously took inspiration from LaunchBox. Man alive, 38,000 Flash Games self contained portable and able to play offline. For anyone else interested, take a look here: https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/ Command line options have not been implemented yet so individual games can't be imported into LaunchBox yet but this is something that is apparently going to be implemented according to here: https://trello.com/b/Tu9E5GLk/launcher I read your post about 4 hours ago and have been playin
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