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  1. I second this guy above! ^^^ Mr Saunders, is that the plugin that adds "Random Game" to the options in BigBox and you have to go "back and forward" into it to get next game?
  2. ***Update.... I didn't add my Steam address properly. So always check your Steam address is entered into LaunchBox properly kids! lol
  3. I get that, but "Random Game" in BigBox is just such a glaring omision in my opinion. It's just so basic. I'm sure many of us here could just sit for ages pressing "next random game". I know I do** You have all this complex stuff being added into LaunchBox all the time and this little basic thing will just get left behind. **BTW. I have an old plugin DLL that was made by Grila, from quite a few years back. It adds Random Game to the BigBox Options menu. The downside is that you have to go "Forward and Back" into it everytime to go to next game. It still works in the latest LaunchBox. Again, it is just not as ideal as clicking "next game" or whatever but it's the best we got. I don't think it's up for download here anymore. If anyone wants a copy, and Grila is ok with it, I can send via PM. OK, C-Beats, thanks for the swift reply! (Sorry if I sound like an ungrateful Karen, I don't mean to)
  4. But why though? Is this hard to implement or something? This feature would be better than the myriad of other features added since LaunchBox' inception. Some of which are not very useful.
  5. Does the latest LB also import the "Time Played" from Steam too? (I've done a clean install of LB, imported 4 games, and the Time Played is showing as Zero. I've linked up my Steam account as only showing Installed Games) (On another PC, I'm sure that the Time Played was imported from Steam) Any help would be great. Thanks.
  6. Fragnator is awesome, mayn! Just sayin'
  7. These are my ScummVM videos. They are from around 2019 so they may not be completely up to date: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/1qcug4n3612a6ovnewgdk/ScummVM-Video.7z?rlkey=5cg9wgqr312q5cn7mcajo7udt&dl=0 (Click the Download Arrow at the top of the screen, rather than the one in the middle. The middle one doesn't work for some reason)
  8. Just looked at my BigBox.dll and it's 8.17mb in size, dated 22-8-2021 (8-22-2021)
  9. Personally, I have LaunchBox and Assets (Box Art, Videos, Clear Logo etc) on an 2TB SSD and the ROMS on a HDD. I used to have the whole lot on a HDD until just recently getting that 2TB SSD and it has made quite a difference in speed.
  10. I looked in my running processes in Windows Task Manager and noticed "LaunchBox.exe" -recovery" running alongside the main LaunchBox exe. I just wondered what this is and is it normal as I've never seen this before. Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm going to guess no. It's quite old now. Author hasn't been online since Sept 2022.
  12. @Aeins Send me a PM just so I know you're still around. I'm pretty sure I have this set lurking around on my Games PC. It's Thursday today... I'll dig it out for you and upload it at the weekend. Just promise not to post any more requests in any other threads lol
  13. Has anyone got Mile High Pinball and Hooked On: Creatures Of The Deep running on this?
  14. *sighs* Yeah, yeah you're right. More and more games now are Windows 10 only. RyuJinx emulator has also gone Windows 10. You get so hooked into an OS that when it comes time to upgrade, it feels like a skin transplant 😞
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