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  1. Your List of Small Things

    I was just saying that I've seen your username elsewhere. On another retro gaming site. In a slightly haphazard way.
  2. Auto Hotkey Scripts

    This is one that I stole from someone on here. I can't remember who it was but credit to them. Exit PCSX2 emulator: ; This section closes PCSX2 when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  3. Launchbox messes up shared assets

    LaunchBox is a greedy girl. Make the switch, you know you wanna ;-)
  4. Hide my darn cursor

    I mean this script. This one worked for me.
  5. Hide my darn cursor

    Just tried it in BigBox with RetroArch and 1.6.0 and 1.6.7 and it's worked in all of them. 1280x720 resolution and RetroArch overlays etc. Yeah so that very first script you posted worked for me even though my resolution is different. I'm still on Windows 7 so I bet it's you Windows 10 guys that have a problem with it. I'll try it in DEMul tommorow but I expect it to work. I'll finally get my right analogue stick back heh. Thanks Monkus. You're on fire lately.
  6. Hide my darn cursor

    I've not tried it in BigBox yet, just LaunchBox. Lemme go check......
  7. Hide my darn cursor

    It does work. I've just tried the first script above that Monkus posted above and it WORKS. My resolution is 1280x720 and it still works. I have overlays in RetroArch too. "Darn cursor hidden" using three little words! Or one word and two numbers if you want to split hairs. I can unbind "mouse movement" from my Xpadder controls for a few more emulators now. Wow. You are adding the script to the AutoHotKey tab on the Edit Emulator screen yes?
  8. Your List of Small Things

    You've done one post here but I know your name from somewhere. I've always wondered what holding your drums feels like. Hmm. Are you from TiZ?
  9. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    Haha, why you no chooz nun of the abuv? Seriously, looking forward to the official build. I'm too scaredy cat for beta's. I like these small improvements, rather than big outlandish 3D engines and whatnot.
  10. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    Ahh sheet. Thanks. I haven't the read the thread all the way through yet.
  11. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    Definitely. It is so easy just to collect up shortcuts into folders and drag and drop them into LaunchBox. I then treat shortcuts as if they were Rom files, naming them meticulously so they scrape well which you can't really do with .exe files. Those folders then sit in with my main Rom collection. I've used this method for these platforms: Windows (Indie Games) Windows (Homebrew Games) Windows (Retail Games) OpenBOR MUGEN Big Fish Games PopCap Games GameTop.com Games As has been said before though, removing the "need" to choose an emulator for these guys would be nice. A fair few times I've gone to play or open one of these only to be greeted with the 4DO emulator heh. Other than that, never had a problem with the .lnk method. It's great.
  12. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    HAHAHAHAHA. I'm a sucker for the "WHY YOU NO" style lol. Why YOU NO SPEAKA DE ENGLISH? Why YOU NO DEVELAP? Why YOU CALL ME GARABAGE? I wish we could have signatures. I would so quote you here Monkus removing the quotations marks to make it look like you said it lol ;-)
  13. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    Garabage. LMAO
  14. Ahh this is good news! After that temporary blip, you can go back to being the cleverest now ;-) ;-)
  15. Ahhah I soooooo wish that had been the problem. All this techno jargon and this and that.....and it ends up being a screensaver lol. That would have been a beauty. Dayam.