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  1. Emulators for Systems

    @wallmachine How did you get Mattel Aquarius running? Did you use "aquarius -cart"?
  2. Zx Spectrum Game Manuals Pack (PDF)

    Wow. Thanks for this!
  3. Dot Framework 4.7 Blocked (SOLVED)

    This makes me suspicious (now) as to whether those links he posted were legit. If this is his attitude, why go to all the effort of making his original post?
  4. Dot Framework 4.7 Blocked (SOLVED)

    Hell Hath No Fury like a man calling another an Idiot.....and then spelling it this way. Oh.
  5. Easiest Way To Add Windows Games (.exe)

    It's different ;-) I might give it a try when I re-install one day.
  6. My concern is piquing

    Where is Wood? I need some "Seega" in my life. And some Wood.
  7. The Acorn Electron and the GamesDB

    What is the best Emulator for this system, in your opinion? I read that there is four: ElectrEm, Elkulator, ElkJS and MESS. I'll probably go with MESS. What do you think?
  8. Moderation slow down

    "Dont like the direction Launchbox is heading" said to me ""Dont like the direction Launchbox is heading" lol. Even if it mean't "pay more", well it is hardly a massive amount of money for what is a great piece of software. As for the last part, now you're just being silly lol. Lay off the green ;-) ;-)
  9. Moderation slow down

    You belong here bro. Fighting the Database fight ;-). I dunno. I did originally think 'stuff it' when I read about Brad, but the Database was his baby (as well as Vlansix) so I kinda think we owe it to him. Anyway, you're a cool guy and I really want to steal your username but because I'm a goofy British guy, I have my sights set on FistyPounds ;-) (jk)
  10. Moderation slow down

    You're right about that. I noticed that Jason said he would be doing a YouTube live development session on Monday (Yesterday) and I was waiting for the notify email to come through but that never happened. And then I noticed it had been 2 weeks since the last Retro Style Spotlight and Brad used to do them every week. That weird silence is what made me check up on here and I find that it all seems to have gone a bit wrong heh. Anyway, we still gotta keep up the Database work. That's what Brad would have wanted I'm sure. I'll see you in a week or so mate. 'Til then....
  11. I am leaving LaunchBox effective... well right now

    Well, there is some good news out of this really bad news. I've subscribed to your channel under 'McTurbo1300'. I pressed the 'like' button on your original post.....it should really be the 'don't like' button. Gee, what a shocker.
  12. Moderation slow down

    Easy tiger. Filling in a couple of fields in a games database and uploading a few images via an online upload tool hardly amounts to an information breach. I'm sure whatever you have on your PC is not really that interesting anyway. Paranoid much?
  13. Moderation slow down

    I'll be back on it soon, my old ZX Spectrum chum. I'm in the middle of moving house and haven't had much time for it at the moment but will be back on it in the next week or so. (So get your 3D Box modding tools ready :-) ). I will be resuming the A titles in the ZX Spectrum. I have only just found out that Brad has left the LaunchBox team and that is VERY sad indeed. And quite shocking tbh.
  14. Your List of Small Things

    Audit system. I'm a massive fan and It has saved me countless hours. 1. "Box - Back" given it's own field instead of being classified as a "Box Image". 2. "Screenshot - Game Title", "Screenshot - High Scores", "Screenshot - Game Over", "Screenshot - Game Select" given their own fields instead of being lumped in together in the "Screenshot Images" field. Conclusion: Just different classes of images given their own separate fields. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RetroArch. 1. Launch different config's on the fly. Enter the different config's for a chosen platform in "Manage Emulators", and then be able to select them on the fly in BigBox in the game information screen. The more I think about this one, the more I want. Holy smoke. I could get so creative with those configs and not have to have separate custom platforms to use them. This is probably my number one wish. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Force Image Cache. 1. "Shutdown When Done" option in BigBox. 2. Force Image Cache within LaunchBox, instead of just BigBox. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attract Mode. 1. Shuffle platforms at the start. As of now (7.10), my BigBox starts up on boot, my default view is Platforms in a text list, and will go into Attract Mode in 10 seconds. It never shuffles to start with though, so always goes into Amstrad GX4000. It comes out and then shuffles as it should. I'm getting sick of Amstrad GX4000 though lol ;-) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Idea's From Others: 1. From kmoney: Being able to change ROM paths in the bulk edit wizard. 2. From lordmonkus: Fully editable controller and keyboard functionality in BigBox. 3. From lordmonkus: Save / remember import settings. 4. From Rincewind: A checkbox in the edit emulator box to hide the mouse cursor. 5. From ckp: Launch game with any chosen emulator on the fly
  15. We really need better quality cover sources...

    Yeah, it is just us normal folk uploading stuff to the Database. A couple of weeks ago, myself and another user (diamondgeezer) whom I didn't know at the time (until I posted this thread were working on the ZX Spectrum section. I started going through the games starting from the beginning, trying to source covers and other bits, and diamondgeezer then used some online tools to convert what I was uploading into 3D images. This was on a Saturday night when I should be out chasing crumpet / skirt / poonani. I tried to get the best images I could find, but with these older systems sometime beggars can't be choosers. You are probably already aware of this with MS-DOS media. I have no art skills whatsoever so I don't know how to sharpen images or anything like that. Anyway, I didn't wish this to be a back slapping post. Just a small example of what effort goes into the LaunchBox Database and what type of folk work on it. Just us users. It's a team effort.