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  1. doubt with license renewal

    Tell your brother to PAY UP! ;-)
  2. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    David old bean, I thought you were from New Jersey in the US?
  3. I won't be (shy of sharing scripts). I've only just started dabbling in these dark arts though so I might bend your ear again at another time. I reckon you're better than this than I am. Mind you, the best (and first) script that I cobbled together is a VBScript and is an automated launcher for the PC version of Mr Driller (https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/threads/a-real-long-shot-getting-mr-driller-released-in-2000-to-work-on-windows-7.18219000/). This thread has nothing to do with me. Found it when searching for solutions which I didn't. That son of a gun game always requires you to enter the CD Key everytime you play, No-CD crack or not. No matter what you do. So this script launches the game, enters the CD Key and presses enter, presses enter again on the next dialogue box and kills Xpadder (I found that Xpadder even if running with a blank profile would screw with Mr Driller's controls). I'd post the script here but it contains a CD Key which might be a breach of forum rules. So yeah, that thing pretty much automates launching Mr Driller. If anyone is interested in the PC version of Mr Driller, give me a shout lol.
  4. You little beauty! That worked. I just needed to tweak the timing up to 20 seconds to keep the script playing the game. (I've chosen "Launch Before" but I don't think I need to do that now) Your post above this one gave me food for thought. I tried the "Restart Fraps" script with another game "Duck Tales Remastered" that is simple to run and the "run before main application£ option worked. This tells me that because I was running Sega Rally 2 with a "mount ISO and Launch Game" script, Launchbox is thinking the script is the main application and launching the other one prematurely. Something like that. My brains are blown LOL. One of these days I'm gonna get a PS4 and just press the start button lol. Thanks mate! I appreciate your time. Your script with the "check and wait" function worked and LaunchBox is working as it should. I can build on it for other things as well.
  5. That's what I'm talking about. I need to run a batch file after Sega Rally 2 is exited so that batch file can BOOM, restart Fraps afterwards. The options for additional apps is "run before main application", "run after main application" and a supplementary option to "wait for exit". I need to "run after main application" and "wait for exit" but I can't do that because when I check the "run after main application" box, the "wait for exit" box then greys out.
  6. Can't Start My Games

    Why would Dosbox pop up if you are installing these from their original 1990's CD's? Have you set Dosbox to run these somehow?
  7. Sorry for the double necrobump. I have a similar problem with Sega Rally 2 for the PC. I launch it with a batch file that Kills Fraps (because I have it running from PC startup and the FPS counter looks ugly and massive at 800x600 resolution), mounts CD2 for the music, and launches the game. That's fine. I then have an 'additional app' which is a batch file for me to manually restart Fraps when I quit Sega Rally 2. That's fine too, just clunky. I try to set it to "run after main application' in the Edit box and the "wait for exit" box is greyed out. Exactly the option I need, but it is FIFTY SHADES OF greyed out :-( That makes me want to cry. And throw my hands up to the sky. I ain't even joking ;-)
  8. [APP] TypeXtra

    Hello Stigzler. I've seen you around somewhere else :-) (not Hyperspin). This looks great. The Taito Type X thing has always been something that has completely eluded me. This will give me motivation to try and set it up. Thanks.

    Yeah, after my big sweeping and inaccurate statement up there....I've been sitting here ever since testing out what works in NullDC and Demul, I have a folder of about 40 of what I call "Faulty Roms" and I'm trying them again in both emulators. Demul has released about 3 updates since I sorted Roms into that folder.

    Actually, I'm going to backtrack a bit on what I said. In NullDC, Fur Fighters looks like it was going to work, plays the first cutscene which lasts about 10 minutes and then cuts to a blank screen. That breaks my heart. Slave Zero works in NullDC and not Demul which is good. Just tried Sega Rally 2. It hangs on loading in NullDC and runs between 20-40fps in the latest Demul :-( I got Analog controls to work in NullDC which is another retraction from me. Hehe, after my post my up there, I thought "I know, I'll check my facts AFTER making big statements" lol.

    A bit off topic but what the hell is this? lol Demul is, to me, hands down the best emulator for the Dreamcast. It was last updated on the 11th November. The nearest in quality etc is NullDC but I was never able to use the analog stick in NullDC. Nup, I love me the Demul. It also plays Speed Devils perfectly whereas in NullDC the menu screen was all screwed up. In NullDC's favour: it plays a few DC titles that Demul can't. Fur Fighters is one that comes to mind. It seems that Demul fails at playing a lot of WindowsCE based games which NullDC is better at.
  12. Additional Apps Changed

    I have to credit this post here, because up until now I didn't realise "Additional Apps" could be used for such a thing. I thought it was just for consolidating regions and versions etc. So this post right here opened up a whole new avenue of things I've been doing - old video adverts, wiki guides, interviews. Wow. Before I was joining PDF's together and shoehorning them into the "Manuals" entry. So thanks Stiff. Saying that though, what is it you don't like about the new Pop Out Menu though? I like it for this stuff. You can make the name as long as you like and it is a lot tidier surely?
  13. Additional Apps Changed

    It was an change made in 7.14 because the entries for additional apps would get truncated.
  14. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Be honest about it in the first place then ;-)
  15. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    Hahah, that chump just got burned lol.