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retroarch on CRT monitor doesn't work

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I use a Egret 3 candy cabinet in combination with Big Box and retroarch/groovymame. It should be possible to run games with retroarch in the native resolution as groovy mame does for MAME games.


So i followed the FAQ guide, but don't get any picture as soon as i start a game with Big Box.

I manualy added the modelines to my super resolution setup. The ones which are listed in the FAQ: https://forums.libretro.com/t/15-khz-crt-documentation-wiki/15671/4.

Set the CRT Switch active in retroarch and started a game with BigBox. I hear a switching noise from my chassis (15kHz,24kHz,31kHz) and then my screen goes black. The games run well if i connnect a LCD with the CRT Switch OFF.

I saw a similar thread a few days ago about this topic but can't find it anymore 😪-

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