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  1. a) I tried that but then i get just 42 new files int that destination folder. Do i have to copy those files to my mame Rom folder and replace the existing once with them? b) I have a merged file set and wanted to change it to a split. So i choose split in the rebuild page, but i guess it also just converts these 42 files to split files right?
  2. I'm trying to update my Romset from version 0.201 to 0.202. I followed the guide on the first page, but when i wanna start the rebuild process i get the error message "Path Error: Destination isn't set". Does someone has a clue what i'm doing wrong?
  3. OlDirty

    no nesting feature with version 8.8

    That worked. Thanks. Finally i can sort my arcade games in "vertical" and "horizontal" games. Thats an absolute AWESOME new feature! 😍
  4. OlDirty

    no nesting feature with version 8.8

    PS: Wrong category, should go to troubleshooting. Sorry
  5. Hi I updated to version 8.8, but don't get the new "nesting" feature. I have already relaunched the "LaunchBox-8.8-Setup.exe" from the updates folder, but had no success. Any ideas what's wrong? Thanks
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    I played on MAME many years ago, but not very often. One day I stumbled over this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXA0xnl0mls and all collecting hell broke loose. I could visit him and since then the arcade virus got me (not that i wasn’t addicted when I was a child. 😉 ) I bought 2 Taito Egret cabs (vertical & horizontal) and just one PCB. Ok another one, but that’s the last one. Haha, yeah right… Now I’m sitting on near full CAVE PCB collection. Sometimes I really ask myself WHY??!? Hunting for all those “diamonds” were kind of fun I must say. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlDO7KDSs7E You can play those games all on MAME, so for what you have these? I tell myself because they still can’t emulate the CAVE games 100% correct because of all the slowdowns and stuff like this. But would I sell them if the emulation is 100% perfect? I don’t know if I could let them go :-(. But after I set up now Bigbox with Groovymame I’ll sell a few other PCBs I have. It makes no sense FOR ME to keep the PCBs if the games look absolute the same when you emulate them in a real arcade cabinet. Nevertheless I collect now A TON of games just for emulation. Will I always play all these? Nope, but collecting and hunting is also fun.
  8. I just updated my 0.197 Romset to 0.200 with the tutorial on the first page. Still about 500 Roms are missing ( i guess my 0.197 is not complete). But anyway, thanks A LOT for the tutorial!! I can’t go the torrentcheck route, because i don’t have access to pleasuredome (no new members allowed). And i guess you need access there for the torrent packages.
  9. Ahaaa. Thanks a lot for the explanation. Now all that makes sense. So i always broke my full romset when i updated. lol Will try the method with torrentcheck. Thanks again!
  10. Maybe a stupid question but for what reason are you using those tools to update to a new MAME version? I have a 0.193 romset and all the update packages to do an update to version 0.200. Which are „update pack 0.194“, 0.195,0.196,.. till 0.200. So i thought i can just copy/replace the files of 0.193 with all the update packages, beginning with 0.194. Do you use these tools just for savety reasons to be sure that everything is 100% correct or does it also create some necessary files?
  11. OlDirty

    MAME ROM filtering

    No problem. I was just wonderig why it doesn’t work. Soi used ROMLISTER to make my vertical Rom collection. Unfortunately there are still a few horizontal games inside. I normaly use Big Box. Is there an option in BigBox to delete a game out of the list or delete the ROM completely?
  12. OlDirty

    MAME ROM filtering

    In that folder ( Launchbox\Data\Platforms ) was an Arcade.xml. First i just copied the " MAME-vertical games.xml " into that folder and started Launchbox. That had no effect and so horizontal games were still visible. Then i closed Launchbox, deleted the Arcade.xml file and renamed the "MAME-vertical games.xml" to Arcade.xml. Started Launchbox again and still the horizontal games were visible. After Leaving Launchbox the Arcade.xml had the same size as the origin one which i deleted. So it seems that Launchbox creates a new one again.
  13. OlDirty

    MAME ROM filtering

    Thanks for your help. Sorry for the supid question, but what do i do with that XML? I always made a batch file with ROMLISTER so it copies f.e. all the vertical ROMS to a specific folder. Problem is, that it copies too less ROMS to that folder. My selection looks like this before i create the bacth file.
  14. OlDirty

    MAME ROM filtering

    Ok, thanks for the information! Let's hope...
  15. OlDirty

    MAME ROM filtering

    Will it come in the future?