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  1. OlDirty

    MAME ROM filtering

    No problem. I was just wonderig why it doesn’t work. Soi used ROMLISTER to make my vertical Rom collection. Unfortunately there are still a few horizontal games inside. I normaly use Big Box. Is there an option in BigBox to delete a game out of the list or delete the ROM completely?
  2. OlDirty

    MAME ROM filtering

    In that folder ( Launchbox\Data\Platforms ) was an Arcade.xml. First i just copied the " MAME-vertical games.xml " into that folder and started Launchbox. That had no effect and so horizontal games were still visible. Then i closed Launchbox, deleted the Arcade.xml file and renamed the "MAME-vertical games.xml" to Arcade.xml. Started Launchbox again and still the horizontal games were visible. After Leaving Launchbox the Arcade.xml had the same size as the origin one which i deleted. So it seems that Launchbox creates a new one again.
  3. OlDirty

    MAME ROM filtering

    Thanks for your help. Sorry for the supid question, but what do i do with that XML? I always made a batch file with ROMLISTER so it copies f.e. all the vertical ROMS to a specific folder. Problem is, that it copies too less ROMS to that folder. My selection looks like this before i create the bacth file.
  4. OlDirty

    MAME ROM filtering

    Ok, thanks for the information! Let's hope...
  5. OlDirty

    MAME ROM filtering

    Will it come in the future?
  6. OlDirty

    MAME ROM filtering

    Does anybody know if such a filter for horizontal/ vertical MAME games come when importing the ROMs to launchbox? If yes i don't have to play around with ROMLISTER which misses a lot of ROMs when i create batch files.
  7. Hi I use a Egret 3 candy cabinet in combination with Big Box and retroarch/groovymame. It should be possible to run games with retroarch in the native resolution as groovy mame does for MAME games. So i followed the FAQ guide, but don't get any picture as soon as i start a game with Big Box. I manualy added the modelines to my super resolution setup. The ones which are listed in the FAQ: https://forums.libretro.com/t/15-khz-crt-documentation-wiki/15671/4. Set the CRT Switch active in retroarch and started a game with BigBox. I hear a switching noise from my chassis (15kHz,24kHz,31kHz) and then my screen goes black. The games run well if i connnect a LCD with the CRT Switch OFF. I saw a similar thread a few days ago about this topic but can't find it anymore 😪-
  8. OlDirty

    MAME ROM filtering

    Hi I'm using a vertical Arcade cabinet and for this reason i would like to have just the vertical MAME games on this machine. Is there a filtering method in Launchbox to filter just the vertical games? Thanks
  9. Hi Does anybody know a program which maps a keyboard to a Xbox or PS joypad? I’m using Launchbox/Bigbox on my arcade cabinet. Buttons of my arcade cabinet are comming as keyboard keys (J-Pac). I would like to navigate in Bigbox (select a game, enter a game, leave a game) with my arcade stick and buttons. But if i would define 2 buttons as ENTER and ESC to enter and leave a game i can’t use them in my MAME emulator because if i press the ESC button it would leave the emulator.
  10. OlDirty

    Official Vertical Theme?

    even in vertical mode on a CRT? Problem is i can't even select a theme after i downloaded the theme and unziped it in the ..\theme\ folder. They don't show up in the Big Box theme selection menu.
  11. OlDirty

    Official Vertical Theme?

    +1 i would also love an offical vertical theme and also official low res themes. There must be plenty of users wanna run big box on their low res arcade cabinets.