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  1. Still wondering if there will be or is already an option (filter) to just show vertical or horizontal MAME games?
  2. Finally Big Box is running on my Taito Egret 2 15 kHz arcade cabinet. As an emulator i use groovymame 0.202 with CRT Emudriver for low res output. Took me quite a while till everything was running as it is now. Launchbox and Big Box was the easy part. Really enjoy this software and also the all great youtube videos. THANKS! CRT Emudriver and groovymame were the quite heavy part. Another PC will be set up for a horizontal cabinet with also retroarch running a few consoles (SNES, Mega Drive, Game Boy,...) . But it's still pretty difficult to use retroarch in the same way as groovymame with Low Res monitors.
  3. a) I tried that but then i get just 42 new files int that destination folder. Do i have to copy those files to my mame Rom folder and replace the existing once with them? b) I have a merged file set and wanted to change it to a split. So i choose split in the rebuild page, but i guess it also just converts these 42 files to split files right?
  4. I'm trying to update my Romset from version 0.201 to 0.202. I followed the guide on the first page, but when i wanna start the rebuild process i get the error message "Path Error: Destination isn't set". Does someone has a clue what i'm doing wrong?
  5. That worked. Thanks. Finally i can sort my arcade games in "vertical" and "horizontal" games. Thats an absolute AWESOME new feature! 😍
  6. PS: Wrong category, should go to troubleshooting. Sorry
  7. Hi I updated to version 8.8, but don't get the new "nesting" feature. I have already relaunched the "LaunchBox-8.8-Setup.exe" from the updates folder, but had no success. Any ideas what's wrong? Thanks
  8. Nope.Switzerland,St.Gallen
  9. I played on MAME many years ago, but not very often. One day I stumbled over this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXA0xnl0mls and all collecting hell broke loose. I could visit him and since then the arcade virus got me (not that i wasn’t addicted when I was a child. 😉 ) I bought 2 Taito Egret cabs (vertical & horizontal) and just one PCB. Ok another one, but that’s the last one. Haha, yeah right… Now I’m sitting on near full CAVE PCB collection. Sometimes I really ask myself WHY??!? Hunting for all those “diamonds” were kind of fun I must say. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlDO7KDSs7E You can play those games all on MAME, so for what you have these? I tell myself because they still can’t emulate the CAVE games 100% correct because of all the slowdowns and stuff like this. But would I sell them if the emulation is 100% perfect? I don’t know if I could let them go :-(. But after I set up now Bigbox with Groovymame I’ll sell a few other PCBs I have. It makes no sense FOR ME to keep the PCBs if the games look absolute the same when you emulate them in a real arcade cabinet. Nevertheless I collect now A TON of games just for emulation. Will I always play all these? Nope, but collecting and hunting is also fun.
  10. I just updated my 0.197 Romset to 0.200 with the tutorial on the first page. Still about 500 Roms are missing ( i guess my 0.197 is not complete). But anyway, thanks A LOT for the tutorial!! I can’t go the torrentcheck route, because i don’t have access to pleasuredome (no new members allowed). And i guess you need access there for the torrent packages.
  11. Ahaaa. Thanks a lot for the explanation. Now all that makes sense. So i always broke my full romset when i updated. lol Will try the method with torrentcheck. Thanks again!
  12. Maybe a stupid question but for what reason are you using those tools to update to a new MAME version? I have a 0.193 romset and all the update packages to do an update to version 0.200. Which are „update pack 0.194“, 0.195,0.196,.. till 0.200. So i thought i can just copy/replace the files of 0.193 with all the update packages, beginning with 0.194. Do you use these tools just for savety reasons to be sure that everything is 100% correct or does it also create some necessary files?
  13. No problem. I was just wonderig why it doesn’t work. Soi used ROMLISTER to make my vertical Rom collection. Unfortunately there are still a few horizontal games inside. I normaly use Big Box. Is there an option in BigBox to delete a game out of the list or delete the ROM completely?
  14. In that folder ( Launchbox\Data\Platforms ) was an Arcade.xml. First i just copied the " MAME-vertical games.xml " into that folder and started Launchbox. That had no effect and so horizontal games were still visible. Then i closed Launchbox, deleted the Arcade.xml file and renamed the "MAME-vertical games.xml" to Arcade.xml. Started Launchbox again and still the horizontal games were visible. After Leaving Launchbox the Arcade.xml had the same size as the origin one which i deleted. So it seems that Launchbox creates a new one again.
  15. Thanks for your help. Sorry for the supid question, but what do i do with that XML? I always made a batch file with ROMLISTER so it copies f.e. all the vertical ROMS to a specific folder. Problem is, that it copies too less ROMS to that folder. My selection looks like this before i create the bacth file.
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