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Bigbox partial freeze and odd behavior


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I want to report this and see if there needs to be a bug report opened up on Bitbucket. I was playing a SNES Retroarch game and alt-tabbed out to consult a website guide on Firefox. Tabbed back into the game later closed it. Window focus went back to the website guide. I alt-tabbed again to BB and noticed that it had partially frozen. I could get sound effects of menu navigation but no cursor movement or change in page view. I ctrl-shift-esc'ed and force closed BB. The Windows task bar has now disappeared (I assume that BB suspends explorer while it's in full screen?) and I need to do a reboot.

More than likely this won't be repeatable; it'll just be a transient crash or error, but I wanted to outline the events while they're still fresh in my mind in case this is useful. Now to go reboot from cmd.

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