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Change Volume Level with your Arcade Stick (AHK inside)


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I was searching for two days to get any volume control for win10 that works only with my Arcade Stick and Buttons.

This is extremely usefull when you have no keyboard or mouse attached,   some games plays louder than others....

I have find nothing,  so ,  I coded one myself  with Autohotkey.

If you have something better,  please,  tell me!!!!

The script works like:

  • Button 1 (down pressed) + left (arcade stick) :  Down volume 1%
  • Button 1 (down pressed) + right (arcade stick) :  Up volume 1%
  • You can change "button 1" to whatever button not used in your arcade cabinet.


Tested and working perfect  with:

  • retroarch (snes and pico)
  • Dead Cells (steam)

The code:

SetTimer, WaitForButtonUp1, 350

if GetKeyState("Joy1")  ; The button is still, down, so keep waiting.

    GetKeyState, state, JoyX

    If (state > 75) and (GetKeyState("Joy1")) ;JoyX is pressed to right

    If (state < 25) and (GetKeyState("Joy1")) ;JoyX is pressed to right


; Otherwise, the button has been released.
SetTimer, WaitForButtonUp1, Off



Hope this helps someone.....

(sorry about my english level,  is not my main language)



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