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  1. I have also the same delay into bigbox using my arcade Sticks . (8.7 version) No delay with keyboard. My joysticks are Usb dragonforce (common named as Usb Zero Delay pcb).....
  2. A few questions: - How can I add more space padding between text elements in the left view? (im lokking into your xamls) - How had you get square perfect screenshots??? I really love your capture!! Regards!!!
    AWESOME , I love it !!!! The best theme for launchbox!!!
  3. All Mame Set imported from start to end. - Playlist are now duplicated (mame new imported + my old playlist). - All playlist are named equal (Example: Shoot em up and Shoot em up). - If I delete one playlist, it deletes all games inside the duplicate. I had to Delete all playlist (New and Old) and Import again all mame library. Now all works fine Hope this info could help others.
  4. I think I missed the " metadata out of date" warning. Im going to re-scan all my metadata and try again. Thanks and sorry about not reading Warning messages !!!!
  5. I have Mame 194 full non merged roms in my Arcade Cabinet. I just tryed today to use the new "create playlist" from Launchbox 8.6. Big problems: - All my playlist are empty, - It has deleted ALL my CPS custom playlist with games into it (CPS1 , CPS2 and CPS3)........ Could you help me?
  6. If you want to backup in cloud, Linus has a recent Video comparing different cloud servers to host 76 TB of data. If I remember well..... Is UNLIMITED hosting data, with a max cap of 850 GB day. They purchased 5 accounts to Upload 850x5 GB day...... Win-Win They ended purchasing several google accounts , is like 100 times cheaper. Here you have the video:
  7. Is any way to set Alpha "fan made background" in Launchbox to 0,7 or 0,6 instead of 1,0 ? Same for Big Box. I feel too intrusive always at 1.0 Regards!!
  8. Im using Free File Sync to backup data across three hard drives. - It´s an awesome software, can read my 300.000k files to compare one disk against other in a few seconds. Really big performance. - Can create batch files to syncronize always same task. - Can do multi-copy from one source to two or more locations at same time (donation version) - Can do mirror , or mirror compare, or one side, or both sides (comparing file date, size...) My library is only about 1 Tb at this moment (SSD) , but I want to do a big collection as other users.
  9. I was searching for two days to get any volume control for win10 that works only with my Arcade Stick and Buttons. This is extremely usefull when you have no keyboard or mouse attached, some games plays louder than others.... I have find nothing, so , I coded one myself with Autohotkey. If you have something better, please, tell me!!!! The script works like: Button 1 (down pressed) + left (arcade stick) : Down volume 1% Button 1 (down pressed) + right (arcade stick) : Up volume 1% You can change "button 1" to whatever button not used in your
  10. Thanks for your help, but it seems I must code the hard way. Scan rom folder and compare 1:1 to video folder. Regards!!! I dont understand why this function is not available in Launchbox, you have all code from "remove images" , that is a little more complex than deleting only 1 or 2 videos per rom. Regards
  11. Hello, Im a 25 years old dev. I was looking into all the launchbox files for any xml including Paths to Media (images and video). No luck for me. Im trying to do a standalone app to delete all video files from roms deleted in the system. My work, will be faster if I have one xml with the routes for media, but seems hardcoded inside the Launchbox system (at least, I can not find any xml with image or video path data). Could you help me? If there is no metadata , I will assume to do my app with search by exact filename and directory, but xml will help.
  12. Im deleting images from roms not present anymore in my Launchbox system. Problem is video is not deleted when using the "Debug Images" option in launchbox menu. Anyway to sort this problem? Regards
  13. Thanks a lot, thats what i was looking for !!! I will try it, its only a few games.... Launchbox is awesome, Im starting to love it ( I purchased it yesterday) Regards!!!!
  14. Sorry if this was answered before, I didnt find it. I have a mame folder for Shoot em ups, I configured it as a "plattform". I see that My platfform only supports 1 core from retroarch. Example: Platfform: Shoot em ups > Retroarch > Mame2003.dll How can I set "some games" to start in retroarch, but with another mame_core ? Regards!!!
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