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Has anybody gotten LaunchBox/BigBox to work properly with a Steam Link?

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The Problem is when Steam Link goes to the Desktop it emulates the mouse input on the right analog stick, shoulder buttons are mouse clicks and more stuff like that, basically you can't use the Gamepad as gamepad with anything else except for the .exe files that are directly launched through Steam.  

So i add BigBox.exe as Steam game and BigBox works fine with the Xbox or the 8bitdo SF30 Pro.  
BUT any emulator that LaunchBox then starts is not launched directly by Steam so the gamepad goes into this mouse mode and everything goes bonkers.  

I found this tool called OSOL Origin Steam Overlay Launcher ( https://github.com/WombatFromHell/OriginSteamOverlayLauncher/releases ) ...where you can select the .exe file of a launcher and the game (in this case emulator), i had SOME success with this (i got F-Zero to recognize the Xbox 360 pad), but it is far from the way it is supposed to work... i started BigBox, clicked on F-Zero and it started but wouldn't work, so i exited out of RetroArch and then BigBox again and NOW OSOL starts RetroArch again, in the main menu and suddenly F-Zero was there and working with the Pad... 

...there has to be a better way to do this.

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