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  1. love these, keep 'em coming! thanks! alternate EU and JAP versions of the SNES / Super Famicom would be nice as well. (US people often forget about the EU version of the SNES even existing, it basically looks like the SFC but has the SNES branding on it and had almost identical to US game boxes, the JAP boxes were weird vertical ones that i've never seen in RL, i think the default layout of the picture might have been a little bit different on the EU boxes if you want to go super accurate but the US boxes are close enough ...it also ran at 50Hz instead of 60, i think we in the EU had the weirdest SNES version of them all.) for Sony PS1 3D Box art you used the one from WillyWonka if i see this right. ( https://emumovies.com/files/file/2003-sony-playstation-3d-boxes-pack/ ) it would be nice if you could provide a 3D box that fits the set by "DamnedRegistrations", which is IMHO the better set as it includes all regions and is most accurate for the type of CD Boxes that the original games actually used instead of using a one fits all template.( https://emumovies.com/files/file/2512-sony-playstation-3d-boxes-pack/ ) ...i just think that set is a lot better. ...and i just noticed the 3D Box for Atari Lynx says "Chips Callenge" on the left side (spine art) that should not be there.
  2. i did not actually test it yet (this kinda fell off my radar) but for WinRar the batch file should look like this: !_clean_up.bat for %%I in (*.rar) do "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe" d -Y -ibck "%%I" *.cue replace *.rar with *.zip if that is your format. make sure the path to winrar is correct. you can delete multiple files with different names by just writing more names at the end, like *.cue *thumbs.db *ComicInfo.xml just place the .bat file in the same folder with the image files, start it and let it do it's thing, when its done it will just close the command prompt again. with 7000 images that will take a LONG time though, so maybe do it in smaller chunks. and of course test the batch file first with a few test files and make sure it works as intended. if one day you want to add the .cue files back into it you just need to download the cue files pack from redump and throw that into the add folder with clrmamepro, point being this is reversible if you ever want to update your dumped files with the latest redump.dat and it can still be scanned to make sure no CRC errors crept in. Or whenever a solution in either the pcsx2 emulator or launchbox shows up for this which is actually compliant with regular redump images, which would be the user friendly thing to do.
  3. Well, it is supposed to merge different region roms, that is literally one of its functionalities, it just relies on the LaunchBox Database and especially when it comes to JAP region names it is very incomplete ...the reason for that is simply that most people using the App are US or EU based, or so i would assume, most of us probably just don't use JAP roms to begin with because most don't speak the language, resulting in comparatively poor support for JAP region titles in the database. With EU roms it is not that bad but there is the occasional odd one out, France and German specific versions are again a bit worse. .dat support would improve all that, but there would still need to be some hands on work with games that have wildly different titles, software doesn't automagically know that "Pocket Monsters" is the same as "Pokémon" (and yes the apostrophe above the é is also something that WILL throw off detection, i went through a lot of pokemon titles and added names for that reason, i'm sure i didn't get all but it should be a bit better as of 3+ months ago ...and i don't even play that stuff!). merged sets...? how would you end up with merged sets anyway? are you using the "GOOD" set? don't do that, use No-Intro. With No-Intro you will not end up with merged sets. This is probably not helpful, but there are Emulators who work with merged sets (bSNES i think gave me a selection screen once?), as long as you use one of those you can select the specific rom in the emulator and don't need LaunchBox to do that for you. Either way, i can imagine some edge cases where such a functionality could be useful.
  4. *facepalm* ...god i'm stupid, i even have a batch file for exactly that purpose ...i was just using it for something completely else so i didn't think of it. I can totally use that, just need to change the filenames and done. OK it's late time for bed ;D
  5. No, then the hashes inside the .dat file won't match the new iso files at all. The easiest would be of course if the emulator would just accept .cue files that point to the .bin ...like it should be. ...oh welp, i guess i'm extracting it all (in manageable chunks), and repack it as .rar without any .cue files. adding the .cue files back in is easy enough with clrmamepro if that should ever be needed. It will just take forever but at least i don't have to go through 2000+ files manually ...and .rar has better compression anyway.
  6. tl;dr I need a way to tell LaunchBox to send the .bin instead of the .cue inside a .zip to the emulator. I am fooling around with PCSX2 and REDUMP .dat compliant images. All through Launchbox of course... everything is in zip format to save space, Launchbox is set to decompress before handing over to the emulator. Some images are .iso format (they work fine) and some are .cue+.bin format, those always give me an error message "CDVD Plugin failed to open ...blah blah blah". I started digging into the problem a bit and apparently PCSX2 doesn't like it when you try to open the .cue file instead of the .bin!!! *facepalm* I deleted the .cue in one file and it started fine with just the .bin inside the .zip. Now the images are compliant with the REDUMP .dat files and it would be a huge PITA to manually go through all files and delete the .cue files (then clrmamepro would bitch about the missing .cue files when scanning or updating the collection), extracting them all so i can point LaunchBox to *.bin and *.iso while importing roms would work but then the compression is gone, not to mention it would take quite some hours (days!) to extract >3TB of stuff... and there is no way to be sure what is .iso and what is .bin format in there, that all sucks...
  7. Didn't somebody say something about Xpadder being used? Maybe try setting the process priority of that to high.
  8. First rule of Tech Support, turn it off and on again, second rule: make sure the cables/connections are plugged in/working as intended. 😜
  9. OK, i've seen the videos, i am positive i never had that specific problem. but from looking at it, i see 2 things happening there. first the controller lags / slows down or stops temporarily, second this happens just long enough so a game entry is selected and the next video and media is loaded by BigBox, which then again slows everything down just enough to interrupt the motion some more. The game entries that are being loaded would not be loaded if the motion was smooth to begin with, so that loading part makes the problem worse but is only a side effect, not the cause for the problems, technically you should just scroll through the names list on the side without anything else happening. ...plus it works fine with the keyboard in those videos without changing any settings or whatever, so i think we can 100% exclude a performance problem here (PC or BigBox!), the problem has to be the controller input specifically. So lets start with making sure the Controller itself isn't the cause. Go to your Game Controller Settings and make sure the D-pad signal isn't interrupted or flickering while pressed. What you see here is exactly the input BigBox should be getting from the pad. It would probably be best if you could display that window on a second monitor while having BigBox doing its thing on the other screen so you can observe the input from the pad while the lag in BigBox is happening. I just think a hardware issue would explain why some people have this problem but most don't, it might be a defective D-Pad, it might be a defective Xbox wireless receiver, or just the signal being interrupted by outside sources, it might be a USB bandwidth problem etc. all stuff that can easily happen to more than one person, but would not happen to everyone at the same time. So, please check this on your end and report back. (and it would be good if two or three people would test this, just to be on the safe side).
  10. Can somebody explain or post a video how that controller lag actually LOOKS LIKE? I currently have 14513 game entries in my launchbox (160GB, no roms in the folder, all just scraped media), Windows 10, Xbox App is installed (i need that for Forza, Gears of War... i don't get why people uninstall that thing so often, aren't you happy that you can play the Xbox Exclusives now?). I usually use 8bitdo pads but for testing purposes i used my Xbox 360 wireless pad and no change... works fine as always. (maybe if i knew what exactly to look for?) I'm still using the default theme, with some standard customized settings. Like white text list on the side as game list that just keeps scrolling, no fancy animations with clear logos or whatever. That said i have a solid gaming PC, 16GB RAM, GTX1080, 7700K@5GHz, LaunchBox installed on SSD. To the whole Xbox App theory, maybe it has to do specifically with the "DVR" recording feature, that you should always disable. ( https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6239-DZCB-8600 ... i think the UI changed a bit since that article was written but you get the idea), recording video will obviously cost a lot of performance and especially on slower machines that may be very disruptive. ...but that would most likely not be limited to Big Box, that would probably affect all other games as well, still worth checking if you disabled that nonsense. And i've heard that setting defaults to ON randomly for some people when updating Windows 10 at least it used to when it was new, so it is worth rechecking every now and then, personally i turned mine OFF once and it stayed that way since but YMMV.
  11. For Videos you have an option "Tools > Audit [System Name]" that will spit out a spreadsheet, you scroll a bit to the right and click once on the column "video path" and it sorts all the empty entries to the top, now you got all the games with missing videos neatly sorted to the top. I then use the EmuMovies FTP Server and look for the missing videos by hand (you need to have donated to them to get access to their Server). ...well i did this ONCE and it worked well enough. You can do the same with music files i guess. But i don't see manuals in that audit list. LaunchBox is awesome, it finds like 90 - 99% of the good stuff, it just gets tedious for the last few % where it doesn't, exponentially so with the growing size of the collection.
  12. Not quite correct @neil9000 the No-Intro naming scheme for example has "Legend of Zelda, The" while LBDB has it as "The Legend of Zelda", small stuff like this can already throw off the matching process. (this stuff i usually end up adding as alternate title and is easy enough to figure out quickly on your own, just tedious to go through if there are many like that in a system) Redump often includes Disney or Disney-Pixar as the first bit of a games name which then often won't match LBDB. (just working through PS1 games has a ton of none matches just because of this alone). What i didn't consider and just realized is that many of my mismatches are because i also import Euro and maybe worse German versions, those are less likely to be matched because the naming can differ wildly and you probably have way less German users that moderate the DB than US based users. V-Rally 2 on the PS1 for example was "Need for Speed: V-Rally 2" in the US because it was published by EA.... (just for lols: the Dreamcast version of the game was published under the Test Drive Series, again by a different Publisher, i just find that funny as those Series have usually been seen as rivals.). That is the kind of stuff that is a bit harder to find matching entries for and even requires checking Wikipedia pages sometimes (in fact there were 2 entries for the same game and i needed to merge those and delete the obsolete Euro one after that, that one will be matched properly next time, you're welcome 😜 ). Maybe i just expected if the full No-Intro / Redump dats were worked with instead that all region variants would automagically be covered by that approach as well. But yeah, somebody would probably still need to manually match the odd stuff (but at least more eyeballs would be on it and we would have a list of stuff that is missing to work through).
  13. The Problem: The Launchbox GamesDB Naming scheme doesn't always match what No-Intro or REDUMP use for filenames. Some rules in the naming convention are drastically different, some files may have minor spelling errors or include or not include some words (if somebody uses the old "GOOD" sets its much worse with spelling errors)... Leading numbers in filenames are a huge pain to deal with. LaunchBox doesn't detect the correct DB entry for games when names don't match, even EmuMovies doesn't always have identical naming so some games that are covered over there are still not scraped while importing here. How i deal with it for now: I always add the filenames of not detected roms to the LBDB as alternate names as i stumble upon them, if i or someone else imports the same rom again they will hopefully be detected properly next time and i hope that i'm not the only one doing this. It would be slightly more helpful if there were options like No-Intro or Redump in the drop down menu for the language selection. Or maybe just some universal "ROM DETECTION" option. Just so the next guy working on that same entry doesn't delete it again thinking it doesn't match our naming scheme or is a spelling error, but understands that it has a reason for being there. Feature Request: BEST would be of course if the Launchbox Devs could find a way to utilize the popular .dat files and somehow merge them with the LBDB. Result 1: better match accuracy, as most users will be using No-Intro and Redump sets anyway (GOOD? TOSEC?) and use the .dat files to build their collections. Result 2: as the hash values are part of the .dat files, it should be possible to not only match by filename but by hash value as well, which will be 100% accurate instead of the guesswork that sometimes goes into matching by name. (as i understand it, LaunchBox would not even need to run a hash check on every file, which could take a lot of time, AFAIK the crc values are included in zip and rar files which makes the scanning process a lot faster). additional thoughts: The .dat files would occasionally require to be updated as No-Intro and Redump are of course ongoing projects that get new dump data on a daily basis (maybe the dev's can figure out a way to automate this, maybe some cooperation with the various projects is possible or maybe allow users to upload .dat files unless that could break stuff to be as hands off as possible). There would be no need to clean up old data or bad dumps or even hacked dumps (fan translations etc.) as people might still be using outdated sets (GOOD) and it is not LaunchBoxes job to keep the Users collection clean or up-to-date but to find matching metadata and pretty pictures, so only the new data would need adding. The initial matching between .dat and LBDB could be done by the existing algorithm that matches by name, what isn't matched would need to be manually linked, this is something the users could do if a web interface is added in form of a new Tab in the LaunchBox Database moderation interface. I think it should be pretty important for the LaunchBox Dev's to find a way to do this somehow as it would effectively increase the match rate to as close as 100% as possible (i mean not every game was dumped in a .dat file yet, not every dumped game or media has a matching LBDB entry etc.). ...i can only imagine it should be easier to implement this (maybe more tedious) than to deal with the mess that importing MAME was, i have no clue how anyone can even make sense of that stuff. This stuff just keeps spinning in my head, i would love to hear what you guys think. Would this be doable? Are there some big roadblocks i'm not aware of?
  14. The Problem is when Steam Link goes to the Desktop it emulates the mouse input on the right analog stick, shoulder buttons are mouse clicks and more stuff like that, basically you can't use the Gamepad as gamepad with anything else except for the .exe files that are directly launched through Steam. So i add BigBox.exe as Steam game and BigBox works fine with the Xbox or the 8bitdo SF30 Pro. BUT any emulator that LaunchBox then starts is not launched directly by Steam so the gamepad goes into this mouse mode and everything goes bonkers. I found this tool called OSOL Origin Steam Overlay Launcher ( https://github.com/WombatFromHell/OriginSteamOverlayLauncher/releases ) ...where you can select the .exe file of a launcher and the game (in this case emulator), i had SOME success with this (i got F-Zero to recognize the Xbox 360 pad), but it is far from the way it is supposed to work... i started BigBox, clicked on F-Zero and it started but wouldn't work, so i exited out of RetroArch and then BigBox again and NOW OSOL starts RetroArch again, in the main menu and suddenly F-Zero was there and working with the Pad... ...there has to be a better way to do this.
  15. OK, so now i have the next stupid AF problem. The SFC30 is now properly connected in Xinput mode, but RetroArch does not see the D-Pad anymore by default, i have to go into the config and re-bind it. (so whoever made the default config for the SFC30 pad for RA made the same silly mistake of connecting it wrong that i did !? ) ...after that it works fine. It even still works when i disconnect it and connect the SF30 PRO without it messing up, so the config is saved per pad, which is good so the on the fly swapping isn't broken by this. PROBLEM is, when i restart retro arch it has forgotten the config again and i have to do it all over again. Each time i start a game through Big Box. I pressed the save config button in the RA main menu (i want the pads to work globally with every core, so i change the input config in the main menu, for some reason RA has the keybind settings in the main menu AND in the quick menu for the game/core, i guess so you can change it on a per game basis? ...makes sense for N64 i guess)... anyway i restart retroarch and the keybinds are just forgotten, what the hell am i doing wrong now?
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