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  1. My vote went to better RetroArch integration with Cores. I do not need LB to download cores for me (i wouldn't mind it, but i don't need it), but it would be REALLY nice if there was a autodetect button which cores are already installed and match them to the correct platforms, so i don't have to create a list of possibly over 100 cores and what systems they match manually, that is truly cumbersome and the names of those cores are anything but intuitive. That would be a massive time saver. I also have multiple copies of RetroArch installed as i always download and install the
  2. yes, same as i described, first there is no reaction, then i right click on the tray icon of the test script, put a checkmark in "Suspend Hotkeys", then it displays ALL the keys just fine. If yours doesn't do that i'll try later with one of my old X360 pads (it has horrible stick drift and idk where the USB dongle is right now lol, maybe tomorrow) I have the default settings in LB Controller Mappings, i removed the bindings for LB+RB (5+6), that didn't help. (they do work fine in the LaunchBox UI though.) I also noticed that there are 2 scripts running while a C64 game is act
  3. Hey, i just tried this as mine didn't zoom either... i got a german layout keyboard, When i have a Manual open i can zoom in and out with the i and o keys on the keyboard but RB + LB on the gamepad do nothing. (Xinput mode on two 8bitdo pads tested) Joystick Test Script.exe shows 5 and 6 but i first have to right click the apps icon and select the suspend hotkeys option before it shows anything (might that be important?)
  4. In this context "Fanart" is kind of a copout, pretty much anything can be construed as "Fanart"... there is no category for official background artwork with stricter rules either so we have to make the best of what we have to work with. As for Mortal Kombat (i'm no expert there either, but i did look around a bit just now), you may see that logo as "generic" but on closer inspection many of the games in that Franchise have very unique artwork when it comes to that dragon... a few examples: It absolutely makes sense to stick with the style of the official
  5. Not to mention, sharing videos from Emu Movies is a no no, they don't like that.
  6. That reminds me i collected a bunch of C64 covers a few months back... the mega account should still be up. MEGA they should for the most part be Cassette covers with front, spine and back, i put a few days into that and it didn't go anywhere, maybe you can do something useful with it if you are now screwing around with 3D boxes yourself.
  7. Well, i'm glad it's not just me then... i saw a bunch of yours and there was no reason given either. But at this point i think we need whoever is responsible for coding that stuff to take a look at this, it surely is easier to figure out what is wrong when you can look at the code.
  8. ok next: "Jump" only text "removing duplicate alt names to fix new discoverability issue, see forum troubleshooting section thread by Z3R0B4NG" maybe it will show without URL? //edit: and "Jumpman" only the URL h*t*t*p*s://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/58926-launchbox-doesnt-find-c64-archer-pinhead-games-in-db-is-the-workaround-with-developer-names-in-brackets-not-working-anymore/ (without the ****)
  9. ... yes pretty sure i pasted that text in there, i just did Jack and the Beanstalk (Victory Software) and Jackal (North American) if the text doesn't show up there either i'm going mad lol i guess its possible that it blocks it because there is an url in there? or maybe its too long? ... but why am i not getting an error message then...
  10. i'm literally copy pasting this text in almost all of them (the ones that apply anyway) > removing duplicate alt names to fix discoverability in LB which has changed in one of the recent updates, the previous workaround is now breaking discoverability ...and PLEASE stop fighting the changes, read the thread that i am linking all day long! h*t*t*p*s://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/58926-launchbox-doesnt-find-c64-archer-pinhead-games-in-db-is-the-workaround-with-developer-names-in-brackets-not-working-anymore/ yesterday i was pasting the link to the direct comment... i skipped
  11. i would need the roms to scrape them from screenscraper, but ok. also, check here again, i'm currently fixing the alt names for the games with duplicate names in the DB so it shouldn't be such a PITA to match them in LaunchBox anymore when i'm done (and now i need to fight the moderators who refuse to read the thread, even though i'm linking it all day long... aarrrgh, every damn time... as if it wasn't enough to have to schlock through 90+ pages in the DB):
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