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  1. That reminds me i collected a bunch of C64 covers a few months back... the mega account should still be up. MEGA they should for the most part be Cassette covers with front, spine and back, i put a few days into that and it didn't go anywhere, maybe you can do something useful with it if you are now screwing around with 3D boxes yourself.
  2. Well, i'm glad it's not just me then... i saw a bunch of yours and there was no reason given either. But at this point i think we need whoever is responsible for coding that stuff to take a look at this, it surely is easier to figure out what is wrong when you can look at the code.
  3. ok next: "Jump" only text "removing duplicate alt names to fix new discoverability issue, see forum troubleshooting section thread by Z3R0B4NG" maybe it will show without URL? //edit: and "Jumpman" only the URL h*t*t*p*s://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/58926-launchbox-doesnt-find-c64-archer-pinhead-games-in-db-is-the-workaround-with-developer-names-in-brackets-not-working-anymore/ (without the ****)
  4. ... yes pretty sure i pasted that text in there, i just did Jack and the Beanstalk (Victory Software) and Jackal (North American) if the text doesn't show up there either i'm going mad lol i guess its possible that it blocks it because there is an url in there? or maybe its too long? ... but why am i not getting an error message then...
  5. i'm literally copy pasting this text in almost all of them (the ones that apply anyway) > removing duplicate alt names to fix discoverability in LB which has changed in one of the recent updates, the previous workaround is now breaking discoverability ...and PLEASE stop fighting the changes, read the thread that i am linking all day long! h*t*t*p*s://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/58926-launchbox-doesnt-find-c64-archer-pinhead-games-in-db-is-the-workaround-with-developer-names-in-brackets-not-working-anymore/ yesterday i was pasting the link to the direct comment... i skipped maybe a FEW but not hundreds. and not all changes i make are this type of change. i've also seen somebody else started making the same type of changes for Pinball and Arcade... that's not me.
  6. *cries* i did include the link ... some people are just resistant to reading the description it seems
  7. i would need the roms to scrape them from screenscraper, but ok. also, check here again, i'm currently fixing the alt names for the games with duplicate names in the DB so it shouldn't be such a PITA to match them in LaunchBox anymore when i'm done (and now i need to fight the moderators who refuse to read the thread, even though i'm linking it all day long... aarrrgh, every damn time... as if it wasn't enough to have to schlock through 90+ pages in the DB):
  8. @Zombeaver hold off on the duplicate entries for now, i'm going through the C64 DB now updating those entries so they show up properly, pages 1-20 of 97 are done for now and awaiting moderation... give me a day or three
  9. Hooray! ...and also OH NOES, now we can go over the entire Database again and educate the moderators about this change...
  10. ok, let me explain a bit what i did there first of all those folders as they come out of the .rar i had simply in the Box - 3D folder, as you don't have your games tagged with regions LaunchBox doesn't prioritize any of these folders and while fiddling around i learned the LB doesn't look for actual region folders but takes everything that is in there. My idea was that the user could then decide themself which set to use and only drop that one in or two etc. there are some Alt 1 2 3 subfolders, those are ALSO seen by LaunchBox, those are ones that i had already sorted but that had more than one cover / region variant. LaunchBox will see everything and randomly decide which of the variants to use when you just drop everything into the folder, and it will randomly decide each time it has to display it, you can press F5 on one of those multiple times and it will eventually change... it won't stay on that one specific box though, next time it will chose randomly again. There is a Alien (CP Verlag)-01.png and Zig-Zag-01.png in the root folder, those are there to stop LaunchBox from grabbing onto 3D Boxes that belong to other games with identical name but different publisher/dev. ...that was more of a test what LaunchBox would accept "Alien (CP Verlag)-01.png" ...you see when you put a -01 behind the dev in parenthesis it will accept it only for this Alien game, if the game in LaunchBox is also NAMED like that. If you don't have the -01 it tends to ignore anything in parenthesis. Just something to keep in mind when you can't get rid of a 3D box that latched onto a wrong game that has no 3D box. (same naming logic applies to videos and everything else btw.) ok... some background to the folders themselve. 3D Box by marcoooo that was a huge set with a LOT of duplicate and broken pictures, the guy who made these just threw every cover he had into the template and didn't clean it up or did any quality control, just dumped it in the LaunchBox download section where i've found it .... there were tons of duplicates (side A B C D stuff mostly) lots of broken pictures, like covers that still had the spine and back on the front as well, those i deleted for the most part (at least the ones that instantly looked terrible). 3D Box EmuMovies i don't like those, ugly generic spine, this is just the set they have on EmuMovies, nobody touched C64 over there in years it seems, old set, but better than nothing. 3D Box Generic same as above, ugly generic spine, better than nothing, but i don't know the original source, those were boxes that were scraped by LaunchBox and i kinda sorted them out into this folder. 3D Box LBDB this is what came from my new LBDB scrape... from over half a year ago, i'm sure a good amount of these have been replaced in the DB by now and a new scrape might be in order. ...or just use as is. 3D Box Screenscraper those i scraped from Screenscraper.fr (that needs an account and a scraper software, bit fiddly) that site uses a texture (with back,spine,cover) and generates these boxes on the site from a template, so when there are 500 or what more games in the collection now it would probably be a good idea to do a new scrape of those as well. (do you have a download with just the new games?) There was also a lot of cleanup work to do here because i didn't just scrape for your set but also the No-Intro sets and some other stuff and that database does not only use filenames but also file hashes, since your roms don't have the game name in the filename but only in the folder name that was very helpful.
  11. let me know when you got it. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RhI2h0H18Po5hkHuYEZEvfyEZpmIfOzd?usp=sharing
  12. oh god no... i knew i should have finished it ... i started from scratch like 3 times and gave up, i was at it for days and only got 185 of your 2000 games "done" i still have the files from the last attempt, i compressed them just now into a .rar ... any idea where i can upload a 2.5GB file? it is basically a bunch of *full* 3D box sets, with SOME of it renamed so it matches the names in C64 Dreams, most of it is still hit and miss and i guess there is a lot in there that isn't even in your collection, but i did clean up the sets so there isn't tons of duplicate stuff in there, so that's something.
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