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Playtesting a Video Pinball cabinet

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Hey guys, in a couple of weeks I'm going to have exclusive access to a development video pinball cabinet and I'll be testing and making video content for anything and everything I can think of; and I wanted to reach out to this community for some idea's :)

First the back story... 

  • I'm not employed by or sponsored, affiliated, or anything else with the company; I live nearby, run a gaming podcast, and have been in touch with them and friendly for many years so they've offered me an exclusive playtest
  • To my knowledge I'm one of only 2 people to be offered this access, which includes them shipping me a complete cabinet for 2 weeks to essentially do "whatever I want" with for review and exploration purposes - obviously within the realms of what they're happy with, I'm not stripping parts or PCB's etc.
  • The machine is a Windows PC with a customized edition of popular pinball software running, at raw basics. It has proprietary hardware for tilt and shakers, addressable LED lighting, and various control methods (pinball, arcade, xbox kinect, and full controller support include PS3/xbox/general USB, etc.)

While they obviously want me to run through everything it can do, I am also free to remove their supplied PC and put in my own to have a real play around and the first thing my mind went to was "get launchbox running on it". There is no doubt going to be teething issues around screen placement as it uses 3 monitors and all sorts of funky windows settings on how they are aligned, but i'll give anything and everything a crack as best I can (including VR with my VIVE I think).

So, very wide and unspecific idea's thus far... anyone here got something they would like tested to see how the cabinet handles it?

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