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  1. Cheers I'll look into it My bad Monkus, thanks for the edit!
  2. Most of these games were Win95 - WinXP era
  3. Hey guys! Wondering if anyone out there has some advice for me on how to get old Windows games launching and running through Launchbox (most likely through a VM of some sort like exoDOS collection uses) @eXo might actually be the best person to assist My setup: Modern Win10 machine, 16GB RAM, GTX 1080 GPU, Z270X-Gaming K5 mobo, i7-7700K CPU. I used Launchbox configured with just about every handheld, console, MAME, and the latest eXoDOS collection, so I'm hoping I have the required tools already installed and just a bit of direction in how to setup/launch them with something not pre-configured by eXo The games (or at least a few) that I'm looking to get working are: That's pretty much it.. any help and advice people have got is much appreciated! Thanks Edited by Lordmonkus Links to roms and games are not permitted, there is no such thing as "abandonware".
  4. thraxlol

    Wii emulation

    Hey guys, any big Wii emulation fans? I understand using dolphin etc, but with most of the Wii games being WiiMote-centric, how/what do you guys play in an optimal setup? I've never emulated Wii on PC before but pretty much play everything with an xb1 controller. My (maybe uneducated) opinion is that most Wii games really 'need' the WiiMote functions, so does Dolphin accomodate for this without actually needing to controllers? Does it convert the function to something usable with a gamepad? What are the best games to play and which ones just don't work without WiiMote's, etc? So many questions...
  5. Hey guys, I've got a 1200 (ish) strong collection of games from a ton of different consoles, plus their consoles (boxed and unboxed), basically a really decent collection that I'm going to part ways with. Now.. I'm in AU and obviously seeking buyers here (in big pieces or as a bulk lot - Roughly $20K AUD worth), but thought I'd drop a thread here just in case there's any major collectors on here that are interested in obtaining a ton (100%) of PAL stuff all in one hit Never hurts to ask right? I do have pics and listings of everything but won't bother going into that much detail unless there's someone with legitimate interest on dropping a few grand + shipping. Cheers
  6. Hey guys, in a couple of weeks I'm going to have exclusive access to a development video pinball cabinet and I'll be testing and making video content for anything and everything I can think of; and I wanted to reach out to this community for some idea's First the back story... I'm not employed by or sponsored, affiliated, or anything else with the company; I live nearby, run a gaming podcast, and have been in touch with them and friendly for many years so they've offered me an exclusive playtest To my knowledge I'm one of only 2 people to be offered this access, which includes them shipping me a complete cabinet for 2 weeks to essentially do "whatever I want" with for review and exploration purposes - obviously within the realms of what they're happy with, I'm not stripping parts or PCB's etc. The machine is a Windows PC with a customized edition of popular pinball software running, at raw basics. It has proprietary hardware for tilt and shakers, addressable LED lighting, and various control methods (pinball, arcade, xbox kinect, and full controller support include PS3/xbox/general USB, etc.) While they obviously want me to run through everything it can do, I am also free to remove their supplied PC and put in my own to have a real play around and the first thing my mind went to was "get launchbox running on it". There is no doubt going to be teething issues around screen placement as it uses 3 monitors and all sorts of funky windows settings on how they are aligned, but i'll give anything and everything a crack as best I can (including VR with my VIVE I think). So, very wide and unspecific idea's thus far... anyone here got something they would like tested to see how the cabinet handles it?
  7. For all the Wii emulators out there (people, not software :P).... what do you use for controllers? I've been tinkering with the idea of emulating the Wii, but I strictly only use a x360 controller (or kb/mouse), and don't want to burden my setup with annoyances like a censor bar and wiimotes / battery crap. Is everyone that's emulating Wii / Wii U using a censor bar / wiimote setup, or is there a list of titles that specifically work with a regular USB control pad that people can recommend? Cheers!
  8. thraxlol

    The Dragon's Trap

    I grabbed it on the Switch on release date and absolutely love it! It's 'almost' identical to the original, with a few small and sensible tweaks. I found it much easier than the original, however I loved that about it because I always sucked at the Master System version! Overall it's amazingly enjoyable, and the new graphics, effects, and music are just magical. Not that it spoils anything, but they things I noticed that were changed: While I actually prefer Wonder Boy in Monster Land over Dragon's Trap on Master System, this remake is just immaculate and will keep me coming back to it over and over. Pretty sure I'll never play the Master System version again
  9. Yeah, got it all sorted Thanks @SentaiBrad amd @lordmonkus
  10. Cheers, that'll do nicely
  11. Found it You meant the platform specific xml in LaunchBox\Data\Platforms
  12. Thanks My platforms.xml has no ROM paths in it?....
  13. Hmm, it's not re-downloading media, just reaching out to the database(s) to check/verify which is making it painfully slow, but again I don't expect there's a way around it.
  14. On a related note... when I re-import it appears to be reaching out and re-downloading media for the games - I want it to use the existing media that I've already got...
  15. Hi guys, So.... I setup LB with all my ROM's on a secondary HDD, and I'm now putting together a portable version (which has ROM's under the LB folder structure. I've already got all the metadata and video's etc, but obviously a straight copy/paste means all my ROMs have the wrong file path. Is there any way to select all games per console and edit the folder to the new one? I'm sort of assuming there's not, as the path goes to the file level, not the folder... but thought I'd ask so that I could avoid re-importing if possible.
  16. Oh really?.... damn!
  17. Possibly run LB ad admin? Also turn off smart screen and UAC (thanks @SentaiBrad I couldn't think of what it was called yesterday!). I've got LB in C:\Launchbox but have removed all local security prompts and run everything as admin.
  18. Run as admin? Turn off smart screen and all that other crap
  19. I am, and it wasn't but thanks for the suggestion
  20. So, I grabbed the 1.5.0 stable (just the exe and debug exe) and it works again No idea if that's the correct way to do it... but I simply cut the new executables into my existing folder and everything works fine. I wouldn't be surprised if I run into hiccups later, but I can always do a fresh install then if needed. So yeah... beware the latest nightly! Prior to updating I was running a nightly from about 4 days ago and everything was good... so they may have changed something very recently that played with the audio.
  21. All cores... could you check your retroarch.cfg for me and see what you have in this line? audio_device = ""
  22. Hi guys, So I just updated Retroarch to the latest nightly, and now everything I play (in RA of course) is missing sound! I've been through the GUI and turned it off > saved config > reloaded > turned on > saved confgi > reload etc. I updated using Stellar, and of course didn't backup my config (given that it's vanilla with no customizations anyway) - and also dont' really know how to undo an update Anyone else had this behavior from the latest nightly? and anyone able to give me the bullet points on how to roll back? Thanks!
  23. Oh, I totally derp'd it.... didn't realise it was in the media list! Disregard thread - I'm a dunce Thanks @SentaiBrad
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