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My 4 player arcade pedestal!

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11 hours ago, SubRetro said:

So for starters I didn't even thing about doing shift commands so now I am going to have to rethink my button layout because of that so thats helpful. 

So Question

   For your focus of layout for your control panel? I see you like turtles and the turtles arcade beatemup is certainly in my top 5 most played arcade games but I am also big into playing street fighter and mortal kombat. Did you do any testing on different sticks for those games to find which is most responsive? I know having low quality, loose joysticks tend to not work wheel last all in fighting games. I am considering trying out a few different types to play test on my current PC build before making a final order.  Thanks for your help and wealth of experience.

I honestly did not do any physical testing prior to using those sticks. What i did do was waste countless hours researching lol. Honestly i think the sticks linked above and the ones feom ultimarc are probably going to be your best options.  Its possible that the ultimarc might be slightly better response and the price tag to boot. That being said, i am extremely happy with my omni2 with smooth joy buttons. Smooth joy is worth the $2 upgrade and i love the variety of top colors available with purchase. I too love MK and SF and was a must right along with the classic beat em ups. I am very happy with the response time in 8 way mode for these games.  Sorry i dont have anything to compare them too though. Ive built arcades for local people too and theyve all liked those sticks as well. One this i should note: these sticks aren't super long. Good for "short throw" response time, but may require routing underside to get the depth thats comfortable to you as well. I personally routed about 3/8 cut into my 3/4 birch plywood where joystick plate goes. (I used birch, not MDF) a joy to work with in comparison to mdf in my opinion! Its almost as much fun talking of building arcades as it is actually building them :)

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By the way, I appreciate the tips and explanations. it is really helping me put together my setup.  And yeah I Like talking about all of this stuff too. i have not stopped reading threads.  im glad its the holiday week coming up because i doubt i will get much work done while im obsessing over this new habit. lol. 

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