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  1. Sundogak, i really appreciate your help. I agree mame can sometimes have a mind of its own and then coupled with windows 10, its hard to know exactly whats freaking out! If you do end up tinkering at some point with same stuff i was unsuccessful with in this post and you figure out how to do it successfully, I'd greatly appreciate it if you updated this thread or PM'd me!
  2. Thank you so much for the cfg and information. I guess I was confused as mame saw my joystics as I labeled them in my code attempt. Using your .cfg, I was able to program the controls how I wanted and they now register as controller 1 and 2. So I can assume it is working. Upon closing and reopening , it lost config for player 2 again. At this point, I think I will just make the default.cfg read only and this way it should keep my global settings now. It appears that individual game mappings are not altered, always the default, so in theory I can just leave it read only and be good to go. I havent really figured it out, but I really appreciate everyones help and the file. You guys are great!
  3. ya.... I think I am throwing in the towel. I can get it to save config atleast through everyones help. I will just accept the fact that if I need 4 controllers, the older junkier ones will default to player 1 and 2 and the other two controllers "should work, but default to 3 and 4.... should. Off topic, but I have discovered a weird glitch or bug or something in bigbox with Arcade (mame) only......... when exiting in bigbox on the arcade platform, it brings up a black screen. That screen will stay indefinitely. If I click the mouse, the exit screen image then pops up. It closes and goes back to game selection, but it will be frozen until I click once more to like refresh it. Seems like a window priority or something and its only Arcade and only in BigBox!
  4. ugh.... guys. I suck, I am usually not bad at this stuff, but for whatever reason this is throwing me for a loop! You all gave me so much extremely valuable information! Here is what I have realized happens. If I program it for my 2 xbox one controllers its great. no issues. If I boot up all 4 controllers, it randomly changes which controllers are what and the 2 additional xbox 360 controllers then become P1 and P2. Here is what I am typing for my .cfg but mame says it cant open the file...... <mameconfig version=”10”> <system name=”default”> <input> <mapdevice device=”XInput Player 1” controller=”JOYCODE_2” /> <mapdevice device=”XInput Player 2” controller=”JOYCODE_3” /> <mapdevice device=”XInput Player 3” controller=”JOYCODE_4” /> <mapdevice device=”XInput Player 4” controller=”JOYCODE_5” /> </input> </system> </mameconfig> I also dont see any solid device id's to make it work right either...... so I just dont get it! here is paste from the text file I created to see ID's in mame: (2 xbox one controllers that I want as P1 and P2 and 2 xbox 360 controllers for P3 and P4) Skipping DirectInput for XInput compatible joystick Bluetooth XINPUT compatible input device. Skipping DirectInput for XInput compatible joystick Bluetooth XINPUT compatible input device. Skipping DirectInput for XInput compatible joystick Controller (Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows). 9¨83Input: Adding joystick #0: vJoy Device (device id: vJoy Device product_¨83 instance_9) Skipping DirectInput for XInput compatible joystick Controller (Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows). Input: Adding joystick #1: XInput Player 1 (device id: XInput Player 1) Input: Adding joystick #2: XInput Player 2 (device id: XInput Player 2) Input: Adding joystick #3: XInput Player 3 (device id: XInput Player 3) Input: Adding joystick #4: XInput Player 4 (device id: XInput Player 4)
  5. I do not have any folder named this that i can find?....... should i create one in root of mame folder and download a ctrlr file as a guide to try this tip?
  6. Anyone find a resolution ? Im having similar issues. Im using 2 wireless xbox one controllers and 2 xbox 360 controlllers (via wireless dongle) with mame64 181 and i can map all 4 controllers in general input perfectly. As soon as i exit, no mapped inputs for any player are there. Always deletes what i have mapped. I tries making default config file read only before closing mame......no change. I live any advise. Its driving me nuts. I use the exact same thing with my 4player cabinet and have zero issues.
  7. Thanks Neil. Worked like a charm. I was so scared of erasing tons of work. thank you
  8. Guys I really need your help! I have hundred of hours setting up my launchbox drive and now it wont open. While installing the newest 9.2 update, my son bumped the hard drive cord and the install failed and did not revert back correctly. Now it will not open at all. Simply doesnt respond. How can I fix this? Do I need to install 9.2 in a fresh folder and paste in some of the files to my existing folder? I do not want to lose any of my hard work! thanks for the help.
  9. I honestly did not do any physical testing prior to using those sticks. What i did do was waste countless hours researching lol. Honestly i think the sticks linked above and the ones feom ultimarc are probably going to be your best options. Its possible that the ultimarc might be slightly better response and the price tag to boot. That being said, i am extremely happy with my omni2 with smooth joy buttons. Smooth joy is worth the $2 upgrade and i love the variety of top colors available with purchase. I too love MK and SF and was a must right along with the classic beat em ups. I am very happy with the response time in 8 way mode for these games. Sorry i dont have anything to compare them too though. Ive built arcades for local people too and theyve all liked those sticks as well. One this i should note: these sticks aren't super long. Good for "short throw" response time, but may require routing underside to get the depth thats comfortable to you as well. I personally routed about 3/8 cut into my 3/4 birch plywood where joystick plate goes. (I used birch, not MDF) a joy to work with in comparison to mdf in my opinion! Its almost as much fun talking of building arcades as it is actually building them
  10. I totally get it. I researched for a long time first! For what its worth i decided against ultimarc sticks and got all my buttons and sticks from groovy game gear. Here is a link to the sticks i got for players 1 and 2 https://groovygamegear.com/webstore/index.php?main_page=product_info&amp;cPath=65&amp;products_id=383 And players 3 and 4 https://groovygamegear.com/webstore/index.php?main_page=product_info&amp;cPath=65&amp;products_id=371 Extremely happy with their performance. Dont waste unnecessary amounts on player 3 and 4. Zippy sticks are great quality and you wont need the quick selector plates that 1 and 2 use.
  11. Haha thank you very much. I appreciate it. So i agree with you 100% which is why you wont find any unnecessary/additional buttons on my arcade. What you can't see in the picture is that I have tiny little labels on most top coin and player start buttons. One is set as a shift command and acts as a hotkey when another button is pressed. This allows for dual function. Get yourself an IPAC4 encoder for your build. Worth it!! Allows for standard commands and shift commands for each button! So to answer your question, i do not need a keyboard or mouse for anything at all on the arcade! Hope this helps:)
  12. does anyone know if there is a platform theme for PS2? It seemed to be the only one that doesnt have the beautiful themes the rest do. When you wheel to PS2, it is just defaulting to play a random full screen video. Nothing else. Once I click in and am on game list, its beautiful .
  13. so sorry, a little slow on the "uptake" . I extracted folder , but did not check the box for eliminating duplication of root folder so I had an extra subfolder that screwed it all up as you said. I am SOOOOOOO happy. The system now looks AMAZING!!! thank you soooo much for the help!
  14. sadly, I am not getting how I fix this?........ Do I download 1.6 again and extract the folder to my theme folder and then rename it to simply say Unified Redux and then select that as my theme in big box?
  15. What I am trying to accomplish is this screenshot from GC thats on the first page of Unified Redux topic. Dont know how to do it!
  16. yes....... but i only get generic options like vertical 1-4
  17. Any idea why i cant seem to get all the available views? I cant get any view that spons a disc or even shows a box with a disc as well etc. I am trying to run v1.6. Thanks for the help!!
  18. Np. Post dimension issues/questions if you need any reference. Makes sense, i had to do the same thing!
  19. To be quite honest, i scoward the internet for 4 player pedestal plans. I had very little luck and was kind of picky so i eventually gave up completely. I just took some visual inspiration from pictures on line and went at it. The pedestal base is fairly simple and easily tailored to your likes. The majority of my time was figuring out the panel. I didnt want everyone crowded too close and wanted angles as ergonomic as i could. It took a few tries to get right. Especially button arcs. If you make one let me know. I might be qble to help with my drawings. Or i can cut the control panel top for you, predrill and hook you up with a template for easy artwork for a fee save countless hours of trials. I can give dimensions of box that attaches pedestal and panel top too to avoid dimensional issues with joystick plates and wiring.
  20. Yea so its all about personal preference. There's no denying the cool factor of a classic arcade build, but for me, i would not have done it any other way. I also build 2 player table top control panels locally as a hobby. Nobody has ever said they wished to swap to a classic arcade yet. For me personally there are two huge reasons i did this style. Size and modularity It is so much easier to fit people in to game. No need to crowd a small screen. Much more enjoyable and comfortable. Its a lot easier to move. Pedestal base is bolted to control panel. Easy to unbolt and move with just one person. The modularity factor is the real scale tipper for me. I love that i can HDMI plug it to whatever new and upgraded tv i want. I am not "stuck". And for me, playing on a huge 65" tv wins hands down!!!
  21. I appreciate this comment and the kee n eye! I made those with a 3D printer:)
  22. Thank you all very much!! Its definitely fun to show off at the house.
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