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Zero Delay USB not playing nice with Steam


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Hello all,

I thought i would post this here instead of bugging the guys on the Discord Chat again with it. My Zero Delay boards i ordered for my 4player build work perfectly in regards to the arcade. They play nice with Windows. They play nice with Windows. I wanted to import some steam games and play them as well since my pc powering this thing is powerful enough to run the new Soul Caliber. 


Quick back story on why i went with 4 of these is simple, 99% of fighting games on the pc allow for 1 keyboard for one player and one controller for the next. Because im going with a 4player setup, it made sense top nopt have any keyboard encoders. If the pc saw nothing but generic joypads, then it would/should be a none issue. I reached out to the ipac guys. They told me it's still seen as a keyboard. Windows will not allow for 2 separate keyboards to run independently of one another  ( Windows keyboard #1 and Logitech keyboards seen as keyboard #2 ), and when i hooked it up, none of the games liked it either.


The ipac4 is still seen as a keyboard, so that still wouldn't help with for separate controls for anything new. It would be fine for MAME though.


The guys over at Xin-mo told me that windows will not like 4 separate units to make a 4player cab as they do not play well together this way. Neither would two 2player units. So again, the zero delays was my only option that i saw.


After setting everything up, again, they all work just fine. All emulators love them and there is no issue except for Steam. I tried seeing if there was a way through steam to set them up and there is. It sees each controller as a PS3 unit for some reason...but it sees them is the point. It will allow for some button presses while trying to setup, but not any of the Dpad, or x buttons. Weird stuff like that. The thing is, some games work perfectly without me being able to set them up..and some just will not.


The list of games that play just fine:

Ultra SF4

Injustice 1

MK 9

Guilty Gear XX

Pac-Man 256

Rayman Origins

Marvel VS

Games that do not play because they are wanting to see a xbox-360 controller:

Killer Instinct


Blaze Blue Calamity

Guilty Gear xx

Cuphead ( i can move around in the hub world with the joysticks..but not the game )



I was told about a program called xbox360ce. I've tried it and it sees the controllers as well. I can setup different profiles and all...but they will not work though...even though the program maps my buttons without any issues at all.


image.pngSo here is the weirdest thing...my controls work just fine if...i stream the games from Steam on my desktop.

I just played KI a moment ago..streaming it. But if it's installed on the PC, nothing works.

image.png.c768911718cdd7c46ce811805b0c611d.pngSo...any ideas on how to overcome this one guys?

Thanks for taking the time and reading about my controller issues.



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I went through the same situation as you and it was one of the most tremendously annoying things I've ever dealt with.

I wish I could give you an actual solution but my solution was to get better devices. The one that works really well for me was the 8bitdo n30 arcade stick and all my problems went away, everything works and I don't need intercepting software to complicate everything.

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