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Asking for help with LBNEXT theme


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OK , thank you for LB next themes we have right now. But they are only three :( . And i have some specific things i wanna change in Launchbox. Some was easy like swap positions of screenshots with video. Some are hard and even i know what i do wrong i cant figure it out how to change it and if its possible. Just let me be clear. I dont know how to write code. My best ability it is copy code from another part and somehow tune it in to fit. So i wanna ask for help more talented users of Launchbox. 

1, In game details i wanna show button with name PLAY and when i click it game starts. Try it copy code from others parts and didnt work , missing style etc.

2, In game details i wanna show Additional Apps and ability to launch them. (like trainer , yes i cheat i am terrible person)

3, Ability to swap things in Arrange by. Let me explain. I use status to mark my games as FINISHED , NOT PLAYED, PLAYING. And in launchbox it shows in that order. I wanna change a little. To PLAYING , NOT PLAYED , FINISHED.


So if somebody will try to change this things in theme and figuring out how to do it please share it. Thank you.

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