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  1. I am sorry if it sounds rude or negatively. Really i am. But when i look to your other project (yes music box alpha) where progress is literaly nonexistent i am afraid it will end the same. From the perspective of common user why he should choose LB when on market is similar solution with android app and working sync (i dont say it is better) ? I know you are alone or small team but i think some things are like basic. If to have android app to desktop solution , sync between this two is like first thing users will want. If they dont find it they move somewhere else. And i check time from time for new features but most see LB and its fantastic android app and after that he realise no sync available so he type Launchbox alternative to google and move away. So saying sync will be somewhere in future and seeing how other apps development go i can say it will be available like in two years ? Some people dont care if it will be in two years but how i put it. It is my opinion and i am probably wrong. Please dont take it personally i really dont want to be rude. (and my bad english dont help it) . But in my opinion you are trying take more then you can chew. You start new things without finishing old ones. Music box alpha is sad example. And i am really worried that you start android app and after few years without finishing it you will start another thing. I know we cant have everything on release but in my opinion sync between android and desktop LB is basic one. Things like remote start (yes i was even think about that) i find secondary. LB start grow very fast and maybe you need to expand your team to make things in weeks or months no years. Sorry for long text. Really my opinion , maybe i dont understand programming but from my look of things even basic or easy to implement things take too long. Again i dont want to be rude or attack you (i am sorry if it sound like it)
  2. If @Jason Carr want do android version it is ok with me , i was even excited but no sync between two versions ? waste of money and potential. I imagined if i have free time in work i can add some games to LB on my phone so i can play in my off work time but without sync it is useless. Now i will have two versions to maintain so more work. No thank you.
  3. Hello, dont know if is allowed to discuss another programs but with GOG GALAXY 2.0 i think Launchbox get another big competiton. Dont want draw take any conclusions as its client is still in development but what they promise sounds more then Launchbox can offer. Yes it dont looks like they offer emulation but maybe it will be added easy with addons. And it looks very modern and user friendly. Dont get me wrong i like Launchbox but it still lacks in some ways. GOG GALAXY 2.0
  4. I just add games manually when i buy it. I create Category Nintendo Switch. Then i add some games. But it always ask for emulator even when i have not checked box "Use emulator" And still it ask for one. I know this is primary for launching games. But i wanna simple list of games for my Nintendo Switch. Can i somehow disable when LB still ask for emulator ? Or maybe i will point every game to picture or something.
  5. Hello , i am long Launchbox user and always use LB just for windows games. Now i buy Nintendo Switch. So i wanna make list of my games. I use LB. But i know i cant launch games from LB. But it always ask me for emulator or execution file when i add game or change something like differen art. It ask for it every time. Can i make it stop please ? I just wanna make list so i know my games. Thank you for answer or suggestion.
  6. @Jason Carr When install new beta 9.6 beta 1 Bitdefender block BigBox.exe file. I am sure this is false positive but report it in just to be sure.
    Very nice. Glad to see new themes pop up.
  7. Great idea @Jason Carr. Some suggestions: 1, every steam game is affected because of that small launching game window steam produce 2, some unity game want constantly setup settings , so again small window 3, make choice which images use , nice touch it shows box art in right top corner but be better with fanart background and with that box art in corner
  8. For some reason no steam banners show up , i must click edit and add type of image as steam banner and then it works
  9. No problem , just please write it down on your list and if you have spare time along the road please include it.
  10. OK , thank you for LB next themes we have right now. But they are only three . And i have some specific things i wanna change in Launchbox. Some was easy like swap positions of screenshots with video. Some are hard and even i know what i do wrong i cant figure it out how to change it and if its possible. Just let me be clear. I dont know how to write code. My best ability it is copy code from another part and somehow tune it in to fit. So i wanna ask for help more talented users of Launchbox. 1, In game details i wanna show button with name PLAY and when i click it game starts. Try it copy code from others parts and didnt work , missing style etc. 2, In game details i wanna show Additional Apps and ability to launch them. (like trainer , yes i cheat i am terrible person) 3, Ability to swap things in Arrange by. Let me explain. I use status to mark my games as FINISHED , NOT PLAYED, PLAYING. And in launchbox it shows in that order. I wanna change a little. To PLAYING , NOT PLAYED , FINISHED. So if somebody will try to change this things in theme and figuring out how to do it please share it. Thank you.
  11. @Jason Carr a little request , please add dropdown menu with list of playlists to Add Game screen. I think it will not only me but for more people save few clicks. Thank you. I make playlists with my own personal genres because sometimes on steam or gamedb is wrong.
    Great plugin for Steam users with huge library of games. Easy to use even with games not from Steam but with steam game page. Recommended. To author please just make plugin better and better.
  12. Ohh. I thank you for figuring out. I try that and it work. Very weird bug.
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