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import process messed up my bigbox setup


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Hi. I tried to import Sega Model 2 roms to a Sega Model 2 platform and while importing I left the option to "create playlist based on MAME" checked (I don't remember the exact name) and proceed with the importing. When it finished, all my distinct platforms has gone. I had previously created Capcom Play System, Capcom Play System 2, Capcom Play System 3, NEO GEO, CAVE and so on. And now launch box put everything under one category and named it "Final Burn Alpha", and deleted my previous platforms under settings! When I open BigBox now, a lot of things are missing. I checked my launchbox dedicated folder and the data is still there (at least my roms are, so I hope the metadata is there also). How do I revert to the previouly state that things were? I see a backup folder but I have no idea what to do and I prefer to ask here before I go messing things up even more.

Note: some of the platforms were created waaaay back in the day when Mame playlist feature were implemented, like "Capcom Classics" or "Data East Classics" for exemple. It had it's own theme and metadata and everything and now its also gone.

EDIT: Somethings are still as playlists in Bigbox, but not as before. I have to choose between viewing the platforms or the playlists, but I could see both at the same wheelspin before this. Is there any way to view both playlists AND platforms in the same wheel spin instead of having to go back to the start menu of bigbox and opting to view just one or another?

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OK. After fiddling around with backups and what not, I managed to get my "missing" games and platforms back on bigbox without losing anything. It should be easier if we had more control over what is backed up and how to restore it. But it's been a while since I messed with my Launchbox setup, so a lot of things had changed since the last time (I think it was 1 year ago the last time I used the software).

Anyway, thanks for the constant updates. I think I need to read the change logs more often.

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