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  1. My humble suggestion: just release it as it is. I don't think many people would care that much about a logo. But it's not hard to find someone that could do the art for you though. Thanks anyway for the hard work.
  2. @Lahma So the issue with the numbers on the title turned out to be a simple issue to solve. That's great. Thanks again for the effort you put on the plugin.
  3. Oh you did? Bummer. I thought it could be easier. I was wrong. Sorry. Maybe you need a G27 indeed to fix the issue. But as it is now, it's working even if it's not idealy the best solution. I'm gonna keep this beta on a separate installation while we wait for the propper fix. Thanks again, Jason.
  4. @Jason Carr I don't think you need a G27 for this task. If you can get your hands on any generic DINPUT controller and make it work with the software, I assume G27 will work just fine after it. I'm an average programmer and had made a few things in the past, but nothing on this scope. But I think I'm not far from the truth when I say that you just need a DINPUT device to make it happen. Anyway, I'm avaliable to do any test you need for this. Just gimme a shout. Thanks very much for the fixes. ps.: just to clarify, the issue is just on the remmaping part, but the G27 works on BigBox for everything, even for Automation like "Close Active Window" command combo. I'm using it right now.
  5. Hi Jason. Thank for trying to solve the issue. I tested the new beta with my G27 while on BigBox and it can detect the wheel pretty fine. The default mapping for the wheel was all over the place like pressing gas pedal would make the menus to scroll down, instead of navigating using the d-pad. I then proceeded to try remmaping the controls and I couldn't because BigBox would not detect buttons press for d-pad or any button on the controller mapping menu, even after I selected "Use All Controllers". I hope you can fix it in the next beta. If you need any help like a log or something we could do, please let me know. EDIT: Ok I can use the wheel fine, but only if I map the buttons with the Xbox One controller first. I can't map the G27 by using the wheel only. And because of that, I have to guess which button does what while using the G27 on BigBox (except for the D-pad) because I don't now for example which button is button 9 or button 10 on the wheel due to not been able to remap the wheel controls on the remaping menu. I can however know which button is what by looking at the logitech profiler but not all buttons though (button 9 is 1st gear for example). Also when I enable the "Use all controllers" on controller menu, BigBox hangs and I have no other option besides killing the task on Windows Task Manager. Aside from all that, it works fine and it's possible to use the G27 on BigBox now. It just need to fix the remaping bug issue.
  6. That's great to know, Lordmonkus. I never used a beta version of a frontend, but I'll be very tempted to do so. I never got G27 working with the software. This gonna be the first time if you manages to fixe it. Let's hope for the best. It never worked for me though. Maybe some update broke compatibility.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to look at the issue, @Jason Carr. Just one thing to notice: G29 is Xinput device. G27 is Dinput device. If you could add support for both API's, it would be amazing. That's one of the few missing features that LaunchBox/BigBox doesn't have. Thanks again for the continuous support.
  8. I also have the same issue. G27 is not recognized by bigbox and therefore I can't control BigBox with it, which is kinda silly (for the lack of a better word). Maybe the reason is because G27 uses Dinput and newer wheels and Xbox controller uses Xinput? Is that correct, @Jason Carr ?
  9. WoW. Talk about coincidence. I was just testing exactly some ps3 games, and I came back to report just that I found the same issue on them. But the issue is not as I described earlier. It seems the numbers on names doesn't need necessary to be at the start or at the end of the name. They show a lot of zeroes if there are numbers in the middle of the name too. I tried "Persona 4 Arena Ultimax" and it showed the "4" in the name something like "Persona 0000004". Anyway, let's hope Lahma can solve the issue when he get time to do so.
  10. Ah I see. Thanks anyway, C-Beats. It's a small issue. Nothing game breaking though. Let's hope everything is ok with Lahma's life, so he could fix the issues when is possible.
    This is a great piece of software. I loved it. I'd posted on the official thread about two bugs that I've found. But aside from that, I had no issues at all. Thanks very much, sir!
  11. Thanks for the help! In that case, is there anything I can do to remedy the situation? Or is it bound to the plugin software's code?
  12. Hi. First of all, thanks very much for the plugin. I'm using this beta version you've uploaded and it works great. But I encountered just two issues that I think it's worth mentioning. The first one is regarding the name of the games that the plugin gets to display as "Now Playing". The issue is: if the name of the game on launchbox/BigBox has a number at the start or at the end of the game's name, it displays with a lot of zeros. An example: "18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker" for Dreamcast is displayed as "0000000018 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (Sega Dreamcast)". Another example: "Bloody Roar 2" for the PSX is displayed as "Bloady Roar 00000000002 (Sony Playstation)". I did some further testing by renaming the games on launchbox and got the following results: If I add an underscore ("_") to the start or the end of the name, then the name is displayed correctly. For example: "_18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker" is displayed as "_18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (Sega Dreamcast)". The same goes for Bloady Roar 2, if I change the name to "Bloady Roar 2_" the name is displayed as "Bloady Roar 2_ (Sony Playstation)". It doesn't need to be an underscore. It can be any letter or character that isn't a number at the start or at the end of the game's name. The second issue is that I can't bring Retroarch's menu up by pressing the guide button or even a button combo on the Xbox controller (L3+RB). I'm forced to press F1 on the keyboard to bring the menu up on screen, and after that I can mess with the retroarch menu using the joystick. With the plugin disabled, I can use the controller to bring up the menu using the guide button or a combo normally. I hope it helps you to fix the issues. And again: thanks very much for the plugin. Is really usefull. I didn't had any crashes or hicups or anything besides the ones that I've mentioned. Really happy with it. ps.:Most people just download it and never give feedback, but sometimes people are just not confortable with english language or they are just shy of posting on forums. But I can bet the ones that use your software are very happy that it works.
  13. You did not say which emulator you are using. If it is Retroarch, you could try unmapping everything just for this game and core and save it as a unique configuration file, and after that you start to mapping the controller just for that one that is giving you trouble. Maybe an update could have messed up your controller configuration.
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