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BigBox Arcade Image not showing up

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When I load up my BigBox, it shows the SNES, GBA, GBC, GB, NES, and N64 images fine. However, the arcade image does not seem to show up. Even though there is one set it shows up as the standard no image rubix cube looking image. I feel it's an easy fix I'll look dumb for asking but nonetheless I cannot figure it out.

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Would it be possible to provide a screenshot of where you mean?  If it's where I'm thinking, then maybe you don't have a clear logo set properly for that platform.  It should be in the ..\LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\Arcade\Clear Logo folder (assuming your platform name is called Arcade that is).  The clear logo file should also be called the same as your platform name, ie. Arcade.jpg, Arcade.png, etc.

If you do have the file in the correct location, and all looks ok, you can try forcing a refresh/reload of the image cache in BB.  In the options select image cache and then go through and click each of the refresh options.  Not sure if each is needed to be clicked on, but I usually do each just to be sure my image cache is re-loaded properly.  Once that's done, check to see if the image for Arcade now shows up properly.

Hope this helps,

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