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  1. Actually, Cemu with OpenGL on an nVidia card is actually quite a bit faster than Vulkan on nVidia at this time... provided you tweak some nVidia control panel settings to enable/disable certain features for Cemu. Here's a link to a good video about what settings to tweak in the control panel to give you max performance out of your nVidia card: FYI, although I agree with how BSOD setup the above, the one part I would suggest maybe not doing is the custom timings. I would suggest leaving those to default cemu and not QPC/1MS as he suggests. Although it's working now, in the past when you use those settings and try to launch games via command line it would prevent the emulator from loading properly. Once you set those settings back to the cemu default settings, you could load games properly again via command line. There's very little (if any) performance difference with those settings in particular, and my toughts are if they broke it once they might break it again... so why bother changing those settings heh
  2. Sorry, someone else will have to assist with that part. I've never done a mame set as I usually just download an already built non-merged set for the version of mame that I'm running.... so no need to rebuilt, etc.
  3. Correct. If you use the latest dat file. with a full romset of FBNeo, it will rebuilt only the roms (parents and clones) that are working with the latest version of FBNeo. You can them import the newly created roms and they should all be working at that point in time. FYI, I usually also use the option to merge the bios into each file... they will work without that, but then you need to make sure that you have the bios files in your rom directory. Since it doesn't add much space, and it's the recommended way for the retroarch core to use the rom files, that's how I always rebuild my FBNeo romsets.
  4. This isn't a direct answer to your question, but I'll cover the way I've been doing FBNeo roms is to use ClrMamePro to rebuild the rom set, based on the latest dat files, which will give you a working-only romset for FBNeo. Once you have that romset rebuilt, you can them import all those roms into LB and not worry about LB's db trying to determine which roms are working at this time or not. I'm not 100% sure if LB/BB knows which roms are working or not for FBA, as I think it uses Mame dat files to determine working/non-working, and Mame working roms are not the same as FBA working roms (ie. FBA might have roms that work, and those don't in Mame, and vice versa). The following URL is a good source of info on how to re-built a current FBNeo rom set using ClrMamePro. https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/wiki/Validating,-Rebuilding,-and-Filtering-ROM-Collections Luckilly a complete FBNeo romset is quite tiny compared to a full Mame rom set, so doing this doesn't take up tons of space. I know this doesn't directly answer your question, and maybe someone else will post that answer for your direct question... but maybe this will help you anyway
  5. Hmm not sure, it works for me as I mentioned Are you trying this all the time with the same rom/game? If so, maybe try another rom/game or two to at least rule out that it's not an incompatible game that you're trying. Changing the machine to 5200 is what got me past the menu system as well, FYI... if I have it set to anything other than 5200 I get that menu screen.
  6. Ok... I'm stubborn so I wanted to get it working again on the atari800 core for me. Here's what I had to do. I had to load a game, then go into the options and set the Atarti System listing to Atari5200 then set the internal resolution to 336x240 for it to work/display properly. I also needed to set my Controler input to Atari joystick for my controller to work. After that was done, all seems to work fine for me now.... although I am still going to continue using Altirra because (IMO) it's a better emulator for that console. This may work for you, or may not... but worth a try
  7. Hmm, not sure at this point. I gave up using the atrari800 core a long time ago in favor of the stand alone emulator Altirra, which I always suggest to people as it just works (http://www.virtualdub.org/altirra.html). I did just try my roms to load using the atarti800 core in retroach, and while they do load for me, the display is all messed up for some reason. Not going to bother trying to fix it, as like I mentioned above, I use Altirra for that core all the time now. But, maybe there's something going on with the latest version of that core which is cause your issues and nothing to do with the config?
  8. I don't believe the rom path/location is listed in the .atari800.cfg... at least it's not listed in mine. I believe the primary key to get it working is to make sure that the location of the bios rom files, that are in your system folder, are listed in that cfg file using in full path to where they are (ie. C:\ not just ..\). If they are not listed, or not listed using full paths, then that's likely the issue preventing it from working. Once those are listed correctly you should be able to load the core and load the content from wherever you have your rom files. Typically, retroarch doesn't really care where your rom files are stored, just where the bios files are when/if needed. For example, I have the following lines that are showing the location of my bios rom files, if you have an .atari800cfg file, then it shoudl be all populated with the line you need to edit: ROM_OS_A_PAL=C:\Games\RetroArch\system\ATARIOSA.ROM ROM_OS_BB01R2=C:\Games\RetroArch\system\ATARIXL.ROM ROM_5200=C:\Games\RetroArch\system\5200.rom ROM_BASIC_C=C:\Games\RetroArch\system\ATARIBAS.ROM ROM_400/800_CUSTOM=C:\Games\RetroArch\system\ATARIOSB.ROM Hope this helps, CDBlue
  9. More than likely all you need to do is turn off the press twice to escape option in retroarch. Then pressing escape should just exit the emulator and not bring you to the Mame menu system.
  10. Seems to be related to the video driver perhaps. I see errors about opengl not being found and it trying to revert to software, and that's when the error occurs. What driver (video) do you have Retroarch set to use? Perhaps try changing the video driver in Retroarch to GL, GL Core, D3D, or Vulkan to see if any of those fixes the issue on exit. Also, although I'm pretty sure it's not related to this, but your video card drivers for your nVidia card are quite old. You're using 432.00 and they're now up to 442.59. Likely wouldn't hurt to also upgrade your video card drivers as well.
  11. RPCS3 is as easy to setup as any other emulator. My biggest problem with it, at least from the last time I used it anyway, it uses up high CPU usage... near 100% on all cores if I recall. So, unless you have a really good after-market cooler on your CPU it might get super hot and shut down your system or potentially cause damage if you're not careful/monitor temps on your CPU. Here's a good setup guide on youtube for RPCS3:
  12. Not sure of this is the same thing you're referring to, but it looks like this person wrote a full screen launcher for a streets of rage remake (windows port). If this is the same game you're referring to, then it looks like this might what you want. You would simply point your game file in LB to the launch I assume, and then the launcher would then open the game and put it into full screen mode. (there's a link to download on the reddit page I found this on:
  13. Excellent, happy to hear you got it working
  14. Thx @Retro808 for the comment about Control + Q for exiting Citra. I forgot about that. @Nocta try using the following simple script: $Esc:: Send, ^q Note: take out the part about F11 to make it full screen. It seems that having to press F11 to go full screen, that I was using before, was just a side affect of my forcing it closed. If you're in full screen and close it properly with Control + Q it retains the fullscreen on next launch. So, for the first time, just press F11 if you're not in full screen, then next time you exit properly it will retain that. FYI, I also could not get the Send ^Q exit script that Retro808 posted above to work either, but the Send, ^q that I just put here works fine for me. Hope this helps, CDBlue
  15. FYI, I just tried pause screen and it seems to work fine for what I have mapped, which is just resume, view achievments and exit lol. I don't have anything mapped in there for save states, etc. but I would assume if you know what the keypress is to get save states, etc. to work in Citra it should work fine via the pause screen, because the pausing and resuming seems to work fine for me.
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