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  1. Just to be 100% sure, while on the emulator edit page (the one you screenshot above), click on the Browse button next to the application path, then browse to the drive/path you have your retroarch.exe file located (in your user/appdata/roaming folder it appears). It's possible that the path listed there is not in the correct syntax to see the actual location of the retroarch.exe file in your main appdata folder.... not sure this is the issue, but worth a try just to rule it out if anything
  2. Hey all. I looked around on the forums and release notes and I couldn't find the answer to the question I have. Which is, when you use the new built-in retroarch updater, does it update your installed cores as well, or just the main retroarch program? I assume it does just the main program, as you can easily update your cores from within retroarch itself... but I thought since I had the question maybe others might have the same question as well Cheers, CDBlue
  3. Oh ok thx. Since this is my primary retrogaming machine I'll wait for the next stable release instead of updating to the beta. It's rare that I use the alternative cores now anyway... I just like to have options lol
  4. Hi all, Not sure what's changed, but in the past I used to be able to edit my retroarch emulator settings and assign multiple cores for different platforms. For example, for Super Nintendo Entertainment System I used to be able to add two entries, both named Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and one uses the bsnes core, and the other uses the snes9x core. This would then allow me to select one as the primary core, and one to use as an alternative. Today when I went to edit something in my retroarch settings, it would not allow me to exit/save settings until I deleted all those duplicate/different core entries. How do we do we setup alternative cores for retroarch now?... or is this a bug I've discovered? See pics for what I get as an error when I try to add a 2nd entry for Super Nintendo Entertainment System using the snes9x core. EDIT: I'm on version 12.1 and using Windows 11 64-bit... FYI
  5. Have you followed the instructions on the libretro Mesen core page? Making sure to pay special attention as to where to put the HD packs, what to name the main folder (HdPacks), and what to name the folders where the actual packs are located. I assume you have the folder names correct for the actual packs, as you mentioned you have them working on the stand alone version of Mesen. I'm not sure if it's case sensitive or not but make sure you have the folder in your System folder labelled "HdPacks" and not "HDPacks" or anything else... they have it in quotes on the instructions page with that case, so perhaps the core is case sensitive for that.... just a thought anyway https://docs.libretro.com/library/mesen/
  6. @ferretlegs I noticed the same thing. It seems to automatically start giving errors when it gets to the portion of the import of the actual media download from emumovie, if you do a large import of roms where the metadata portion of the import takes a long time to process. I don't think the speed of the internet is much related to this, as I have a 350 Mbps down/15 Mbps up connection on my line and I get the same issues when doing a big import. I think, as mentioned previously, if you do a large import I think the emumovies connection times out before it actually gets to the portion of the import process where it actually starts trying to download the media from emumovies. I guess a fix, if possible, would be to re-establish a connection to emumovies right before that portion of the download starts, rather than earlier in the import process, but not sure if that's doable or not. Either way, I'm sure the devs figure something out
  7. K, just got home and tested. I forgot to test with version 1.23.0 though, as it prompted me to update to the latest version and I did... so I tested with version 1.23.1b. For me, with all the settings set to Cemu default for custom timer and MM timer accuracy, and with Cemuhook enabled, all my games launched fine from LB/BB. So, if you do upgrade to 1.23.1b and you still have issues, it might be a setting in Cemu you have custom selected that's causing an issue. Hopefully though, it was just an issue with 1.23.0 and when you do upgrade to the latest version that just came out, maybe it'll fix your issue. Good luck, CDBlue
  8. I'll test when I get home tonight. Do you have all the other settings set to Cemu default or have you custom selected any other setting in there? If so, try setting them all back to Cemu default and see if the issue goes away. Another thing I've found sometimes is that if you're using Cemuhook, after an upgrade you need to deselect it, then re-select it for it to work properly (it can cause games to close on startup otherwise ... sometimes). Just a thought in the mean time, but like I said I'll test when I get home and see if I am also having this issue or not.
  9. Not sure if this was reported or not. But, on the latest beta when you do a rom import and select folder, as you go through the wizard, you get presented with the arcade/mame portion of the wizard even for non-arcade platforms. It shows for about 5 seconds, then automatically closed and proceeds to the last step of the wizard/import process. In my case I was doing an import of Nintendo Entertainment System roms and I got the Arcade portion everytime I went through.
  10. FYI, I got this same issue while updating meta data/media for my Mame/Arcade roms. While it displayed clearing image cache my processor went up to 100% usage on all cores... my CPU cooler went crazy lol
  11. I've run into this issue, but mostly just when I'm doing some editing of files. Sometimes, when you exit out of the editor for a game, the video seems to get "stuck" looping, and like you said the only way to stop it is to close LB and open it up again. Lately, if I'm planning one doing alot of editing I just mute my speakers and ignore it because I know it's going to happen 100% of the time at some point during editing multiple things in the same session. Unfortunately, I don't think there's any fix or work-around for this issue at this time, I think it's been reported and attempted to be fixed, but it obviously hasn't been fixed yet, as I can reproduce it on each version of LB. Like I said though, I don't let it bother me, I just turn of the speakers and do all my editing in one session if I can.
  12. This might be a question better asked/answered on the retroarch discord. Mapping buttons in general in retroarch is easy though. If you open retroarch (not via a game, etc., just retroarch directly) then go into the drivers/input section. From there you can map your global control/buttons. However, the problem is, retroarch also allows per core and per game mapping of inputs. So, it really depends how this person setup retroarch as to if they've set it up via per game and/or per core input overrides. Generally though, with retroarch, there is an order of loading controls/buttons, 1st is per game (if it exists), 2nd is per core (if it exists), lastly it's the global settings. So, in theory, if you can map your general/global mappings to have all teh buttons do what you want, then (again in theory) if you go through the retroarch folders and delete any core or game overides, then those global settings should then be used for all emulators/cores/games. I know this is not a great answer, but I'm not sure there is a one answer for this question because of all the possible ways retroarch can be setup. Also, some cores do require per-core settings as some cores have extra options that you can map buttons to that might not show up in the global settings (arcade/mame for example I believe offer extra buttons that you can assign). For me, I would recommend setting up the emulators and mapping for each platform you want to play on your own, so you can learn how each emulator/mappings work, rather than trying to use a pre-built package.
  13. Not sure if this will work for you or not, but you could try disabling the option that allows for pressing twice to exit Retroarch. This way a single press of ESC will close any emulator/core (including the Mame cores). You can still press F1 to get to the retroarch menu if needed, not sure what you the key press is to get to the Mame UI interface though (if you do need to get to that I'm sure there's a way to get to it via the F1 retroarch menu).
  14. FYI, Legend of Zelda HD Pack now available .... https://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=31559.0 Note: You need to use the latest core version of Mesen in retroarch, or the latest dev build of the stand-alone Mesen for this pack to work (it will not work with the stable release of stand-alone Mesen)
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