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  1. Just curious, doesn't retroarch unzip files as needed now for most platforms/cores? What platform doesn't work unless you have that checked off in LB/BB? I assume it's a platform that you have iso's zipped up, as I know RA doesn't play well with those types of files. The suggestion that faeran offered would be my goto suggestion as well, if you need to have LB/BB extract the files instead of RA though.
  2. @ferretlegs I noticed the same thing. It seems to automatically start giving errors when it gets to the portion of the import of the actual media download from emumovie, if you do a large import of roms where the metadata portion of the import takes a long time to process. I don't think the speed of the internet is much related to this, as I have a 350 Mbps down/15 Mbps up connection on my line and I get the same issues when doing a big import. I think, as mentioned previously, if you do a large import I think the emumovies connection times out before it actually gets to the portion of the
  3. K, just got home and tested. I forgot to test with version 1.23.0 though, as it prompted me to update to the latest version and I did... so I tested with version 1.23.1b. For me, with all the settings set to Cemu default for custom timer and MM timer accuracy, and with Cemuhook enabled, all my games launched fine from LB/BB. So, if you do upgrade to 1.23.1b and you still have issues, it might be a setting in Cemu you have custom selected that's causing an issue. Hopefully though, it was just an issue with 1.23.0 and when you do upgrade to the latest version that just came out, maybe it'll
  4. I'll test when I get home tonight. Do you have all the other settings set to Cemu default or have you custom selected any other setting in there? If so, try setting them all back to Cemu default and see if the issue goes away. Another thing I've found sometimes is that if you're using Cemuhook, after an upgrade you need to deselect it, then re-select it for it to work properly (it can cause games to close on startup otherwise ... sometimes). Just a thought in the mean time, but like I said I'll test when I get home and see if I am also having this issue or not.
  5. Not sure if this was reported or not. But, on the latest beta when you do a rom import and select folder, as you go through the wizard, you get presented with the arcade/mame portion of the wizard even for non-arcade platforms. It shows for about 5 seconds, then automatically closed and proceeds to the last step of the wizard/import process. In my case I was doing an import of Nintendo Entertainment System roms and I got the Arcade portion everytime I went through.
  6. FYI, I got this same issue while updating meta data/media for my Mame/Arcade roms. While it displayed clearing image cache my processor went up to 100% usage on all cores... my CPU cooler went crazy lol
  7. I've run into this issue, but mostly just when I'm doing some editing of files. Sometimes, when you exit out of the editor for a game, the video seems to get "stuck" looping, and like you said the only way to stop it is to close LB and open it up again. Lately, if I'm planning one doing alot of editing I just mute my speakers and ignore it because I know it's going to happen 100% of the time at some point during editing multiple things in the same session. Unfortunately, I don't think there's any fix or work-around for this issue at this time, I think it's been reported and attempted to be
  8. This might be a question better asked/answered on the retroarch discord. Mapping buttons in general in retroarch is easy though. If you open retroarch (not via a game, etc., just retroarch directly) then go into the drivers/input section. From there you can map your global control/buttons. However, the problem is, retroarch also allows per core and per game mapping of inputs. So, it really depends how this person setup retroarch as to if they've set it up via per game and/or per core input overrides. Generally though, with retroarch, there is an order of loading controls/buttons, 1st is
  9. Not sure if this will work for you or not, but you could try disabling the option that allows for pressing twice to exit Retroarch. This way a single press of ESC will close any emulator/core (including the Mame cores). You can still press F1 to get to the retroarch menu if needed, not sure what you the key press is to get to the Mame UI interface though (if you do need to get to that I'm sure there's a way to get to it via the F1 retroarch menu).
  10. FYI, Legend of Zelda HD Pack now available .... https://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=31559.0 Note: You need to use the latest core version of Mesen in retroarch, or the latest dev build of the stand-alone Mesen for this pack to work (it will not work with the stable release of stand-alone Mesen)
  11. FYI, the stand-alone Citra emulator is being developed/updated pretty regularly. The Citra RA core, however, has not been updated since Dec. 2019 if I recall correctly (the dates on the libretro core file on the buildbot server is not correct due to them having to restore the files from their backups after their servers were hacked/deleted)... pretty sure that's still the case anyway. At least I haven't seen my RA core of Citra update in many many months so I assume that's still valid. Therefore, I would suggest trying to use the stand-alone as your primary emulator for 3DS since it's being
  12. Excellent, glad to head that resolved the issue.
  13. FYI, I ran the same scenario you mentioned above on my system, to see if I could reproduce it with the steps you mentioned, but it exited fine for me. In my case, I have an nVidia 1060 GTX video card, with the latest nVidia drivers, and PPSSPP is using Vulkan as a backend.... if that helps at all. Cheers, CDBlue
  14. hmm not sure then. But, if you can reproduce it everytime in the emulator itself, then as you said it's an issue on the emulator-side. I'd suggest maybe going to the PPSSP discord and reporting the issue on there maybe. EDIT: Also, make sure you video card drivers are up-to-date, and that you're using an appropriate driver in PPSSPP. For example, for an nVidia card, you can use OpenGL or Vulkan. For AMD, use Vulkan, for built-in/onboard intel test to see which one works best, but likely OpenGL will be your likely best bet on those cards (or d3d if it supports it, I don't recall if PPS
  15. hmm, working fine for me. Can you reproduce the issue by launching and exiting the game directly from the emulator rather than launching it via launchbox? Is it happening to all PSP games, or just a certain one? That might help pinpoint if it's a setting in PPSSPP or in LB/BB.
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