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  1. With VLC, you should not need to install any codec pack. VLC has most codecs built into the program, so unless you're trying to play some really obscure format, I would advise against installing any codec pack on modern systems... used to be needed back in the day when software did not come bundled with codecs.
  2. Ok thx for reporting back. Nothing there seems to point to a permissions issue that I can see (at least not as far as LB/BB or roms are concerned). Was just a thought I had when I was reading your issue, so worth asking to be sure Another thought, are you experiencing any other weird glitches with any other software on that PC other than LB/BB? Maybe it's a hardware issue that just seems to manifest itself more with LB/BB? Do you know how to run a Memtest and HD test just to see if things are fine there?
  3. Just out of curiosity, not sure if it's related to the issue or not. But do you have launchbox install on the local machine, or a NAS/External drive? If it is a local install, where did you select to install LB? Same question for your roms, local to the same machine that you're trying to launch them on or on a NAS/External drive? I'm wondering if maybe there's a permission issue going on here? Again, just taking a stab at some other possible answers to what you're seeing.
  4. Not sure about the name being changed during the import, etc. but I can confirm your thoughts on the "-" vs ":" though. Since Windows doesn't allow for ":" characters to be in the filename it seems the nomenclature is for "-" to be usually used to replace that character. When LB imports a file and it sees a "-" in the name it seems to always interpret that as a ":" for the game name field. One thought though, in your preferences for regions in LB, do you have Japan selected as a preferred region for scraping? Perhaps that is the issue?
  5. Excellent, glad you got it going
  6. FYI, there's been an update to the pack for Metroid HD (version 1.3) http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=26811.0
  7. Check your CEMU settings in 1.14.0. If you have something different, try setting your custom timer and MM Timer Accuracy to Cemu default/system default and see if the game launches ok from within LB. I find that if you change those settings to others it sometimes prevent games from launching via command line tools such as launchbox, while they still launch fine from Cemu itself (as you describe in the issue you're having)
  8. For Intellivision games to work via Mame, in LB you need to pass it the command line of intv -cart. You mention having intv in the command line, do you also have the -cart? I'm actually using RetroArch with the freeintv core to play my intellivision games, but I haven't tested many of them since I don't play it often... but I do know it works for the ones I did test
  9. This looks like it'll be a nice, clean looking theme. Looking forward to it being released as well.
  10. I believe you need to manually download and install the Queso Fresco addon part to this theme to get that functionality back. It looks like the newly implemented theme manager only installs the main theme, not any of the addons that are optional. Download from here and install in your theme folder like before -
  11. A friend of mine here at work just got that Genesis M30 controller. He said he was very impressed with it, and it works great.
  12. So many ways to use them... gotta love the 8bitdo controllers Right now I have a SN30 Pro that I use in XInput mode, and will likely be getting the next round of controllers when they come out, the SN30 Pro+ G Classic Edition. Looks really comfortable with all the same features of the SN30 Pros
  13. The main reason I can think of is the dinput has been depricated for a while now (meaning no longer supported/updated). I never thought of using it for that reason really, but I guess if the emulators you are using still support dinput mode then it's a good way around not being able to use those buttons, as dinput will generally recognize and allow to map all buttons on any device really (something that xinput would be nice to have, but likely not going to happen as it's based on xbox controller functionality)
  14. Also noticed your roms are in .zip format. Not sure if it's needed or not for Retroarch, but you might also need to select Extract Rom before running on the emulator settings tab for retroarch. Retroarch might be smart enough to extract on its own, not sure as I always unzip mine unless it's needed (for MAME for example, where the files need to remain zipped for mame to work properly)
  15. Also, a good place to find information on how to setup/point to your emulators, import rom etc, is the Launchbox Tutorials page... might have info that will assist you with setting up your emulators, or getting launchbox setup properly to point to those emulators:
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