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  1. Not sure if this will work for you or not, but you could try disabling the option that allows for pressing twice to exit Retroarch. This way a single press of ESC will close any emulator/core (including the Mame cores). You can still press F1 to get to the retroarch menu if needed, not sure what you the key press is to get to the Mame UI interface though (if you do need to get to that I'm sure there's a way to get to it via the F1 retroarch menu).
  2. FYI, Legend of Zelda HD Pack now available .... https://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=31559.0 Note: You need to use the latest core version of Mesen in retroarch, or the latest dev build of the stand-alone Mesen for this pack to work (it will not work with the stable release of stand-alone Mesen)
  3. FYI, the stand-alone Citra emulator is being developed/updated pretty regularly. The Citra RA core, however, has not been updated since Dec. 2019 if I recall correctly (the dates on the libretro core file on the buildbot server is not correct due to them having to restore the files from their backups after their servers were hacked/deleted)... pretty sure that's still the case anyway. At least I haven't seen my RA core of Citra update in many many months so I assume that's still valid. Therefore, I would suggest trying to use the stand-alone as your primary emulator for 3DS since it's being more actively developed/updated, and the RA core as a secondary (if needed/wanting to see if a game plays better, etc.).
  4. Excellent, glad to head that resolved the issue.
  5. FYI, I ran the same scenario you mentioned above on my system, to see if I could reproduce it with the steps you mentioned, but it exited fine for me. In my case, I have an nVidia 1060 GTX video card, with the latest nVidia drivers, and PPSSPP is using Vulkan as a backend.... if that helps at all. Cheers, CDBlue
  6. hmm not sure then. But, if you can reproduce it everytime in the emulator itself, then as you said it's an issue on the emulator-side. I'd suggest maybe going to the PPSSP discord and reporting the issue on there maybe. EDIT: Also, make sure you video card drivers are up-to-date, and that you're using an appropriate driver in PPSSPP. For example, for an nVidia card, you can use OpenGL or Vulkan. For AMD, use Vulkan, for built-in/onboard intel test to see which one works best, but likely OpenGL will be your likely best bet on those cards (or d3d if it supports it, I don't recall if PPSSPP supports d3d or not.. if it does then for an intel card use that)
  7. hmm, working fine for me. Can you reproduce the issue by launching and exiting the game directly from the emulator rather than launching it via launchbox? Is it happening to all PSP games, or just a certain one? That might help pinpoint if it's a setting in PPSSPP or in LB/BB.
  8. I don't use the angrylion pluggins/options as I prefer to upscale and make the n64 games look more modern (rather than going for the original n64 experience), so I'm using the latest release of m64p as my primary emulator for n64. As for the retroarch cores it looks like they might have just put up the buildbot repository again, so it should be safe. They might not be totally up-to-date until the core devs push their latest versions though (so you might have a release or two behind right now for the cores since they only uploaded what they had on backups I believe). In a few days though I'm sure if you update again you'll be sure to be on the latest versions of the cores that are being actively developpped.
  9. There are many good options for decent N64 emulation these days. But, I would say yes, m64p is likely still the better out of the box solution to get up and running quickly with decent compatibility and features ... IMO. There are some good cores available in Retroarch as well, but I won't bother suggesting any of those at the moment since retroarch is in repair mode since they were recently hacked, and getting cores downloaded/installed is not as easy until they get things back up and running again.
  10. FYI, I have this issue occasionally as well. Only one monitor/device, 1080p, 100% scaling. Happens with different themes too, not just the default theme. It's very random, but most times I've noticed it it's either when I just open launchbox, or when I get back into LB after playing/closing a game/emulator.
  11. You shouldn't need to use the core commands anymore, as you can simply go into the Retroarch emulator settings in LB, go into the Associated Platforms tab, and the select the core for the platform in question from the drop down. For your example, for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (or whatever platform you have it called) click the drop down and select snes9x_libretro.dll from the list. If the core is not in the drop down, or it says missing core, then you need to download the core first via retroarch's core installer section. If you do need to use that command line parameter, for example for a game-specific situations, it should still work fine, but you need to make sure you have the correct syntax in the command line. In your example above you have spaces between the cores and the \ and the dll file name. I'm not sure if this is just a typo or if this is actually what you're trying to use. If this is what you actually have, then this is not the proper syntax and will not work. You should be using the following if you have to use that older format: -L "cores\snes9x_libretro.dll" Notice no spaces between the cores and the \ and the snes9x_libretro.dll. Again though, this will only work if you actually that that core downloaded and installed in retroarch's cores folder.... which if it worked for you before, it should be Hope this helps, CDBlue
  12. Ok, I tried Mesen stand-alone and the lastest Mesen on on the latest nightly of Retroarch, and had no issues with the HD Packs I have installed. On both, the packs worked, and the controls worked without issues. Not sure what the issue might be for you now, as I can't reproduce it. I'm out of ideas as to why it wouldn't work for you, because if the buttons mapped correctly, then your controls should work with or without the HD packs
  13. Just re-read your original post. I guess you can ignore the above because you said you mapped it in the emulator lol. I'll test my HD Packs when I get home to see if maybe they're broken in the latest versions.
  14. Hmm, ok. next thoughts then :). In the stand-alone Mesen, did you go through the input mapping section in the options? And, if so, did it recognize/map properly there? By default, the Mesen stand-alone won't likely work with a controller until you map the inputs to your actual controller, as opposed to Retroarch which usually just works with most controllers without having to map the inputs. Open Mesen, select Options/Input. On the window that pops up, select setup next to player on, then go through and assign mappings to all the buttons/d-pad inputs, etc.
  15. I haven't played with the HD packs in a while, but it sounds like maybe a corrupted HD Pack. If it doesn't allow you to play in the stand-alone, or the retroarch core, it might be related to that. But, just because you didn't specify, you should also make sure you're running the latest version of the stand-alone, and the latest version of Retroarch and the Mesen core. As of the time of this post: Mesen standalone - latest version is 0.99 (https://www.mesen.ca/#Downloads) Retroarch - latest version is 1.8.9 (https://www.retroarch.com/?page=platforms) Mesen core - You can download it via the Core Installer option in retroarch, or update via the core updater option in retroarch (or if you do cores manually, you can grab the latest version from the nightly buildbot - https://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/windows/x86_64/latest/mesen_libretro.dll.zip) It's especially important to keep retroarch updated, because sometimes they introduce new features that the cores use. So, if you're using an updated core on an older version of retroarch, it might be glitchy and/or not work at all. Not sure if that's the case with Mesen, but it's good to keep them both updated either way to ensure smooth functionality in general. Hope this helps, CDBlue
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