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  1. From what I can tell, it looks like Mame 0.172 is when support for the command line -keyboardprovider was introduced. To be safe though, I'd probably go with 0.173 just in case what I read was off by one release.
  2. I would suggest to just set those back to the default CEMU settings, you likely won't notice any difference in performance in 99.9% of the games with the default settings vs those custom settings, and you won't have any issues launching games from LB/BB with the default cemu time settings. Or, are you saying that the default settings are now causing you the same error? I don't have any issues with my CEMU, with the default settings, and launching games via LB/BB, but I did when I was using custom timer settings.
  3. Ok, found the issue. It was Windows update process messing up the nVidia drivers. I downloaded the latest version (same ones I had already) and just did a clean install and all is good again. So, if anyone else has this issue, first thing to try is to re-download and do a clean re-install of your video card drivers.
  4. Yeah, I did reboot after playing with the scaling, etc. It's not a big issue I guess, with the work around of checking those boxes in the compatibility tab it all looks fine. I just wasn't sure if it was a bug introduced in 9.8, or Windows 10 1903 update, or like you said maybe it's a drive issue that's appeared as a result of the 1903 update process. I might try to uninstall and re-install my nVidia drivers and see if that changes anything. It's unfortunate (for me I guess if no one else is having similar issues) as both LB/BB and Windows updated the same day, so I don't know who the culprit is for sure
  5. hmm I'm at 1080p with 125% magnification. I tried my other PC that I also have updated to the latest 1903 that came out a couple of days ago, and LB is doing the same thing on there if I set the scale/magnification in Windows to 125%. That one is connected to a monitor, so I normally just leave it at 100% (recommended) and it has no issues there.
  6. Hey guys, I just updated to the final/release version of LB/BB on my main retrogamer machine, which I have connected to a big screen TV. In order to read things properly I have windows scaling set to 150%. On that machine, when I launch LB I get an odd mix of font sizes. Some are regular (150%) and some are not (100%), making some really hard to read from a distance. The only way I found to correct this was to to bypass scaling in the comparability tab in LB (right-click / properties in Windows) options. Problem is, my Windows also just updated to the 1903 release of Windows 10 that same day, and I hadn't launched LB/BB after that was done either... so I don't know if the issue is with LB/BB and scaling, or if 1903 changed something on my machine. Anyway, I thought I'd report it in case others are seeing the same thing, and it might be something that needs to be addressed. Here are some screenshots to show what I mean: Above image (some text is large, some are tiny) Above image - Change settings to change high dpi settings Above image - All fonts/text back to same size again
  7. Not sure. All the threads that I've read online where people reported this type of issue all seem to have the same root cause, which is either an older core or an older version of Retroarch. Eg. make sure you're running the latest version of Retroarch, and have the latest version of the core installed. If things still do not work, and you do have the correct bios files needed and installed in your system/dc folder, then I'm not quite sure what might be another of the causes FYI, there is a very good stand-alone emulator for Dreamcast games, called Redream (https://redream.io/) which you might want to look into if you can't get this working via Retroarch. The only difference between the free version and the paid version is that you cannot upscale with the free version. But, truth be told, most dreamcast games look ok still in their native resolution unless you're playing on a really large monitor. If you are, or you prefer to upscale just because you can, then you can always invest the small fee the developer of Redream is asking for (I believe it's a one-time fee of $5, but not 100% sure) Edit: There's also always other good stand-alone Dreamcast emulators that do allow upscaling and are 100% free, such as Demul (http://demul.emulation64.com/). The main reason I listed Redream first is that it is in very active developement, while others such as Demul are not as active in that regard.
  8. Maybe it's a bad copy/iso for that game? You could try downloading from another source, or if you ripped it yourself maybe try re-ripping it. FYI, I just tried my .iso of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon in PCXS2 (v1.5.0-dev-3112 is the version I'm currently running) and it loaded/played fine for me. Another thing to try is to try launching the game from withing PCSX2 directly, just to see if it would launch ok from there? If it does, then maybe it's a file name/association thing for that one rom in LB/BB that's the issue and not the game/iso itself.
  9. Just did a search in the forums, and there was a thread with a similar error reported like this a while back, that Lordmonkus also posted/helped that poster back then. The original poster in that thread also mentioned something he also had to do to fix it. See if that info is of any use to you in today's version of FBA (I expect it is though) I also recently dabbled with the stand alone version of Final Burn Alpha, to see if there were any benefits to using it. and what they mentioned in the other thread does sound familiar with how I got it running in fulll screen for me as well. FYI, after playing with the stand-alone emulator, I can also say that the Retroarch core is much easier to setup and use and I quickly ditched the stand-alone version of FBA
  10. As Retro808 mentioned, depending on the emulator you're using, most do have an option to do a full boot (ie. show the bios loading screen etc.). For example, in Retroarch, using the MednafenPSX_HW core, you can do this by launching a game, pressing your hotkeys to go into the Retroarch Quick Menu/Options, (to access your core options) and then set the Skip BIOS entry to FALSE. Exit Retroarch (remember to save your config file if you have Retroarch set to not auto-save the config on exit), and then re-launch the game. Assuming you have the correct BIOS setup etc. in Retroarch, you should see the normal BIOS screen that you're tying to play in a video. If you're not using Retroarch as your emulator of choice for PS1 games, let us know what you're using, as that emulator might have the same option that someone would be able to point out... as I said, most do have that option as some people (like me) like the nostalgia you get when seeing that logo and hearing that sound
  11. Not sure if it matters or not, I doubt it does for this instance, but you seem to be running an older version of Retroarch. It's now up to 1.7.7. Also, there's a new kid on the block for Mupen64plus for cores for Retroarch called Mupen64plus-next. It incorporates the latest changes/edits done via the mupen64plus coding scheme apparently. You might want to consider upgrading retroarch, and maybe trying that core to see if that solves your mapping issues. The above aside, I tried playing Majora's Mask in my Retroach (I am running 1.7.7) and the Mupen64Plus-Next core that I mentioned above, and the C-buttons work fine for me on my 8bitdo controller (Retroarch recognizes it as an XBOX 360 controller, which I see you have listed in your screenshots, so it should map pretty much the same I expect). For me, with the default bindings in retroarch, the C-buttons are mapped to the up/down/left/right on my right analog stick on my controller. Unless you re-mapped your device, yours should be the same. On another note, if you're into N64 emulation, and were not aware of it, there's a very good stand-alone version of Mupen64Plus called M64P, which is one of the best emulators on the scene right now for N64 emulation. It's pretty easy to setup, but not as simple as the Retroarch core would have been to setup, as once Retroarch is configured, adding cores to it is really simple. Anyway, if you want to check it out here's a link to his site where you can sign up for Patreon and get the file (https://m64p.github.io/) or if you want to try it out before actually spending money to get access to the latest version, the last public release he did is still available on EMUCR's website (https://www.emucr.com/2019/01/m64p-20190126.html) In case you were wondering, after that last public release in January 2019, the developer for M64P decided to go the Patreon way as a means to pay for his hosting etc. Shame really, but I can understand why he would do that. The last public release though is very stable, and works much, much, better than the Retroarch cores IMO.
  12. Ok, I found a work around. I mapped F4 in the emulator hotkeys to exit cleanly, I just changed my running script to the following: ESC:: Send {f4 down} That seems to do the trick
  13. I guess I'm confused. Are you saying it should still work in the Running AutoHotkey tab? I've tried it in that location and it still doesn't work for me
  14. Sorry, I rebooted and most do seem to work. The one I'm having problems right now is bsnes (and blastem still crashes launchbox when I try to go to the pause screens, fyi - I posted that in the other thread). I'm not the best when it comes to AHK scripts, so I mostly use the recommended ones I find in this forum or on other forums. I used to use this, which worked until this beta and it worked fine: Esc:: WinActivate, ahk_exe bsnes.exe WinWaitActive, ahk_exe bsnes.exe WinKill Return I uses to just leave it blank and it would close the emulator, but games would not save properly until I used the above. I also mapped the emulator to F4 exit it, but none of the scripts I tried that push the F4 key seem to work for bsnes either.
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