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  1. Can't go wrong with 8bitdo controllers. I have the SN30 Pro, which is about the size of the original SNES controller, but with 2 analog sticks, and two shoulder buttons.... basically like an xbox controller's setup. It's bluetooth and is a very good size for a childs hands... plus it can be used on Mac, PC, Android and Switch so it's very versatile. Look up some reviews and see if it's to your liking. https://www.amazon.de/QUMOX-Controller-Gamepad-Windows-Nintendo/dp/B07H87FSW4/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=8bitdo+sf30+pro&pd_rd_r=26b01724-1259-4653-8706-f86839474bb0&pd_rd_w=zA0ra&pd_rd_wg=8NpbL&pf_rd_p=fa44f4b0-05d3-4223-9c78-8eb364be1556&pf_rd_r=3AC9YMP0X4F70P8A7CH4&qid=1570282715&sr=8-4
  2. If it's working correctly when you launch from PCSX2 directly, it might just be an issue with the command line option in your emulator settings in LB. Check your emulator configuration and make sure the following is listed for the command line: --nogui --fullscreen --fullboot If I remember correctly most multi-language games prefer fullboot, but some might require the fast boot process instead. So, if you use the above command line and it doesn't work, try removing the --fullboot so that it reverts to using the normal fast boot process (there is no command line needed for fastboot, if you remove the fullboot command line it should use fastboot by default I believe). Hopefully it's as simple as that -CDBlue
  3. For Dolphin Fullscreen is an option you just need to select in the program. Open Dolphin and go to Options/Graphics Settings. On the general tab there's a check box for Fullscreen. If you select that and save/close, the next time you launch a game it will automatically go to fullscreen. For the error, I'm not 100% sure what's causing that error to come up. But, if you right-click the game in question in Dolphin and select properties, from there you can try deselecting the Synchronize GPU thread (or select it if it's unchecked) and see if that makes and different. Not 100% sure if that's related to the issue or not, but it is an option you can play with per game so it might be somewhat related.
  4. I dropped using ePSXe as my goto emulator for PS1 games in favor of the PSX_HW core in retroach which is much more feature rich, and to be honest better in just about every way... just an FYI in case you wanted to give that a try (if you already have retroarch setup that is). That being said, if I recall correctly there's a command line you need to enter in your emulator settings in LB for ePSXe in order for it to load correctly ( ). According to the LB thread for command line options, -nogui -slowboot -loadbin is the recommend command line option for that emulator. Not sure if this will fix your issue or not, but check to make sure that's listed as a command line options in your emulator settings in LB just to be sure. If it's not there, that might be the fix.
  5. I believe the KB shortcut to exit Demul from within Demul (all versions) was alt-F4. Try this one to see if it works. $Esc:: { Send !{F4} Return } This should force-close Demul, and should work with pressing ESC and controller automation. I also found this script in the AHK post in the forums here, not sure if it still works or not through. If the above one doesn't you can try this to see if it still works: $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_class window ahk_exe demul.exe } Hope this helps, CDBlue Edit: Here's a direct link to the thread in these forums where people have been posting AHK scripts and questions relating to emulators and LB/BB -
  6. There are a few things that I feel I should mention before a possible solution is listed (or at least what I believe the solution, anyway). Firstly, in case you were not aware, Mess is now integrated into Mame, and no longer two separate arcade platforms. I would recommend using Mame instead of Mess nowdays as Mame is more up-to-date than the old Mess standalone. Secondly, if you have retroarch setup and working for other systems, the core for Atari 2600 (Stella_libretro) is actually very good, and what I would recommend for emulating Atari 2600, as it's typically easier to setup retroarch and get it working for consoles, rather than getting Mame/Mess Now the possible solution to your issue, that is if you do want to continue using Mess. It's been a long time since I touched Mess, but if Mess is similar to Mame, which I believe it was back in the day, then it's actually recomended to not use the AHK keys in LB to exit Mame/Mess, but rather map those hotkeys to work with the emulator itself. For example, map the exit functionality in Mame/Mess to the two thumbsticks. The issue is that ESC works because Mess's default key to exit the emulator is ESC. But, pressing the controller automation in LB/BB doesn't trigger that properly... and even if it does, it usually causes problems as it doesn't exit properly and causes things to not save (if you made changes in configs for example). So, for Mame/Mess, it's best to change the mapping in there if possible, to match the controller exit scheme you use for other emulators. Hope this was helpful in some way... good luck. -CDBlue
  7. Typically, that error can be ignored. From what I've experienced it's actually more or a warning that there was an issue in the archive, but it typically doesn't prevent the files from being correctly extracted. More about this error on 7zip's forum (https://sourceforge.net/p/sevenzip/discussion/45797/thread/12f4a318/?limit=25)
  8. @RetroHumanoid Just wondering if there was any update on the startup screens that you had to start over due to the HD crash? Based on all your other work you've posted here I'm really looking forward to what you do with those
  9. Seems to be only happening for any fields that are also drop downs. For example, you can also edit/select with the mouse the Version field in the top section, but none of the others, which are drop downs. Not sure why, but that seems to be the key difference that I can spot which is stopping it from being able to be selected with the mouse.
  10. Sounds like it might be a theme-specific bug. You can locate the thread for the theme you're using here: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/category/2-big-box-custom-themes/ Click in the thread for the theme, then select the Get Support button on the right of that thread (below the Download this file link/button). As long as it's a theme that's pretty popular/newer, and the theme developer is still around, usually someone will assist and/or fix the bug and they can reproduce it (if it's the developer for example). If it's an older theme also, it might not be full compatible with the version of LB/BB you're using, in which case I would suggest trying one of the newer themes that is to your liking and see if the bug exists on those as well. I know this is not really an answer as to why you're seeing what you're seeing, but hopefully it will point you in the right direction to get a fix for it... or maybe to get a different theme you were not aware existed and want to try something else
  11. I believe if you select and remove the platform from within launchbox, then close launchbox (so the files are not locked and can be deleted manually) then go into the following locations and manually delete the files, it will be as if that platform never existed and all will be downloaded again... but not 100% sure on the meta data part. Simply deleting the platform within LB does not delete the actual files related to those games (ie. artwork, videos, etc.) Default location of meta data for platform and games within the platform: ...\LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\ Arcade.xml Default location of images artwork for games within the platform: ..\LaunchBox\Images\Arcade Default location of video files for games within the platform: ..\LaunchBox\Videos\Arcade Keep mind that the above locations are assuming that you imported your MAME collection into a platform called Arcade. If you imported them into a differently named platform, just delete those instead (eg. if you called the platform MAME, then you would delete the MAME.xml file, and the MAME folder in Images and Videos). Also, doing so will mean all of the artwork and videos will need to be re-downloaded for all your games you import, which can be time consuming if you are doing a large or full set. Hope this helps. CDBlue
  12. Classic Shell is a decent program. But, Windows 10 start menu is very functional now days, and if you don't want the tiles you can just right-click on them and select unpin and it'll remove them... or in 1903 version of Windows 10 if you right click on the name of the group of tiles you can select unpin and it'll remove the entire section of tiles at once. But, as you said if you do prefer the old Windows 7 style menu with All Programs, etc. then Classic Shell is a nice solution.
  13. @dragon57 If you get time, could you do ones for Sammy Atomiswave and Sega Naomi please? I just added these to my collection and found quite a few have missing artwork... while not huge collections it would look better if they had a good stock 3D box, etc. Thx, CDBlue
  14. FYI (in case you were not aware) Windows 7 end-of-life is scheduled for Jan 2020... might be time to think about upgrading as once that date comes along MS is no longer going to be patching any security issues for most, if not all, Windows 7 variations. No patches means that known and/or new exploits, after that date, will make it much easier to hack/infect Windows 7 machines. It will continue to work after that date, but why risk giving much easier access to hackers https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4057281/windows-7-support-will-end-on-january-14-2020
  15. You might want to look at The Bezel Project for Windows as well. I'm not a fan of bezels in general, but I did try these out on one of my systems to see how they looked, and was overall impressed by their work. https://github.com/thebezelproject/BezelProject-Windows/releases ETA Prime did a good video explaining how it works, etc. Have a look at his video before downloading, as it might not be what you're looking for: EDIT: Looking back at your question, this might not be ideally what you're looking for. These are not flat borders, they do have a CRT curve in the overlay. However, still might be worth a look. If you want to try them out, backup your retroarch folder and then install.. if you don't like them, just restore from your backup.
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