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Video playback issue, green with sound, no artifacts

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Haven't used LB in a few months.  Went into bigbox and noticed my startup video was just a green square with the correct sound, with no artifacts, as it's running on a very fast pc+nvme drive so it shouldn't be lagging in that regard.

Inside bigbox, a good 1/3rd of my game videos are like this.  For example, most of my snes videos playback fine, while most of my ps1 videos are green with sound.  Videos are the same format.

Things I tried that didn't work:

  1. Switching from VLC (current issue) to WMP.  In WMP, the same issue occurs, although the green isn't present; it's just blank with sound.
  2. Tried playback from within Launchbox, and it has the same issue: so it's not due to bigbox.
  3. Updated to latest launchbox beta.
  4. Opened the video files manually from within VLC and they work fine.
  5. reinstalled VLC

A bit confused.  Never had any issues in the past.  All videos (working and non-working) are in .m4v format.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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