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  1. bmonomad

    Dreamcast GDI Files Conversion

    Thanks for your link, neil. For those who are trying to batch multiple games and are thick like me, you simply run these files in the folder root of your games, and it will search all subdir. just make sure they are unzip'd.
  2. bmonomad

    Big Box in a Big Box (htpc)

    K quickly uploaded everything for you and kondorito in the bottom of original post. alignment may be a bit off for you as it's made for my tv fyi. test the favorites/completed logos. mind sharing your glassbar background?
  3. bmonomad

    Big Box in a Big Box (htpc)

    Thanks. Go into the unified theme views section. The wheelgamesview's represent each view style. I'm no coder, but Cid's code was very clean and easy to see which section does what. Commented-out the fade aspect. Everything under 'lower glassbar' is in that lower area. Fool around with that and you'll probably figure it out. Otherwise will send you those few files later this week
  4. Finally finished, but grossly underestimated how long it would take to hand pick games, get multiple times of artwork to match up to the correct file names, organize genres, playlists, etc. Goal was to get something a little easier on the eyes since it is functioning as a PC for many things, as well as good enough to run on a 4k tv nicely. Make some quick videos displaying a slightly modified Unified theme, utilizing various artwork from generous contributors here and across other sites. Have some other videos I uploaded that show other views of the theme. A few pics of work done: Specs: Case: Fractal Design Node 804. Asus H110i-Plus - ITX board. i5 6600k. Geforce GTX 960 4gb - low profile. 8gb DDR4. G650M PSU. 3 front intakes, 3 exhaust fans. 3 3.5' 3tb hd's, 1 500gb 2.5 Running on '43 4k, with 2 DS4 controllers that can be played wired or wireless. Temperatures stay around 23c. Library Setup: About 7200 games total. Every system was manually filtered down to contain only games that were generally 60% or higher rating on multiple sources. There are only one version of every game, meaning that there is no multiple regions or multiple platforms of the same game. Usually resorted to a quick search to see which was considered the best version of said game. I also got all translations and hacks of games that were within that rating criteria. All games have a genre, series, m/splayer, etc; only thing missing is that not close to all are in the LB database. Every game in my library from the ps1 generation and newer is tested as working, including PC. All ps2 games have appropriate config's setup, which was incredibly time consuming as about 80% of games for it required some sort of tweak. Most of the setup issues come from simply controller's being inconsistent with various emulators, like retroarch, dolphin, etc. DS4's will connect at 2 different xinput's, + another 2 more if you want it to recognize wired. Retroarch was a pain at dealing with them. Thanks to contributions from various people here, bigbox looks great. edit: theme mod per request. designed for 4k. Unified_mod.zip
  5. seems good. i did a mITX build in a coolermaster 110 2 years ago. It worked great, but I had to get rid of it due to the need to add more hard drives this past year. No experience with the CM 130, but just be aware of heat with every additional piece you add. No problem running that generation of games on 2-3x upscales on a TV(4k), and even runs ps3 and modern pc games fine. For your reference, here is what I fit in the smaller box: Coolermaster 110 Case, Intel i5 6600k (not overclocked), 8 Gigs corsair ram, Geforce GTX 960, Asus H110i-Plus Mobo, 1 3tb Hard drive, 1 (2.5'') 500gb hard drive. Maybe have a look around at comparisons, as you can go older in hardware generation for the same result, at a reduced cost.
  6. bmonomad

    platform video code

    (hopefully) quick question: I can't seem to get Platform video playback to work at all in a theme I've been editing. I have it working fine in specified dimensions in the Gamesviews, but can't seem to get a solution afterlooking around for a long time now. Here is the code I'm using: <transitions:TransitionPresenter Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="1" Grid.RowSpan="4" TransitionSelector="{Binding ImageVideoTransitionSelector}" Content="{Binding ImageVideoView}" IsContentVideo="true" Panel.ZIndex="4" /> Any suggestions on what I'm missing? The same code seems to work on other themes I've gone through, with no problems. This is done in TextFiltersView, in-case that is relevant Thank you
  7. bmonomad

    Griddle BoxView

    Love the theme, but there seems to be a bug in my testing. Platform and Platform Category views are not aligned properly for the video box (on the left). Both these views have the video pushed up higher than what is intended. It seems to be limited to this view, as I went through multiple consoles and the individual game video was aligned fine. It is only related to the platform/categories video appearance. This was tested both at 4k and 1080p, and using multiple video sizes.
  8. bmonomad

    Playlists by year

    also seeking logos for 80's, 90's, 2000's, 2010's
  9. Couldn't figure this one out. Goal: To startup bigbox in playlist view, with selectable/scrollable links to Genres/Series/Platforms. Couldn't find any features under the Playlists to accomplish this, and perhaps I overlooked something? I am aware of the different views with hotkeys etc in Bigbox, but just wanted to see if this was possible, to make it a more seamless/structured navigation. Thanks for the help!
  10. bmonomad

    Thèmes Xbox/PS2/Neo Geo MVS

    Hi Padou, Would you mind re-uploading the ps2 video? the link here seems to be broken, and it is not available in 'PaDeMoniuM Cinematics' thank you
  11. bmonomad

    Theme StationEmulation (Recalbox)

    theme looks fantastic + nice music pairing
  12. bmonomad


    thanks blue, yea I did try that to no avail unfortunately. but definitely overlooked aspect of switching themes
  13. bmonomad


    Good call. It seems to have something to do with the platform views pulling game banners as a priority over the media you included with the theme. It still crashed no matter what horizontal banners it pulled. Once I removed the entire launchbox->images-folder, there was no crashing. Maybe there is a line of code we can add to prioritize your theme images over launchbox's?
  14. bmonomad


    Just tested - happens on platform wheel 1, 2, and 3. doesn't seem to occur in the horizontal (games) views. Just as a note - this is a fresh install of the theme and haven't added anything in it's folders. Media pulled from launchbox hasn't caused any issues with other themes. it's being run in 16:9 (4k res) with 300% scaling (turning off scaling didnt help).
  15. bmonomad


    love the theme layout, but keep getting an error popup as attached to this post. any suggestions? couldn't figure it out myself. thanks error text.txt