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  1. Any idea on the code used for replacing ActivePlatform.MaxControllers with Platform Games Completed amount? I'm guessing the only way to do so would be via EatKinola's API call, but couldn't figure it out myself.
  2. Evening, Relatively simple xaml question, I believe. I've been struggling to get some fields added to a theme (notably, Viking's new color one) in the games list. I'm looking to add 'SelectedGame.Status' and SelectedGame.Version' to individual games, once selected, in the list column that has 'Play', 'Launch with', etc. Not quite sure which view should be edited for that list specifically, and placement of getting the Status and Version fields available. My guess based on the documentation was Textgamesview but couldn't make sense of the list placement. Both options a
  3. I just picked up a nvidia shield and use it for this actually. it gives 2 options: 1. can run LB/emulators on the shield itself, which (due to hardware) is limited to around ps1 generation. 2. can run LB/emulators on your PC, which is network connected. The shield can stream bigbox (via gamestream) from your PC. The controller input is through your shield, and register as xinput on bigbox. I've noticed no latency so far, but have had limited testing. I do this option as it is my work PC, and i have PC games on it as well for mouse-and-keyboard.
  4. loving the overlay's, thank you retrolust. using for all my portables. do wish the ps1 had more screen real estate, however. maybe for the next jump up in 4:3, with the ps1 to the side to save room. if using overlay scale, the tv quickly goes off screen.
  5. love the theme layout. good job! going to do some testing on it tomorrow. not many themes that have a clean look while still having all the info/media available.
  6. I have a similar setup with a HTPC hooked up via hdmi to my 43' tv, but really underestimated what a pain setting up controllers is with Retroarch. Retroarch is buggy, despite devs claiming otherwise, and configs can often get scrambled. I wouldn't advise trying to run all systems off the DS4 like I did, for that reason alone. i may look at buying original-style controllers, despite it being a pain to switch constantly.
  7. appreciate it, sundogak. While you were uploading those, I did a mediocre/quick job of filling in the blanks with simple clear logos in the silver ring template. most without backdrops. uploading it incase it helps someone. All in the above list have been done, albeit somewhat mediocre silver_ring_logos.7z
  8. great thread. thank you everyone for your contributions over the years. looks great and is a time-saver for many of us. i'm working on filling out my own playlists currently, thanks to the blank templates found here, but if anyone has any of these big names already i'd be much appreciated if they would share to the community. Genre: Action & Adventure (as one) car combat FPS Playlist: Assassin's Creed Bioshock Borderlands Call of Duty Command & Conquer Contra Disney Dungeons & Dragons Fall
  9. I use playlists as the 'series' and 'genres' function, as series isn't easy to move around menu's in bigbox. Within the series, I generally link a big name series to related, smaller series/games from same company. And just for fun, I put the games in (if available) a canon timeline order using the 'sort order' function. For example, some playlists (series) I have: Assassin's Creed and Ubisoft Final Fantasy and Squaresoft Tomb Raider and Eidos etc... Within the Genre playlists, I typically split up some genres to be more specific. For example:
  10. Haven't used LB in a few months. Went into bigbox and noticed my startup video was just a green square with the correct sound, with no artifacts, as it's running on a very fast pc+nvme drive so it shouldn't be lagging in that regard. Inside bigbox, a good 1/3rd of my game videos are like this. For example, most of my snes videos playback fine, while most of my ps1 videos are green with sound. Videos are the same format. Things I tried that didn't work: Switching from VLC (current issue) to WMP. In WMP, the same issue occurs, although the green isn't present; it's just bla
  11. Thanks for your link, neil. For those who are trying to batch multiple games and are thick like me, you simply run these files in the folder root of your games, and it will search all subdir. just make sure they are unzip'd.
  12. K quickly uploaded everything for you and kondorito in the bottom of original post. alignment may be a bit off for you as it's made for my tv fyi. test the favorites/completed logos. mind sharing your glassbar background?
  13. Thanks. Go into the unified theme views section. The wheelgamesview's represent each view style. I'm no coder, but Cid's code was very clean and easy to see which section does what. Commented-out the fade aspect. Everything under 'lower glassbar' is in that lower area. Fool around with that and you'll probably figure it out. Otherwise will send you those few files later this week
  14. Finally finished, but grossly underestimated how long it would take to hand pick games, get multiple times of artwork to match up to the correct file names, organize genres, playlists, etc. Goal was to get something a little easier on the eyes since it is functioning as a PC for many things, as well as good enough to run on a 4k tv nicely. Make some quick videos displaying a slightly modified Unified theme, utilizing various artwork from generous contributors here and across other sites. Have some other videos I uploaded that show other views of the theme. A few pics of w
  15. seems good. i did a mITX build in a coolermaster 110 2 years ago. It worked great, but I had to get rid of it due to the need to add more hard drives this past year. No experience with the CM 130, but just be aware of heat with every additional piece you add. No problem running that generation of games on 2-3x upscales on a TV(4k), and even runs ps3 and modern pc games fine. For your reference, here is what I fit in the smaller box: Coolermaster 110 Case, Intel i5 6600k (not overclocked), 8 Gigs corsair ram, Geforce GTX 960, Asus H110i-Plus Mobo, 1 3tb Hard drive, 1 (2.5'') 500g
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