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Scrape romhack info from existing gamelist.xml

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Hey everyone,

I came from RetroPie/EmulationStation, so I have existing gamelist.xml files for systems. I have a lot of rom hacks (over 800 just for SNES), so I have separate "platforms/systems" created.

Obviously LB can't scrape info for rom hacks, so i'm wondering if anyone knows of a way I'd be able to scrape info from my existing gamelist.xml.

Really, I just want the Description tag to be scraped to the Notes field in LB, and I guess also the Name tag to go to the Sort Title field in LB (unless there's a way in LB to make the rom file name populate the sort title)

I found this thread with a tool that has you choose a platform, then has an option to scrape a gamelist.xml but the tool didn't work at all for me (and doesn't scrape description field anyway). Tool hasn't been updated in 2 years either.


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