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  1. I was just thinking the reverse would be nice if something ever happened to LaunchBox or if I wanted to start over, because otherwise it's right-click > edit > notes >enter description for every single romhack. Yeah the roms all have a full title like the example; I standardized on a naming convention for the romhacks, so they all have [ROMHACK] in the title/application path. Yeah only games that have [ROMHACK], which will also be all games in a given platform because I have each console's romhacks in a separate platform I was thinking separate files, yeah, but
  2. This is probably a long shot. Not sure if this would even be possible but I thought i'd throw it out there, see if someone with scripting knowledge could help me out. I have well over 1000 rom hacks across different systems, and i've made separate platforms for each system with rom hacks. Each platform has an XML file in LaunchBox\Data\Platforms and I'd like to figure out if there is a way to create a new text file named from part of the <ApplicationPath> tag, then copy the <Notes> tag to the associated file. Example: Create Legend of Zelda [ROMHACK] (Triforce Power) (v3.
  3. Yeah I'll definitely have to remember that next time; I was getting pretty frustrated with it
  4. Hot-damn, yeah that seems to have fixed it. I'd been in the video settings a few times before and saw the refresh rates, but I based on the wording "Set Display-Reported Refresh Rate" I thought that was something where you give it a value to override stuff; plus i don't know why that one monitor would be running 30hz in the first place, so it just never really crossed my mind to check into it... Thanks @neil9000
  5. Vertical Refresh Rate is showing 59.940Hz Set Display-Reported Refresh Rate is showing 29.970Hz
  6. Hello, I'm looking for some advice on Playstation performance. I've tried Beetle HW, Beetle SW, and PCSX Rearmed, and they all do the same thing, run at about half speed with choppy audio. I turned on "show internal FPS" in the Beetle HW options to check that, and the FPS is jumping around all over the place, from 10-60. I was having the same (or at least very similar) issues with SNES, so I switched the video driver from GL to D3D11, and it fixed SNES. I've tried every driver with PS1; most have the same issue, some are worse. Any ideas here? Computer is Hades Canyon Int
  7. Hey everyone, Wanted to see if anyone had any ideas about this: I've been looking for an option in Bigbox for how it shows game titles but not having any luck...maybe the option just doesn't exist. What I'm looking for is an option that appends the game 'version' to the title (which it does by default in LB desktop mode). I have rom hacks for different systems, and if i'm in Bigbox mode, all the rom hacks of a certain game just show as the base game title. I've attached some screenshots. 1st is the edit screen for a game, you can see the title and the version 2n
  8. Hey everyone, I came from RetroPie/EmulationStation, so I have existing gamelist.xml files for systems. I have a lot of rom hacks (over 800 just for SNES), so I have separate "platforms/systems" created. Obviously LB can't scrape info for rom hacks, so i'm wondering if anyone knows of a way I'd be able to scrape info from my existing gamelist.xml. Really, I just want the Description tag to be scraped to the Notes field in LB, and I guess also the Name tag to go to the Sort Title field in LB (unless there's a way in LB to make the rom file name populate the sort title) I fou
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