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PC - Digital Platform Box Art Variations

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Hi all,

Launchbox is my preferred solution to the growing number of PC digital stores with their own launchers. I was thinking that I'd like to know, at a glance, which 'digital platform' I own the game on, whilst having a single 'PC' platform in Launchbox. A simple solution seems to be fanart covers with a header by platform. I have an example below (before anyone says, I know that Cuphead isn't available on all these 'platforms', it's meant ONLY as an example). I've tried to keep the logo's from being obnoxious and maintain consistency in design; all use the latest logos I could find - if the logo consists of an image and word, these are slightly split and resized, if the name of the 'platform' is the logo then it isn't repeated.

Before I added any variations, I wanted to see what people thought here rather than spam moderation queues. Would people want these variations to choose from?

Should this be of interest, I can share my PSD - it makes creating alternative's as easy as checking two boxes (because, well, that's all you do).

2MJvJff.jpg VwIqJWz.jpg yZCOof3.jpg vNaCYRe.jpg WYziJTc.jpg KSGARfj.jpg

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