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  1. Is it possible to do this by keeping the logo fists? If it is not possible with the fists, no problem.
  2. Hey, I have one more request for you. Whether you can do it or not, thank you in advance for the great work you've been presenting.
  3. But I have to choose one. Wouldn't the correct be unreleased while in beta and unlicensed when "officially" released?
  4. Recently I made changes to the game Sonic 2: The Hedgehog HD Project. One of them was switching from "Unlicensed" to "Unreleased" because the game is in beta and not yet fully released. But a negative vote gave me this thought: If the game already has a beta (or alpha) version, can it be considered released or still considered unreleased?
  5. I would be very grateful if you could make this flyer logo. There is a clear logo in the database, but it has nothing to do with the flyer.
  6. I am discovering that I am a fan of this type of game. I always got the wrong impression of the genre because of bullet hells, which is a strand I don't like. One of my favorites at the moment is River Raid that I picked up to show my dad who played a lot when he was younger. I loved the game and started getting more interested in the genre. Although I love River Raid, I didn't like the sequel, also Atari, River Raid II. Stopping to think about my childhood, I also really enjoyed playing the Space Impact I had on Nokia phones.
  7. I doesn't care. I change in my softtware. But @spoopa has a valid point. In the same way, no one is forced to use the listed platforms. You can create a platform in LauchBox.
  8. @lou silver Yeah, but platforms are Playstations, Xboxs, Super Nintendo, Game Cube, PC... Like @spoopa said. Put this as a platform is like put Mario (or FIFA) as a platform. I love some MUGEN games, but they are made for Windows (PC), I do not have a specific MUGEN platform or OS.
  9. TBH, @Mr. RetroLust, I was inspired by your CP System's cartridges.
  10. Thanks. I'm using real labels scans to do. I want to do carts from every official game from Neo Geo. I'm doing the japonese versions too (a few games have a third version, but it's rare).
  11. Hello. I'm doing the Neo Geo MVS carts (fanarts). But MVS carts only have label on the top. So, when I put these on the database, is valid to put as "Fanart - Cart - Front"?
  12. A very beautiful theme. I hope to see this in LauchBox! Thanks @ruckage for the work.
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