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My NEW Mid "Arcade" 2 Player


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For the first time I made a MID_Bartop 2 Player. I am extremely satisfied and I share my project with you.

  • PC (mini)  Beelink AP34 Cpu Intel ApolloLake Intel HD 5X
  • Monitor HP 27 W (5ms) 
  • Libretro Retroarch 
  • Launchbox (The Best FE)
  • #Sanwa Joystick and Button 
  • Paint : Fleur Paint Italia 
  • AUDIO Logitech Z200
  • OS : MICROSOFT Windows

    Core : BSNES Balanced (SNES) , FBALPHA (Capcom and Taito Game) , MAME Core , PCSX_Rearmed , SNES9X (only for Ghouls n Ghost , reduce slowdown) , MESEN+Nestopia  for NES , Genesis Plus GX .

    I also decided to add some WIndows titles that adapted to digital and non-analog commands. Some examples:
    Virtua Tennis 4 
    Sonic Mania 
    Geometry Dash 
    For the first time I used a 27 inch 16: 9 monitor, so I don't have the full screen of games, so I experimented with the bezel project, and I have to say that the result is extraordinary.

    you like it ?








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