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LEDBlinky not lighting all joysticks / buttons in FrontEnd


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I have mapped my arcade controls to XBOX controls via x360ce such that they look like this to all applications:

arade-layout-2p-trackball-x360ce.thumb.png.cc988aba31c68ea4b910548f07d4a90c.pngLB=Left Bumper
RB=Right Bumper
LS=Left Stick Click
RS=Right Stick Click
G=Guide Button


Ultimately these are the buttons / axis that Windows reports (just like an XBOX controller):


Z=Z-Axis Negative Position
RZ=Z-Axis Rotation Negative Position
G=Guide Button


So, when I go into LEDBlinky and set "Light LaunchBox Controls" only the numbered buttons are illuminated (i.e. no Z-axis, RZ-axis, Guide button, Joysticks or Trackball.

arade-layout-2p-trackball-launchbox.thumb.png.3d743544726737ff904d67c713ed0f6e.pngI have tried to get around this using the FE Active animation feature of LEDBlinky, but that introduces a flickering of the lights when entering and leaving the animation.

See example of FE Active Animation vs. "Light Launchbox Controls"



Basically, I'd like to request for Launchbox/BigBox to light the controls for not only the first player, but any other players who can control menus, as well as the XBOX triggers, the XBOX guide button and the trackball (mouse).

Thanks for your consideration!

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