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Emulators freezing on launch


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So I'm having an unusual issue. I have a Latte Panda Alpha that is freshly setup. It has a fresh copy of Launchbox with Retroarch(1.7.7). If I launch Retroarch on its own and start any game they work fine with audio. If I launch any game via LB, Retroarch DOES launch and the associated game DOES launch but after like a second or so it freezes and I have to force quit. I will usually see the first few frames of whichever game it is(including a little bit of audio) and then it freezes up.

If I uncheck the windowed fullscreen option in Retroarch, the games will launch via LaunchBox fine and play fine HOWEVER they will have no audio. Super weird. None of the mute settings are set and it seems to only happen if I try and launch via LB. If I use Retroarch directly it just works.

I have a laptop that I use LB on using pretty much the same setup and it just works fine. Though obviously that is a different hardware config.

I've been googling like crazy and I've seen people with similar but not the same issue and no solutions. I'm out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated.

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Ok so I may have solved this myself. I tried a variety of tricks and nothing worked. I tried using an older Retroarch and also completely blasting the config on my newer Retroarch install. Nothing. 

I tried installing the latest Intel graphics drivers and it still did not work. However the Intel graphics drivers brought with them the Intel graphics control panel which was not on my Latte Panda. Looking through the control panel I saw that my display was for some reason set to a refresh rate of 29Hz. Setting it to "60p Hz" completely fixed the issue. Everything including sound now works through Launchbox. 

I hope this helps anyone that is having a similar issue.

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