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Problems with importing ROMs


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Hi - I've recently installed Launchbox Premium, linked up to EmuMovies etc. and started adding systems (migrating from Hyperspin).


But, I'm having some problems with the import/scraping function, and I'm wondering if there's options I can select or some other process I should be following. For example, for the BBC Microcomputer Sytem I have 1591 roms (I think the more or less complete No-Intro, named accordingly). I can import all of these in, and if I select force import duplicates, every rom is imported.


In the rom list which pops up in the wizard, I can see that (for example) Empire (Europe) and Eagle Empire (Europe) are recognised as two different games. But, Eagle Empire is the only one in the Games DB, and when the list is imported, the name, cover art and metadata for both games is set to Eagle Empire. Is there any way around this, to force a more accurate matching? Even if not, then going into the rom audit tool to check for these, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to 'delink' Empire from the Eagle Empire metadata (short of manually deleting every single field). I'm quite happy for Empire to be in the list with no images/data, but I don't want it there with a different games name and metadata.


Looking in the xml's, there is a files.xml, which appears to have all of the correct filenames in, with these two games seperated; but in the metadata.xml (just with Eagle Empire), there seems to be no field to link the entry to a specific file in the files.xml, so there doesn't even seem to be a manual way to do it. Is there any way of linking these two files, or requiring the use of the files.xml information? Or of importing data from an XML rather than a directory scrape (I have the hyperspin/rocketlauncher xml with all these files and the game titles in, but I can't see a way of using those as the basis for import).


Related to this are titles with the same name from different publishers, that are often different games; so Darts (Superior Software) (Europe) is in the DB (As Darts), but e,g, Darts (Statasoft) (Europe) and Darts (Europe) (Unl) are not, but they are all linked to the first Darts that is in the database and get it's metadata. 


Thanks for any help you can provide,





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Just thought I'd post an update, see if anyone can help with related/further problems.


You can delete all the metadata and images associated with a game; but I can't figure out how to delete the community rating - is this possible? e.g. the Vortex game in the DB has 3 stars, and the completely different Vortex game not in the DB has none. You can delete all the DB data and unlink it, but nothing seems to shift the wrong community rating. Do you have to go and edit the raw XML to do this?


The other option is to delete the incorrect game altogether. You don't seem to be able to directly re-import it by scanning for 'added roms', because it decides the title is the same and says 'no new roms to add'. You can add it as a single file in the wizard, but somehow even if you unselect all the media and metadata options, it still links it to the same images as the game that is in the DB, so even after that you would still have to go back in and delete all the incorrect art. This seems to be the case even if you add it as a new game altogether (with CTRL-N) and browse directly to the file, it still adds the incorrect images in. And of course doing any of these things for 100-odd files is seriously laborious, and that's just for one of dozens of systems that will have the same issues.


Are there really no tools or options to help with any of this? The metadata and info seems so much richer than hyperspin/rocketlauncher, but rom importing and matching seems pretty feeble by comparison, with even quite basic things not being possible...Or maybe it's just not for completists ? 



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Hi, just wanted to reply with a theory since nobody else is being helpful.  I think what's happening here is that some of the games you're looking to match aren't in the DB yet.  It would be super awesome if you could add them and I'm willing to help with that if you need assistance.  Just DM me if you need any help at all.

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Yeah, that seems to be the root cause, but I'd like games that don't match just not to download anything, not to download the wrong information and then make deleting the wrong information a huge hassle.


I'd certainly be up for adding a bunch more to the DB for this system (most of the games are on the complete archive), I was just hoping that I could seperate them out more easily than an extremely manual process...plus I suspect the problem will be the same for other less popular systems

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Yeah this is an issue for platforms with a lot of missing data.  When you go to import all your ROMs (or images or what-have-you) at once, it just turns up the closest match.  You could submit a desired feature to see at the time of import what game it thinks it's importing so you could opt out of it.  That's not currently built into LB but it would make all kinds of things easier.  For example, ROMs that are given weird naming conventions.  Also, I'm up for splitting the work load with you when it comes to submitting the games you're missing.

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