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options for hiding the mouse cursor but not on accessory display?


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So ive been messing a bit with the hide-mouse options and im wondering if theres a way to accomplish what im trying to accomplish.

I use two displays, one is my primary to game on - the other is for browsing, discording, working etc.

I use startup/shutdown screens in LB and since setting it up, ive left most things at default.   i recently noticed that if I have it set to hide the mouse cursor, it does what it says, and works well - unfortunately too well.

If i try to move my mouse to my second display to reply to someone in discord, or look up a game walkthrough, or do anything... the mouse is still mia :P  This is contrary to where if i just load retroarch standalone, it wont show my mouse if i have the main screen focused but if i move my mouse offscreen, i can see it.

Not sure if its the means RA uses to hide the cursor vs the means that LB does - but hoping an adjustment can be made.

Ive found a sort of middle ground where if i enable the "hide mouse for startup screen" and disable "hide mouse in game in emulator options" will at least hide it while the startup is going, then it reappears after so i can use it offscreen.

problem is if i stop the game, it doesnt re-hide it for the shutdown screen.   Trying to have my cake n eat it too :P

would love it hidden all the time except for if i move it to another display - do i have options? 

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