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  1. Interesting! Thank you for mentioning this. I was just about to say my install is broke then. Even though this isnt exactly what i meant, I didnt know it existed nonetheless. it appears that in order for the titles to begin showing on mouseover, you have to keep the first game you mouseover moused-over for a few seconds until it pops up, after that the rest are instantaneous. i never stayed over the initial title long enough without selecting it or moving on for this to appear. Though these are more like tooltips. I was thinking the black overlays at the bottom. Still the aforementioned settings seem to have no bearing on the tooltips. (since theyre centered already thats irrelevant) but id love to have control over centering the text within the black bottom overlay or even optionally omitting its display alltogether now that i know about these tooltips. (i dislike redundancy ;P) Apart from personal tastes, its likely going to cause issues having settings that have no affect on one theme but do on another. I imagine its going to be unavoidable in some cases, but probably best if it can be limited. People wont know if theyre bugged, if its their personal install being corrupt, or if they misunderstand the setting all together. The end result will be forum posts, and support inquiries. Perhaps having only the relevant settings show based on which theme you have selected. Unsure how much work that would be. Just some thoughts.
  2. Of course, will do. Im sure you probably saw, but since you didnt mention it - I feel compelled to re-ask. Any chance you plan on incorporating these guys? I like having my titles centered as opposed to justified left. Another cool option would be the ability to display the titles on mouseover instead of requiring selection since theyre now posited over the covers themselves. This way you can keep the clean look of the new theme, but still see the title a bit easier opposed to potentially having to select. As always, thanks for the amazing work
  3. yes this happens to me fairly often. it seems to keep previous entries selected a bit more robustly than it used to.
  4. yea id prefer an option to have titles displayed without covering the bottom of the picture if a "full time" title display was to return. (edit: just reading, jason veto'd that so black bar it is) The old system you could also center the titles as well, whereas here they are all justified left. A similar option to center them for the new system would be great. Maybe even the option to display the title on mouseover as another improvement/refinement as opposed to having to select each game to see it. Also perhaps a means to remove the "black" and have just the title appear, with a font outline. (sounds nice in theory but would have to see it) or a means to make the black bar more transparent would be nice. mostly love it, just a few more options surrounding titles and its a win. on the flip side, its forcing me to update artwork like a savage now 😜
  5. probably a caveat which appears due to my using of default boxarts for titles without available media then
  6. now if we could only get the awesome new sharp edged/rounded cornered images but while retaining the displaying of font 😜 some platforms are gonna make it a bit harder to find games and if box art is missing you dont know what the game is till you click on it. overall, awesome though. Thanks for all the hard work ❤️
  7. yea this is super busted. shame. Wonder if it ever made its way to github?
  8. that one seems to be the ticket. Sinceeeeeere thank you. Drove me nuts and I was always stuck operating with concessions in one area or another. Now i dont have to ❤️
  9. same with launchbox. if i end the game with focus on another window, launchbox itself doesnt have focus after the shutdown screen. half way there. if we can get each of those to effectively grab lb/bb after the initial focus is changed back to the startup screen that would be splendid.
  10. well, the new version allows the shutdown screen to fire and does so without flicker, but it never takes back control of bigbox.
  11. yep, just testing now. got some nasty flicker Will try the new version
  12. i appreciate that very much. your a super large asset to the community ❤️
  13. also discovered that the current means im using to partially make this function CoordMode, Mouse, Screen MouseClick , Left, 3640, 2160 Sleep, 6500 CoordMode, Mouse, Screen MouseClick , Left, 3640, 2160 is okay for bigbox, but when using launchbox it ends up clicking the "2nd" time on my taskbar which actually takes focus away from launchbox and prevents controller usage. The irony is the first click isnt necessary with launchbox, only bigbox. Actually the whole script isnt necessary for LB only BB. Any means to make the script only run for BB mode? i tried changing the coords which of course worked, but then resulted with the cursor moving to said position which I had hoped to keep hidden. Assumed the CoordMode functioned differently than MouseMove and perhaps was seen as a behind the scenes/phantom click without putting the cursor in said coordinates. Apparently I was wrong. Such a pain lol. hunting for the happy medium on this one. I was hoping I would just have to ensure that I return focus to the emulator before closing, but thats evidently not enough.
  14. yea just tried with discord, same result. fails with anything that has focus on 2nd display. when it succeeds i get RegainFocus.ahk Launchbox Game Startup any way to make it always return to that irrespective of whatever has focus previously? Whether i close a game when i have something on my 2nd monitor focused, or i "Had" something on it focused, but returned focus to BB, it will fail. only way it will not, is if focus starts and stays with BB the entire time. Best I can tell, doesnt seem to happen with LB only BB.
  15. yea, thats pretty much the issue. I could tell it was the case by looking at my taskbar as i have it displayed on my non-primary monitor and you can see whats highlighted etc. that pops up over a black screen and of course the minute i click back in the BB area the shutdown screen then displays.
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