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  1. the short answer: from within/using launchbox - no. the longer answer: thats a tall order. Ive been doing this for a long time and i have "my" best interpretation of a full-set for every platform ive worked with. Like you, I have ~60TB devoted to emulation (so far). For me, a full-set is every piece of licensed, physical media released in my region (USA) for a platform up until its EoL date. Making this happen with 100% accuracy is very close to impossible. Moreso with some platforms than others. Your first stop should be a datfile and a software like romcenter or clrmamepro. This will get you a good chunk of the way there - but a lot of datfiles are missing items if they havent been dumped yet. The larger/newer/more obscure the platform - the more likely it is to be missing entries. After that, your pretty much stuck referencing and cross referencing every relevant resource under the sun. Wiki lists, enthusiast sites, and databases like the lbdb. This will get you VERY close. At that point your up to the mercy of the creator of said resources. Lets take launchbox database for example. I have a few discs which were retail releases, and are in various databases as such - including redumps datfiles. Theyre not included in the lbdb due to being a "special edition" of a game that is already present. So who's right? is it 700 games including said disc, or is it 699? Depends on who you ask. I better than most, understand the desire to be complete, or finish off a set etc. Best advice I can give is to be reasonable. Once i find myself spending an insane amount of time on a few"maybes" and trying to find out if they do in fact, exist. Or if they should in fact be included or not... Thats the point its time to move on. Time is the most valuable resource of all - dont waste TOO much trying to have "every" game for a platform, because if your standards are as strict as mine - it'll end up taking over your life. My "set" is roughly 23000 games (only usa releases and only on consoles or handhelds that were released in the usa). That is spread across about 40 platforms from the oldest being late 70's stuff, up until the current generation. I imagine, in total across them all - im give or take 100 games or so. This is made up of things that have no existing good dumps and things that are up for debate on either side of the fence. Atari is notorious for that, many bootlegs and duplicates of the same game but with a different title. Pick your battles wisely.
  2. this very much. I happened across the post while googling for a way to remove it from the pause screen another suggestion would be a means to hide Launch With when a platform doesnt have multiple emulators associated with the platform! I promise, my OCD will make you wish i never found launchbox
  3. whelp, regardless that did it. both exit and pause hotkey combos seem to work fine from launchbox now thank you ❤️
  4. lol problem is, i have pause screens enabled that is what I use (or plan to use) to exit most of the time as opposed to a flat out exit combo. Ill give it a test as early as possible this AM and report back however. Again, appreciate your time looking into this very much.
  5. So i wasnt able to brute force my way into figuring this out. I edited this line in notepad++ BeginTime="00:00:2" Duration="00:00:8.000" RepeatBehavior="Forever" and changed it to BeginTime="00:00:2" Duration="00:00:30.000" RepeatBehavior="Forever" but instead of keeping the disc spinning for a longer time at the proper spin-up/spin speed - the result was the disc starting to spin up suuuuuuuper slowly and increasing over the longer duration. is it possible to simply extend the duration it spins instead of the current behavior which it stops spinning then starts up again?
  6. you bet I can. whatever it takes. incoming momentarily Hi, sorry for the delay. my pops stopped by so i was afk for a minute. yep, licensed as can be. Best purchase of my life (minor hyperbole but you get the idea) lol. Says licensed to My Name, right in the corner, and I have the license.xml in the launchbox folder. Now that you mention it, I'm not sure if you got my email at support or not, but I listed some other features that werent behaving quite like i expected and those could very well be "premium" features as well. Some of them are colorization things and the launchbox default background not taking my desktop background etc. any way we can confirm/explore that avenue? The licensing not "attaching" or behaving properly? Id imagine its probably not the case, it would be awfully coincidental for me and the other poster here to have the same issue, but stemming from different areas, but you'd know better than i.
  7. you bet I can. whatever it takes. incoming momentarily
  8. you bet. i appreciate you taking the time to look. InputBindings.xml
  9. ive tried several with no luck. Currently select(back) + B is my pause screen & select + A is my close emulator. ive tried several emulators as well. I had thought it might have been a RA thing, but that turned out to be a negative. Only time they work is in bigbox. Same controller connected the same way. If i swap to bigbox, im good, if i swap back to launchbox, theyre useless again if you have any known working/combo suggestions youd like me to try - certainly willing
  10. is there some kind of global disable-hotbutton combo type thing in launchbox? Still working in bigbox, but not from launchbox. select+b is set as my pause screen for RA still non functioning outside of BB. (like terminates, it maps just fine - just doesnt get to the emulator/work after emulation is started)
  11. yes same, its not just the exit emulator combo, even the pause screen combo wont work. Neither are affected/both working in bigbox so its exclusive to Launchbox mode (at least for me). sorry i had to be brief - kids doing... kid things. Will be back before long and read over this and see if theres anything terminates didnt cover. also did email a log to the support address. unsure if it holds anything helpful. I did notice a few exceptions but unsure if theyre input related or something else alltogether/par for the course
  12. nope. totally understandable. of course from that "finished" perspective - and for new users that miss the vid or w/e to save everyone trouble, if thats fixable - probably worth doing at some point. still - huge boon. Nuff cant be said, as it sits it makes a very unappealing/unreasonable job ezpz. Especially after the update it practically funcctions like it was baked in more or less. Props on adding the region stuff too ill be watching this thread like a hawk from now on lol
  13. anyone used this to any effect lately? Ive been smashing my head against it for the last couple days. While closemul is working to launch PT, it isnt as clean as ptloader would be best i can tell (with all the blacking out of the screen etc). closemul actually has texture from the windows explorer/project tempest pop through the startup screen which looks pretty janky. ptloader on the other hand does black out the screen properly, opens project tempest, but then opens my start menu and begins searching for the file (is this how its supposed to function O.o?) I can presumably see this due to having a second monitor with my taskbar there, otherwise i imagine it would be hidden behind ptloaders "blacked out" screen. Either way, for some reason the search is almost always preceded with an "f" it seems like so its not finding it much of the time and even when it does its not launching it, it then opens an explorer window in through project tempest and stops there more or less. Im trying to get it to load atari jaguar cd.cdi games fwiw.
  14. so it seems when a controller is connected via bluetooth - project tempest isnt too pleased. I cant map properly and ended up with a bunch of the same direction analog with no way to unmap or clear the bind etc. Theres no config.ini or similar in the emulators folder, just the executable. Where on earth is this stuff saved? I took a gander in programdata and appdata and didnt see anything that stood out as being related. EDIT: found em. Saved in the registry.
  15. awesome update and please - take your time on the vita plugin, if its anything like the PS3 one, its gonna be a legitimate godsend to the community. Appreciate this a ton EDIT: I assume/it appears the new version doesnt require an initial manual import of 1 game or does that requirement still stand?
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