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  1. it is not unfortunately. it is the correct platform -but its for the original unified theme so aesthetically different. plus thats one of several types of assets needed to have the platform functional within the theme. i appreciate you making the effort though
  2. would legitimately pay for the addition of the sega cd 32x platform, it appears to be the only one missing. would legitimately pay even more for the assets in 4k. 1080p streamed to a 4k tv is looking a bit brutal.
  3. my forever overlays ❤️ legend! Now that ive buttered you up, any chance we'll see a OG Nintendo Wii overlay at some point? Or a philips CD-i? EDIT: Also Fairchild Channel F Oh, and your WiiUscreen ended up in the original plainer folder by accident in case you want to fix it
  4. i certainly would have no qualms paying for a plugin if it were something i needed and were unavailable elsewhere. that being said - what SSjCosty said does have merit.
  5. just had the same issue more or less. updated collection, confirmed errors, went to finishing up. Four hours later it was "finishing up" still. Checked task manager, barely any cpu usage, no hard disk activity, seemingly was hung. No idea if i corrupted any thing at this point but I closed it.
  6. yea, the problem comes when they're both the same region. I'll have to dig around the bitbucket site. Save from putting in a double which im sure the team gets plenty of
  7. So I just want to check on this before I put in a feature request. I have some titles, PS1 titles for example that have 2 types of box front. Neither are incorrect. One is the old style when PSX games came in the tall boxes, and one is the newer version where it is more square. For whatever reason launchbox is defaulting to the tall boxes. this puts me in a position of needing to delete them in order to show the square boxes. Thats fine, temporarily. Upon doing a "update metadata & media" scan which one tends to do from time to time, poof - its pulled back down and mucks
  8. where does one find these polls? about time i start putting democracy to use
  9. thank you jay. community is greatly indebted to you. I know you've personally saved my rear several times and made some plugins that i couldnt live without. LB is that much better off with you around
  10. newest beta seems to have fixed the default background having disappeared. all is right in the LB world once again (as far as that goes). ❤️
  11. lol fortunately i walked away to shower and left the webpage open. got the notification in my email, so was able to preemptively copy/paste -------------------------------------------------------------------- is it just me or did the "default" theme design in LB change? for the longest when nothing with a background was selected, the design was a grey with darker grey or black, diamond plate type texture/pattern. Now its just flat grey (which is fine, i just want to make sure nothing is borked). Just updated a barebones LB on a separate pc that I have for te
  12. got it now. 3rd times the charm apparently. re-updated again. this time i attempted to launch a non RA platform first that worked. Then moved to an RA platform and it worked this time. Unsure if the non RA platform had something to do with it, or it was some other wonky business resolved overall with the rolling back/forth but all is right in the world again it seems. Apologies for the false alarm!
  13. weird. absolutely nothing. just re-rolled forward and did it again. wont launch a game. it just goes to the startup screen and POOF, goes back to bigbox. Thought it was a streaming thing, so immediately hopped back over to my pc and launched outside of steam. Same result. Then i thought it was a bigbox thing, so tried with just launchbox. Same result. rolled back, works. rolled forward again, no works. #boggle
  14. hmmm. new beta wont launch retroarch/games. tried 2 different platforms same result. roll back to 11.0 and all is fine.
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