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  1. thank you jay. community is greatly indebted to you. I know you've personally saved my rear several times and made some plugins that i couldnt live without. LB is that much better off with you around
  2. newest beta seems to have fixed the default background having disappeared. all is right in the LB world once again (as far as that goes). ❤️
  3. lol fortunately i walked away to shower and left the webpage open. got the notification in my email, so was able to preemptively copy/paste -------------------------------------------------------------------- is it just me or did the "default" theme design in LB change? for the longest when nothing with a background was selected, the design was a grey with darker grey or black, diamond plate type texture/pattern. Now its just flat grey (which is fine, i just want to make sure nothing is borked). Just updated a barebones LB on a separate pc that I have for testing and/or future use and the result was the same. So either the beta is mucking up that particular setting/design, or it was intentionally changed. bah - "use desktop wallpaper" option now just displays a black background
  4. got it now. 3rd times the charm apparently. re-updated again. this time i attempted to launch a non RA platform first that worked. Then moved to an RA platform and it worked this time. Unsure if the non RA platform had something to do with it, or it was some other wonky business resolved overall with the rolling back/forth but all is right in the world again it seems. Apologies for the false alarm!
  5. weird. absolutely nothing. just re-rolled forward and did it again. wont launch a game. it just goes to the startup screen and POOF, goes back to bigbox. Thought it was a streaming thing, so immediately hopped back over to my pc and launched outside of steam. Same result. Then i thought it was a bigbox thing, so tried with just launchbox. Same result. rolled back, works. rolled forward again, no works. #boggle
  6. hmmm. new beta wont launch retroarch/games. tried 2 different platforms same result. roll back to 11.0 and all is fine.
  7. if you end up posting a bounty on bountysource for something, just make sure you post about it here so people see it/can chip in if they're inclined etc. I cant think of anything specific off the top of my head atm, but if something cropped up i felt would be useful id certainly add to the pile. perhaps a wiiu importer to parse rpx files to save a lot of handwork (for future generations or if catastrophe ever strikes god forbid, since mines been done by hand already)
  8. Just caught wind of this today. Had no idea as I purchased it purely to support the team. Now I can remove it from my shield. that being said, does nobody stream? I launch big box through the steam link app and poof. I have the big box experience on my tv or smart device. I “think” this is even possible outside the network, connections withstanding. Steam remote play is really robust. There’s even moonlight if you want to use Nvidias gamestream. Wouldn’t know though. I’m old. I don’t leave and if I do it’s certainly not to sit on a curb and bust out my phone for some retro gaming. WTB time machine.
  9. the above sort of works. it still appears but it disappears a bit quicker. Seems like this may be a situation solved by either the dolphin dev hiding that atrocious window, or having to close the process (which to be fair is done by default with LB to address the same issue with pcsx2 without any report of it causing problems) so it very well may not present one with dolphin (as far as sram saves go). Dont know as i havent tested yet. But if it flushes immediately then its irrelevant. Thats the ideal, but some platforms write to sram for scratch and thus flushing immediately would be constantly writing. Not ideal especially for folks running off ssds and the like. Seems its up to the platform and as such emulators implementation as to how its handled. Me, im just trying to be proactive so I dont inadvertently lose a save in the future then go awww i should have used winclose instead of closing the process. Thank you for sharing that ^
  10. So ive recently ran into some trouble using the generic shutdown ahk Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} Its left me with cases of saves not being written. It led me to change to using WinClose, ahk_exe which has solved the issue. The problem im now running up against is using it with dolphin. Upon exiting with the aforementioned, I get a small square in the center of my screen as the Dolphin window shrinks down with the "shutting down" overlay on it. Normal dolphin behavior, and exactly what you'd want to see to know it is in fact shutting down properly. Of course this is also absolutely ghastly to a clean polished shutdown experience. How can i add to the running ahk script and exit script to continue to use WinClose, but also hide that window? Best i can tell it uses the same title, class, exe. I gather theres a way to do it by dimensions but either way its a bit above my simple paygrade
  11. I have a request. This adds a reset playtime button to the game menu in bigbox. Can we get a means to disable this from showing there or just remove it all together? Its a huge risk for someone clicking on it by accident and erasing your playtime as ive just found out. even with disabling custom views in launchbox (which id prefer to not do anyhow) it still shows up. just like reset last played and reset play count arent present in bigbox - i dont think this belongs there either.
  12. i dunno about dead. i found this thread just now 😜 +1 for a native playtime tracker. If a community member can slap together a plugin to do it, i imagine given the wizards who operate under the hood on this guy, something else has to be getting in the way other than "another thread concluding it was impossible" as its obviously not. i will take an award for 6 month bumping if one exists though!
  13. Hmm. its not that big of a deal. Honestly i didnt even realize they indicated they "were" beta releases. Ive been dismissive of them for quite some time as at least in the past, it seemed they popped up every single beta version install, but always seemed to be a rehash/repeat/clone of what the last stable version said. If they did/do in fact indicate what changed from beta release to beta release, id find them much more valuable and less put off by keeping them around. either way, its your ship
  14. im not asking for it to be shut down lol. Just if a means exists for a user to do so, or if not to potentially have a global toggle put in the settings
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